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Too funny! White Woman Walks In Black Neighborhood with Sign: "I’m Sorry Black America"

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posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:04 AM
Man, people are still up in arms about this?

I went and had a TV dinner, took the dog out and still had time to watch some Youtube. Thought I'd see if anyone made anymore Pokemon jokes...

I think if this bothers people so much, maybe they should get their own sign that says, "I'm not sorry black America".

Isn't that really what everyone is actually saying? Why not just go full out and make a sign too. It's not like this woman has an exclusive thing on sign making?

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:10 AM
a reply to: Mousygretchen

I agree. She is brave in my opinion, and though I'm not white and I'm completely baffled by the whole guilt thing in general, if I had been there I would have walked with her, so she wouldn't have had to stand alone. But I have nothing but respect for her that she was not afraid to.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

That post just made my night. I'd give you a hundred stars for it if I were able to.

If I made a sign it would say, "I'm sorry, future generations", because I am. We're supposed to be better than this. We should be better than this.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:28 AM
a reply to: tigertatzen

I know, amirite?

I've seen more white/black people laughing and having fun together because of Pokemon than ever before.

Maybe...just maybe...Pikachu can save us all? #pokemonlivesmatter

People take things that are out of their control way to personally these days. It's a terrible waste of energy, especially when a Charizard is out there with my name on it.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:45 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

That's not fair...there should be some sort of pokemon welfare program....i want a charizard too!


posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 01:47 AM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

Pokemon, the great equalizer

Pikachu for President...I'd vote. Fun and games versus fighting and raging, count me in.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 02:18 AM
So much hate aimed at someone trying to make a nice gesture of solidarity and civil rights.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 02:59 AM

originally posted by: Tardacus
A white woman walking around in chicago wearing a sign that says " i`m sorry black america", what could possibly go wrong? I have NO doubts that we looking at chicago`s next Darwin award recipient.

She should have been more politically correct by saying "i`m sorry my fellow black african-american friends"

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 04:36 AM
a reply to: tigertatzen

I'm white, and I'm baffled about the "white" guilt thing, too.

Far as that goes, I'm baffled about pokimon, too. Make it go away!
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posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: bastion

There are better ways to do it. Things that will have a more long term positive effect, rather than fodder for late night comedy.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 07:02 AM

originally posted by: 3NL1GHT3N3D1
a reply to: Mousygretchen

Or maybe she has something called empathy, something many members on this forum are lacking any real grasp on.

We empathized with the French when the shooting happened, we didn't have any part in it, but we sure did show our support. This woman is showing her support for black people even though she is not black. Support is support, it doesn't matter if the reason behind it doesn't make much sense.

What the hell is she sorry, FOR?

Any specific transgression?

Did I miss it? I did skip a few pages and didn't read the link. lol.

If I was a black person and saw her in the neighborhood, I would be embarrassed and not for her.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1

I have to know ...

When someone else does something really bad. Say someone in your city kills someone in another city ... Do you feel so bad about it that you feel compelled to go to that city and apologize to its people?

Assuming you are male, do you feel compelled to call every female who is raped and apologize to her on behalf of men?

That is the level of silly we are talking about.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 10:01 AM
a reply to: burgerbuddy

What were we sorry FOR when we started empathizing with France? We had nothing to do with the shootings over there yet we felt sorry for them.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

It's no sillier than the support we showed for the French. I keep bringing that up but it is a damn good comparison.

Is she overdoing it by going 20 miles a day and is the reason behind it not very clear? Yes to both, but support is support and she is reaching out to people whatever the reason may be. That's not a bad thing is it? Reaching out to people?
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posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 10:34 AM
a reply to: nullafides

That might be the funniest thing I have ever seen!!

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 10:35 AM
America, the melting pot...

Races not quite melting like it used to.

I swear things weren't like this 13 years ago when I was going to college.

At least it didn't seem that way back then.

The mainstream media really irks me.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 11:07 AM
More subconscious condescension from clueless self-hating whites..

The beautiful soul projects its own disorder onto the world and attempts to cure this disorder by imposing "the law of the heart" on everyone else.

Should be called the self-righteous soul..

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 12:03 PM
a reply to: nullafides

why is you mad about her? I think she has a great spirit of mind!
I don't think a lot of people would dare to do wat she does!

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 12:13 PM
her message is a compassionate one. not one filled with hate. and you still have a problem with it? ridiculous.

not everyone is filled with hatred in life.

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 02:25 PM
You are all insensitive and ignorant. Anyone who sees what's going on in America KNOWS that, as many BLM members will attest to, racism will plague the country until people with black skin are paid reparations for the trauma they suffer daily at the thought of their great-great-great grandparents possibly having been slaves. Withholding it is what the white man does in all his greed though.

My great grandparents considered themselves slaves for 400 years and used the term slave to describe their ordeal. I know what ethnicity is to blame and I'm pushing for that too starting now because knowing the first and last name of my great grand parents and even knowing one of their birthdays, I feel so close and sympathetic to their 1820s plight...because of certain people's attitudes its just as if I close my eyes and I'm a slave right there with indeed it is hard to get up in the morning and be productive or to let go of the anger without getting money to make things right. How so? I'd use it to put toward counseling and working through those feelings....not for any other random expenses of course.

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