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Orgreave Inquiry Will Expose Military Traitors

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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 03:59 PM
Lord Balfe swapped sides in 2002.

THE longest-serving Labour member of the European Parliament, Richard Balfe, will join the Conservative Party today. He is the first elected politician to cross the floor to the Tories for 25 years.
Announcing his decision in The Telegraph today, Mr Balfe attacks the "growing arrogance and dishonesty" of Tony Blair's Government.

Since 2008 Lord Balfe has been David Cameron’s envoy to the Trade Union movement, and has had associations with Trade Unions during his long political career.

On Wednesday he's going to ask the big question.

Wednesday 13 July at 3.00pm
. . .
Lord Balfe to ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they have yet decided whether there will be an inquiry into police actions during the Orgreave miners clash.

There are seemingly endless references to military traitors being used as fake police at Orgreave. Here's one.

As a former mineworker who did more than his fair share of picketing and was present at Orgreave on the day in question, I find it distasteful that they use 
phrases like “assorted hangers on”, “rent a mob” etc. Probably because they were not present, they are indifferent as to whether the Armed Forces supplemented the assembled ranks of police or not.

Read more:
You'll find many more if you look, and more again if you go there and ask.

An inquiry is going to find government approved use of military traitors to decimate the working classes. This will then reflect on other events around the same time, Hillsborough, Beanfield etc.

What answer will Lord Balfe get to his question? 'Sorry, we're too busy just now' ? Probably.

The blind idiots will just see this.

. . . an inquiry into police actions . . .
And willingly join in destroying the traditional constable to replace them with private police who will protect the rich and influential from justice.

Will you willingly join in with this fraud?

It wasn't just brutal police at Orgreave. It was government supplied military mercenary traitors.

Let's get the truth about Orgreave and the military traitors. Let's have their names published out in the open. They will have to answer for the results of their actions.
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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 04:22 PM
I can say British soldiers wore police uniforms in Ireland though I heard that from a drunk retired vet in a pub. The SAS did nefarious and questionable things over there too. I'm not saying they used the SAS on miner strikes but they were used once on a prison riot.

It was a time of social dissidence and they beat all with the same stick, good luck to him I hope he gets somewhere with it.

Even if it's just admittance and a public apology. It's a rare thing justice at times.

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 04:33 PM
This started there DECADES ago ,they only started looking into American contractors lately(UNCONFIRMED AKA no link). curity-firms-crime
It started with all those cameras.

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