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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:13 AM

Just some chitchat and an extended hello. Last week I discovered again how bad my English is. Rereading my own post I understand that they are sometimes very incomprehensible. This kinda sucks but a bigger problem is that I'm ancient (in ATS terms). By that I mean I follow conspiracy theories for decades. I dont know exactly what it is but CT's are like candy for my brain.

A possible explanation might be that I was diagnosed Asperger syndrome a long time ago.
Now 2 decades later I know that that actually is just a word to label people. I'm just a normal person with extremely good memory and extremely bad social skills.


One has to have an open mind to Read and follow most of the CT's.
However my openmindedness has diminished quite a lot in the last 4 years.
The same is true for ATS and with a lesser degree to the whole internet.
It isn't that people have become more closeminded it's because they started to selfcensor their content. There is so much mis/dis info on the net that people have become tired oversceptic and even sarcastic. To put it in perspective I think about 80% of the CT's on ATS are 'fantasy'.

For me reading CT's is like watching 'Game of Thrones' I know history wasn't that way but it's still fun to watch.

...Long time lurker.

Yes I was a long time lurker and the reason I lurked so long was that I'm not a native English speaker and my english is sometimes very confusing. So I was very reluctant to post on ATS.

....Now a poste

About a 2 months ago I had some 'ME' effect , a personal anecdote and I still don't know what to make of it (PSyop?) and started to post...

...That wanted to post

I finally wanted to post my findings. About 7 years ago I had my own site about the U.F.O'S phenomenon. It goes deep and I finally came to the conclusion that the U.F.O phenomenon could only be understood if our current view of physics is not fundamental. Physical Reality is a simulation nothing more nothing less. I tried to tell my friends and family and well , I already had a stamp (Asperger). The result : I took my site down or rather my 'friends' convinced me to stop my queste. I did and as a kind consolation I started to follow .
I loved it but as ATS/internet changed I changed too. With social media came Selfcensorship at the moment it isn't that obvious but it will be in the future...

...but made a lot mistakes.

My first posts were awfull. The core of my CT is :

This world is a simulation and that is well known by the 'elite'
Their goal is it to stop scientific advancement , social development.

I decided to post the 'framework' of my theory. For me it's very obvious that this reality is a simulation. But I didn't understand the reactions (bad socialskills) of my fellow ATS'ers. Tearing apart my 'framework' and trashing me. Why? it's just a theory ? But I already knew the answer. It felt like heisenberg teaching a toddler integral calculus. Yes I'm being arrogant here but I've been around the block a few times it's my perogative. After that I became disappointed and decided not to post for a while.

...wrote a horrible story.

Well that's not entirely true. I tried to write a story about an A.I. and I found out that I'm a terrible writer. Still I missed the posting...

...started posting again.

A lot is going on in the world right now. At the moment some 'Sesame' credits clone is next in line and we (the people) are being prepared to accept this. In the mainstream entertainment park the real problems aren't adressed , the (Western) economy is collapsing at an alarming rate humanity is on a downfall into oblivion. Instead we are treated with the acronym (LGBT_+=divide and concur) group slowsnakes and sjw's (yes I'm being sacastic). the extreme attention for LGBT is just diversion.

... German/dutch , white and slavic , kidnapped and freedom.

Bigot me ? no. But I love my race and loved my country. I've also been chairman of the KPZ / kesho pa zuri (swahili) foundation and have been in Rwanda to help with the 'water for Nyagatare project'. As a spinoff I went deep into forest Equatoriale to interview the Mbote about their encounter with the 'Skypeople'. Kinda weird that the Mbote tell the same story as Texans when it comes to abductions. To difert even further. In another world I would probably exists in a Gulag. I was born in the communistic east Berlin but my father decided to 'kidnap' (as mr andropov called it) me and my mother. That's why freedom is so important to me. For a long time I hated the Russians. Which was in hindsight a hate without any foundation fuelled by propaganda.

.... some russian.

About 6 months ago I decided to learn russian. For me learning languages is quite easy still it took me 2 months to learn the language at a level that I could follow an average youtube clip (i've heard Russian in my childhood and that helped).

... some ancient aliens

the reason that I learned the russian language was because of the fantastic material that is found in Russia. I know that if I talk about the Ancient alien theory the guy with the weird hairdo will probably pop up but. AAT is still a very plausible theory. It's just discredited by MSM/scientist and also a lot of people are tired of the theory. For me AAT is still the best theory regarding the many many megaliths that exists on our planet. There are a plethora of megaliths in Rusland and many locals can tell very interesting stories. Candy for my brain! lol i'm sapiosexual add that to the evergrowing acronymgroup LB.... if you like.

... A U'f'O in bordeaux.

I more or less bounced through europe with my parents (excessive vacations) in the first 10 years of my life (learned a lot of languages). Somewhere in bordeaux on a smelly stinky camping it happened. I saw my first ufo (8 years). It wasn't very special just a very vast moving dot in the sky. But it changed my 'worldview'. I don't know why but as a child I was convinced that it came from Venus. I started to draw domes/undergroundcitys/citys underwater/ computerchips e.d. But it was just the fantasy of a child nothing more.

... as a result qualitytime with Dad and a wierd hobby.

The dot in the sky also made an impact on my father.
He started to build rockets. Perhaps someone remembers the Mattel rockets from the 70's. But my dad made them even bigger stronger and faster. They finally showed up on the Dutch radar , an angry military guy popped up and that was the end of our hobby. Unforgettable qualitytime. The reason that he was so obsessed with rocket was that as I Later found out my father had sabotaged in WWII the V1 nazi rockets which was part of Englandspiel.

... some books a computer.

In the end there were only some books left from our old hobby. Werner von braun 'die eroberung dess weltalls'. Physics, chemics. So I became interested in 'how the world was ticking'. Bought my first pc VC20. 3k memory and endless fun. After that bigger PC's , BBS's and Datex-p a modem and pentesting
. Windows95/98 came and after a year of living with the hidden NSA-key I decided to toss it away.Internet came and after that Linux Slackware and now Ubuntu. I owned Various websites and real research into U.F.O's.

... Digital art.

I'm quite good in digital art /drawing. I used blender/maya/vue'd espit /gimp and many other tools to do so. And in a way I like to think that's because I saw that wierd dot in the sky.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:13 AM
... Investigating the unknown.

Don't get me wrong I love occamsrazor. But it's just a razor nothing more. In 2 decades of investigating the unknown I came to the conclusion that Science isn't that advanced as it would like us to believe. I know a lot of people love the unknown ,but that's only because it's entertaining. For me the unknown was always very real , very serious and as I found out there aren't that many people that really want to know what is out there ,they rather want entertainment.

... What to post ?

I still dont know what to post. And does posting make any sense ? What if it has been posted before ? For now I just watch. In a way I think it all starts with the 'simulation' theory. But , well most people that jump on that bandwagon are associated with Flatearthers. In that sense the NWO has won. Another trolling tread doesn't do it. For now I don't know where to begin. Maybe something simple something outside the ever smaller getting box. Still thinking...

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

A possible explanation might be that I was diagnosed Asperger syndrome a long time ago.
Now 2 decades later I know that that actually is just a word to label people. I'm just a normal person with extremely good memory and extremely bad social skills.


You're right where you're supposed to be.

Carry on...

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:22 AM
Great read, don't totally agree with you but
It's clear you have an open mind and desire to share, not like many here on ats, me included, I mostly come here to learn

It's refreshing to see someone who isn't anti every CT, spill your guts

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Let it all hang out friend, don't worry about any limitations you think you could have on ATS, you just have to read some of the "unreadable moron rubbish" some members post...Ha,Ha...

I think about 80% of the CT's on ATS are 'fantasy'.
You are too kind at 80% my friend, too many dreamers and self-opinionated people run around this site.. keep well...

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 07:53 AM
Remember , if you are still searching for Ancient Aliens , we may well be the ones you are searching for...
Humans are those "Ancient Aliens"

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 10:08 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

You sound like the clever weird kid, we'd get on well!
I'm most likely not as clever as you, and I love unusual/gifted/special characters (weird to joe bloggs)
I agree on physics fundamentals are limiting our progression/advancement, and I wouldn't be surprised if the elite were responsible 👍

You told a good story, and your English is excellent by the way 👍👍

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

Nothing wrong with your English, mate. Nor with you yourself, methinks.

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 05:35 PM
Your English and writing skills seem better than most native English speakers I know. Picking up a language like Russian, in a mere couple months, is pretty amazing. You're obviously quite intelligent and it sounds like you have some great thoughts and experiences to share. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Welcome aboard and keep posting.

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