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A surprising turn ...

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 04:15 PM
The shadowy figure sat on a porch bench near the lake all alone, feeding the ducks like he always do.. When an old man came walking by, the shadowy figure looked up and said with a surprise;" Arent you .......... " and before he said his name, the old man said;" Please dont say my name " To many ears are listening.. The shadowy figure looked uncannily happy for once..

The old man said;" Well we have been watching you for a long time " And the shadowy figure said;" I know i felt it for a while, this little thing inside my head"

And they chatted for a long time, from everything above to below.. Until the break of dawn, looking over the golden sun and the old man said;" Your mind sees our faces, you senses are nothing human like, we are worried "

And the shadowy figure ;" I come when i feel the time is right, everything before that, means i am still looking for something. " The shadowy figure pointed towards the nature ;" Mother created balance over 4,5 billion years.. This, around us, its 6.000 years.. " The shadowy figure smiled ;" Everything in life needs a counterbalance, otherwise its a parasite.. Learn to work together instead and stop dwelling in the past "

The old man looked at the shadowy figure and the shadowy figure said;" I hope you will invite me to your home for a cup of tea one day "

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