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FBI director takes center stage in Clinton email case

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:12 AM
The final moves are being made on the board to set up for what the real game plan will be. The pieces have been maneuvered deftly. FBI director Comey is being placed on the hot seat and the whole thing seems to be riding on his shoulders. What will be next in the multiple investigations that deal with Hillary's mishandling of classified information and the corruption of the Clinton Foundation?

The second part of my question is often overlooked as most of the discussions have been centered around her emails and the top secret nature of some of the contents. The violations of the espionage act are obvious to some while others still bicker over the minutiae of meaning within words and statutes.

The corruption of the Clinton Foundation could conceivably overshadow the mishandling of classified information and bring many more people under threat of prosecution. I think it interesting that most discussion have not touched upon the CF as much as the emails. Has this been on purpose? I sincerely hope that all of those avenues of investigation (into the CF/CGI) have been followed up upon (I'm certain they have, this is the FBI and if I can see the importance of this part of the case, then surely they can as well) and that is where the main thrust of the FBI will be.

The FBI has a tendency to be more aggressive with cases, whereas prosecutors might be more reluctant to push a charge they are not absolutely certain will stick — especially if the next presidency might be at stake.

“I could easily envision a scenario in which the FBI concludes there is enough evidence to make a case, but the DOJ prosecutors decide that the case is too weak to risk the legal precedent,” Bradley Moss, a lawyer who handles national security and secrecy issues, wrote in an email to The Hill.

“The DOJ career prosecutors are truly the ones who are under the microscope at this point.”

In the federal case against former CIA Director David Petraeus last year, FBI officials reportedly pushed for him to be indicted on felony charges, but then-Attorney General Eric Holder downgraded them to misdemeanors.

Yet Comey is no shrinking violet. If he is ultimately overruled by officials within the Justice Department, that is unlikely to remain a secret.

The Hill

There has been discussion ad infinitum regarding the classified emails, but little regarding the potential corruption of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative/Laureate Education. I'd like to see some responses from some of our knowledgeable members who know what laws may have been violated by the Clinton Foundation and leave any discussions of the emails to any of the hundreds of other threads around here that touch on that aspect of this situation.

What says ATS?
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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:28 AM
Thought she is guilty as hell I don't see the FBI recommending an indictment. The powers that be won't allow her to fall.

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:28 AM
I think it is time for the hunt to end and the wicked witch gets what she deserves.

I hope Comey, the DOJ, and everyone else investigating do the right thing.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:32 AM
Is this gong to turn into another bengazi story or is she finnaly goin to jail, theres too many what ifs, and personal vendetas in american politics.

Oh just my sugestion, throw water at her, see if she melts.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:39 AM

originally posted by: dukeofjive696969

Oh just my sugestion, throw water at her, see if she melts.

do you mean holy water ??

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:45 AM
a reply to: dukeofjive696969

Are you suggesting what she did was ok

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:49 AM
I think it is much more likely that there is some evidence of shenanigans that took place during her time as SoS that benefited the CF, than the likelyhood of the email issue resulting in an indictment.
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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: introvert

This is something that we've agreed upon throughout these threads.

What do you think about the idea that they might let this part of the case slide under the radar and give her a pass on the email part because the CF/CGI is 'too big to prosecute?'

The tangled webs that would be involved with the office of the Secretary would reach in to some pretty high places in governments across the world. And being as Obama put her in that position, it is possible he was aware of the level of chicanery Clinton was involved in.

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:56 AM
I believe her actions warrant an indictment but let's think about this really in normal, day-to-day terms…
If I go to work every day and punch the clock as a US attorney am I really going to risk pushing for an indictment of someone who has a 50-50 shot at being the president next year…

If I were to do that my entire life could be affected…
Boards that I sit on, companies with which I'm affiliated, my job as US attorney, and any number of the innumerable things that my life depend on could and would be affected by the Clinton smear machine…

So, as sad as it is for me to realize, our United States Justice Department is not seeking justice because it is afraid of a terrifying despotic regime, the Clinton dynasty…

I am still totally devastated how my beloved United States has seen its politics falling into such disarray...
Our politics in 2016 resemble more a 3rd world hellhole than the light of the west which it was for nearly 2 centuries ...


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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:00 AM
The government investigating itself, thats a lark.

Hillary's Email content reflect the illegal destruction of foreign governments, toppling heads of state, repressing peoples and their country.

None of that is ever going to come into the public realm.

You thought her "We came, we saw, he died" cesarian section of Qaddafi and Miss Nolan's "F*** the EU..." captured quips were telling...

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:05 AM

originally posted by: avgguy
a reply to: dukeofjive696969

Are you suggesting what she did was ok

Did you see anywhere that i wrote what she did was ok?

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:07 AM

originally posted by: Dr UAE

originally posted by: dukeofjive696969

Oh just my sugestion, throw water at her, see if she melts.

do you mean holy water ??

Good old tap water should do the trick.

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:20 AM
The Clinton Foundation corruption is indeed the bigger issue. It has been touched on in various threads throughout these forums, but it is ignored in the MSM. Except for Trump. He has been starting to put a bug in peoples ear about the implications.

But, I think that if the extent of corruption surrounding the Clinton Foundation is exposed, it will not be just the Clintons that go down. There are people who will be implicated at all level of governments, powerful corporations, and worldwide, including governments of other nations. It would expose the system (I hate to say NWO, but it almost reaches that level) that is controlling world events on a level that the common man can not comprehend.

So, I think that even if the FBI has discovered the depth of the Foundation issues, even if they bring charges, it will be superficial and will not reach everyone involved.

The PTB will put a gag on it. Remember the DC Madam? Records were sealed, and judges would not open them even when an attorney involved was adamant that it would affect this election. But it stays sealed, because too many powerful people would be embarrassed. The DC madam herself was "suicided", even after she warned those close to her that she would never do that, and if it happened, it was not her. If they will do this just for the DC Madam clients, what will they do to protect the power of those involved with something like the Clinton Foundation?


posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:39 AM
a reply to: BlueAjah

This is my fear.

The media circus has had the emails in all three rings and the CF has been left out in the sideshow tent so that very few people contemplate the depths at which the corruption infects world governments.

I mean, Obama's emails have been sealed for how many years?

Maybe it's just me, but I seem to be having trouble getting this thread (Obama buries Clinton emails for 75 years?, page 1) to open. (it finally opened after minutes of churning by my browser)

If this happens, then we have very dark days ahead of us, I fear.
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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:40 AM

originally posted by: introvert
I think it is much more likely that there is some evidence of shenanigans took place during her time as SoS that benefited the CF, than the likelyhood of the email issue resulting in an indictment.

I am pretty certain that you can't separate the two issues...that is, they are interlinked.

If I am right, Hillary used her private server for all of Government, Foundation and private affairs. It has recently been reported that she received confidential/classified information from Government sources, and then forwarded that information (sometimes in hard copy form) to her husband and son in law, to assist in their business an example.

Of course, she attempted to control the dissemination of any "damning" emails by going through them and deleting over 30,000 emails before turning over the remainder - and then trying to wipe her hard drive of everything.

The FBI has likely recovered a lot of that data (directly and indirectly)...they may even have gotten a pretty complete data dump from Guccifer (who, remember, was extradited to face FBI questioning), as he says he downloaded the contents of her server.

The only person, that I am aware of, who has received immunity from the FBI is her IT guy, Bryan Pagliano. That means that there are a lot of other people in the Clintons' inner circles who will have been offered lesser sentences, or lenient treatment, in exchange for them spilling the beans on what was really going on.

In terms of the effect on the Presidential race, if indictments come down on both sides of the investigation, then I would think the CF corruption side will have the most effect. Democrats, by and large it seems, are prepared to give Hillary a pass on the private email server (not concerned, it seems, about the national security implications).

But if it becomes clear that she and Bill were using her position as Secretary of State, and "future position" as President to enrich themselves (and to give direct benefits to foreign organisations, companies and governments), then I think a healthy percentage of Democrats will turn their backs on her.

Lynch secretly meets with Bill in an airport hangar on Monday...Hillary's interview is (reportedly) scheduled for Saturday. Coincidence? I think not.

To answer the OP's question, I think that the corruption investigation...if it leads where I think it will lead will have far greater implications and ramifications than the email issue by itself.

The corruption allegations would likely directly involve Hillary and Bill - and many important people all around the world. It could well be the international scandal of the century!

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:40 AM
I would love to know what Putin has. He pwns Hillary.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: mobiusmale

The only person, that I am aware of, who has received immunity from the FBI is her IT guy, Bryan Pagliano.

Guccifer also has an immunity clause in his plea bargain.

I also agree with you that the two are interlinked in a most unethical manner.

I hope you're right about Dems turning their backs on the Clintons en mass should this go to places we are discussing.

I agree that this could be the biggest international corruption case of the century.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:50 AM
There's also substantial evidence now that Sec. Clinton was pushing for an EU bailout of Greece while simultaneously feeding classified info to Bill. Oddly enough, her son-in-law was at the same time running a hedge fund based on Greek bond values.

So many coinkydinks.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 09:59 AM
The Clintons were richer by many millions after being in office when compared to before they were in office.
Speeches and books can account for some of it, but not that much.

That is a red flag that their positions were likely used for personal gain.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 10:00 AM
a reply to: bbarkow

Yes, this is the exact kind of thing that the crossover of SoS and CF operations allowed for and demonstrates the level of corruption within not only our government, but others across the globe.

Then there is the whole Laureate Education thing Bill is involved in. That potentially ties the Clintons to the "Panama Papers," story:

...tied to this university as an educational adviser to the Andean Region of Laureate International Inc. , the holding company owner.

The above excerpt is a google translation from the following article:

¿Quiénes son los dueños de la Universidad Andrés Bello de Chile?


Looking a little further:


Company Number D06765697
Status Incorporated
Incorporation Date 18 April 2002 (about 14 years ago)
Jurisdiction Maryland (US)
Registered Address

United States

Business Classification Text
Ordinary Business - Stock
Directors / Officers CAPITOL CORPORATE SERVICES, INC, agent

And for Laureate International, INC.:

Company Number 326602

Status Vigente

Incorporation Date 19 February 1997 (over 19 years ago)


Jurisdiction Panama

Registered Address PROVINCIA PANAMÁ Panama


Directors / Officers

CHEN, CHAOLEIN, director
CHEN, CHAOLIEN, vicepresidente
CHEN, PICHIN, director
CHEN, PICHIN, tesorero
CHEN, PICHIN, secretario
FRANCIS PEREZ, suscriptor

I never found out if Laureate International Universities, Inc. actually is held by Laureate International, Inc. If they are, then the Laureate International Universities, Inc. (the Clinton related entity) is owned by a shell company (Laureate International, Inc.) with Chinese influence.

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