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parrot may be summoned as witness in court murder trial

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:27 PM

A pet parrot may be used in trial of a woman who killed a man, the owner of the bird, a report says. The bird, a 19-year-old African grey parrot called Bud, has been repeating the phrase “don’t f**king shoot” ever since his owner, Martin Duram, was shot dead in May 2015. Duram was shot multiple times in Sand Lake, Michigan by his wife Glenna, 48, who was charged with first-degree murder on Thursday.
Well, this would be the 2nd. time in USA trial history i think, a bloody parrot being considered to give evidence for the prosecution......the mind boggles.

“He’s using Marty’s voice,” said Christina Keller, Duram’s ex-wife, who now owns Bud. “It imprinted in his brain, and he can’t let it go”. “That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,”
Newaygo county prosecuting attorney said that his office is studying Bud’s words and trying to see whether it could be admissible in

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:35 PM
I think this was already posted last week ? ...but ...the spookey thing with this parrot is that when it repeated the sentenced of what they said, the parrot change the tone of his voice to sound just like the man...and then like the woman arguing. It recreated the murder scene exactly ! Weird.

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 12:49 AM
Nobody likes a snitch parrot... so is the parrot good or bad? I think the other parrot story going around is the parrot snitchen on infidelity within marriage a..I'll try. To find the proof, tablet is a spas, sorry
Thanks for the OP, good story!
I mean spazz

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 08:12 AM
I have a Norwegian born 18 year old African grey (Ekko) and it scared the # out of my friend baby sitting it wile i was at Svalbard 3000 Km away.
He live alone and was typing on the pc forgetting Ekko was there when the parrot said with my voice loud and clear :" Nice weather today uh".
Many times i catch him in saying sentences that he have only heard ones, like in Turkey when he was sitting on my shoulder a desk clerk said thank you in french and i got home and Ekko said merci beaucoup to my girlfriend.
While typing a lot of storys comes into mind like when i met a guy in not so good mood telling me " your parrot pronounce Merhaba better than you".
Or when i came out of my sailboat and a arab watch man grab me by the shirt and told me with wild starring eyes like he was afraid i would not belive him "your bird was speaking perfect turkish to me in the morning".
And a lot of others.
So i sincerely belive that “don’t f**king shoot” become imprinted. (wonder why he is not saying BANG as well, Ekko do)

posted on Jul, 3 2016 @ 09:04 AM
a reply to: tommo39

It takes months and months for a Parrott learn a phrase. They don't repeat everything they hear. Only what the hear repeated over and over.
They are mimics not tape recorders.

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