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What if there is no morality (only family)?

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posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 04:57 PM
Why isn't the Hillary Clinton decision surprising? According to many experts, she was guilty.

Former NSA and CIA director: "whether [Clinton] enjoys ‘elite immunity,’ we don’t know"

It seems a majority of Americans believe that Michael Hayden was right about his "elite immunity" insinuation. I have what I believe is a profound question:

Isn't "elite immunity" the norm among all people? (I realize that possibly one in a hundred people have true unyielding morality, but I believe they're so few that it's not worth considering).

Here's an example that illustrates how I see "elite immunity" as being common in the world:

I have a family member who has committed theft against me three separate times. Am I going to try to have that person prosecuted for theft against me? Of course not. Theft is nothing compared to what that person has done for me over the course of my life.

Consider it from the point of view of the elite. Allowing Hillary Clinton off the hook for her email scandal is no different than the example I just gave.

Does that mean that morality is a concept that doesn't really exist (with relatively rare exceptions)?

Based on my life experience, my answer to that question is yes. It's not only a matter of being blood-related. There's a concept I call "like nepotism" that I think is critical to consider:

I believe nepotism includes having a bias for people who are like you. That includes tending to favor and promote others who see the world the way you do and have the same values you have. For evidence of that, just look at the "glass ceiling" that exists in so many places to discriminate against women. I believe there are abundant examples throughout the world of certain groups having special rights and privileges based on the "like you" form of nepotism. Whether it's based on belonging to a certain secret society or belonging to a certain caste/status/strata or simply having graduated from a certain university.

My conclusion is that outside of relatively rare cases, there's little or no morality when it comes to family or the "like you" form of nepotism. People cover up for the crimes or wrongdoings of their family and friends; that's how it is.

I'm guilty too. I don't want the family member I mentioned to have a criminal record over theft against me. I wouldn't dream of it.

Well, to the elite, Clinton's email scandal is no more important than my example.

Why is that important? We can understand why laws don't apply to the elite. It's just nepotism; the kind of nepotism we all engage in.

Here's a related thread on nepotism:

How important is nepotism in the grand scheme of things?

Incidentally, I believe in unyielding morality. That's another topic for another time.
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posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 05:16 PM
a reply to: Profusion

I have a mix of both, but it's to the side of morality than it is of allies.

if someone lets call him crackhead steals $100 from me all I did was stop talking to him and he was out of my life. I would not do the same to my mom, but I did stop talking to one of my brothers for something similar.. they are both allowed retries after time and repayment.

in general I let a lot slide from most people. I only use my words...

I know why I favor total morality over alliance. It's because I am so empathetic that if my friend hurts a stranger I feel it strongly. And if you can't be as empathetic as me you're probably not my friend haha, but I still care about you.

another part of it is that I want to be free and have nothing bad happen to me. For that to be the most likely scenario I need everyone around me to also have that same freedom/safety.. As in... You guys are my family.

I call my friends/family out..

A lot of my ex girlfriends didn't like this.

but lets not get high and mighty here just yet.. There is one person who gets countless retries...


so of course my morality is distorted.
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posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 07:59 PM
a reply to: Reverbs

Do I need to say more?

I would tell Hillary as my friend that she needs to ef off or change her ways. And that if she wants my support I have to trust her beyond friend lines...

I've lost many friends..

but I found more of the right ones. Maybe it's harder if giant money and countries and companies and people and the future of the world is involved..

Even more reason to not color inside "the lines."

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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 05:30 AM

originally posted by: Reverbs
a reply to: Profusion
There is one person who gets countless retries...


You seem to be very self-aware. I have a seen the double standard you just described so often; it's as if it's built into humans.

It doesn't make sense to me how people will so frequently have two sets of standards:

One set of standards for everyone else (which is usually an extremely high set of standards) and another set of standards for themselves (which is generally a very low set of standards).

I've always done the opposite of that. I don't expect much from others, but I expect a lot from myself. I believe that's the correct way to approach life. Not only do I see anything else as being unfair (I have no right to judge others), in my experience, holding others to high standards leads to constant disappointment.

Any thoughts on any of that?
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posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 10:07 AM
The corruption we are experiencing is so sickening because it's not like how a person would imagine mobsters or someone "cool" who still has a sense of morality but stern.

What we have now is pencil neck molester nerds and geeks ruining society. The types of minds that experience authority then impose their beliefs upon other and violate them because it makes them feel powerful. It's sickening because no one organizes and stops them.

I'm sick of watching them use infantile logic and psychology to try and brainwash humanity into being pathetic.

What the western world needs is for a sharia law type justice system where such corrupt creeps are dealt with harshly so other such types are deterred from pursuing careers with any form of authority.

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 11:30 AM

originally posted by: Profusion

It doesn't make sense to me how people will so frequently have two sets of standards:

One set of standards for everyone else (which is usually an extremely high set of standards) and another set of standards for themselves (which is generally a very low set of standards).

I have different standards for myself and others because I can not divorce from myself I'm stuck with me. I get to choose the rest of you lol.

I think it's a perception issue on top of that where you are literally too close to the problem to see it. Criminals aren't allowed to pick their sentences right? It's hard to judge yourself.

One of the reasons I'm self aware is that I use to be so judgy and then I had a dream that judged me so acutely and totally that I realized I was a huge hypocrite. This is in general, but in general I don't judge people. It's because of that dream.

@evillucian your last sentence was sarcastic right?
It gave me a laugh or two. the corrupt creeps would be the ones running the law.. It always happens this way...
It starts in childhood your mom asks you to share a candy bar.. Cut it in half, so you (in power) cut the bar slightly not in half so it's more like 55% 45% and you take the 55%... Then you go through life like that, always thinking you are not as bad as hillary or bush or obama. You are you just don't hold the power. OR something changes in you and you start to take the 45% sneakily so the other person gets 55% but thinks it's 50%.. And in that case you probably don't have the drive to be elected...


posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 03:34 PM

a reply to: Profusion

Isn't "elite immunity" the norm among all people? (I realize that possibly one in a hundred people have true unyielding morality, but I believe they're so few that it's not worth considering)

I do not agree with your proposition. It is not the norm and it is not only 1% that have unyielding morality either. May be you are speaking for yourself. I am among those that have unyielding morality. I call it an extreme dislike of injustice. I will not hesitate to fight for those who have nothing in common with me or are not related should they be treated unjustly and I be in a position where I could intervene.

I may have been critisised by people for taking up the case of unrelated people and helping them but It comes naturally to me.

Lately, I have been extremely sickened to see the family of murderer Pistorius stick up for him. They have no shame whatsoever for what he did and they have the arrogance and insensivity to publicly support and defentd him. Any self-respecting family would withdraw and keep a low profile. It is something that happens regularly . However, my praise goes to a man who recently disowned his daughter when she was convicted of murder. I would do the same myself.

I have never practiced nepotism in my life. The truth is every member of my family stands on their own two feet; never asking or expecting help from the other. We respect each other and that is all. In truth , I have not seen them for years as I lve over 8,000 miles away from any close relative. Should one of them cause serious harm to any innocent member of the public, I will disowned them and treat them as common criminals.

Coming back to Clinton, there is no nepotism there. She will fall very hard at some point . Amongst the elite , you can only last for so long until they dismember you. Blair is coming to terms with this fact at the moment.

I think that your post will make a lot of people really hold on to their noble hearts ; especially in the face of sugggestions like this OP that morality is only a form of nepotism. They will see the gold that is within them. These are people who are brave and sensitive. They do not walk away. They will be very proud that they are not your "norm"

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