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The Omega Agenda: NWO, ETs, and the CIA

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:47 PM
I stumbled onto this whilst researching terrorism. It is an interesting set of essays written by one Bobbie Felder concerning the Omega Agency. It mentions a lot of things that I thought ATS Members would find interesting.

It covers:

Omega's Agenda - the NWO
Members and Associates of Omega - Bush Snr, Haig, Clinton
Future Law Enforcment - crime and punishment reform
Future Society Reform - how we as a people would change
Greys and Greens - their presence on Earth
The Nordics - misinformation
Future Interplanetary Relations - trading, relations
Omega's Opponents - The CIA and The NSA
The 15 - Omega's high-ranking employees and their role in the future world

These were interesting reading, made even more so by the author's alleged personal involvement.

A quote:

Omega has the potential to bring great changes to the world, changes that I do believe will be in the best interest of all of us. It has the ability to introduce us to the varied and wonderous worlds of the Visitors, and all the mysteries and excitement of their cultures. It has the power to move the world forward technologically by leaps and bounds. But it seems to lack heart, and compassion, and empathy for the people it would govern. And that concerns me. I have to wonder how long a house, united or not, will stand on an uncertain foundation.

This pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter after reading the essays. Whilst the intentions of the Omega Agency as described seem to be good, the lack of compassion is something that nags away at me.

Below is the Link. Unfortunately, there is no direct link, so to find the essays, first click on the ‘menu’ link, then look down the left-hand side for ‘Conspiracy Theory. New World Order’. Click here, and then scroll down to ‘The Omega Agency’. Apologies for the hassle, but, like I said, there is no direct link. It’s a good read, though.

posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:53 PM
This thread already exists here on ATS and can be found here:

Please post your thought and comments in the thread above as this one will be closed,


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