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Deaf, Dumb and Blind

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:14 PM
This is a story about 3 siblings; Deaf, Dumb and Blind.

Deaf spent his time trying to hear things that he could see.

Dumb spent his time trying to understand things he was told.

Blind spent her time trying to see what she could hear.

Deaf would describe things to Blind.

Blind would mouth things to Deaf.

Dumb would watch and try to understand.

Blind desperately wanted to see.

Deaf desperately wanted to hear.

Dumb desperately wanted to understand.

They decided to make a change.

Deaf took Dumbs ears.

Blind took Deaf's eyes.

Dumb took Blind's mind.

Now, Deaf could hear but couldn't see.

Blind could see but couldn't understand.

Dumb could understand but couldn't hear.

Hearing, seeing and thinking in another person's shoes is very difficult to do. It requires the ability to conform, idealize and transition. Adaptation.

They could begin to appreciate what they did have as opposed to what they did not know; the "grass is not greener....", it is just a different reality with a different perspective.

Being deaf, dumb or blind, all have their advantages.

Deaf gets to hear what he wants to hear.

Blind gets to see what she wants to see.

Dumb gets to understand the way he perceives.

Deaf doesn't have to hear the anger.

Blind doesn't have to see the destruction.

Dumb doesn't have to care.

Together they are one big happy family.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: forthelove

well, virtual reality will be able to give us a perspective of the deaf and blind.

only the dumb part will be impossible for a lot of us.
only the religious will be able to trade their dumped down minds to a knowledge mind.
a tiny few will be able to trade in their knowledge to a religious one...

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: forthelove

S/F very nice!

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

Overlooked this platitude dude, Thanks!

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