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Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law's doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 12:29 PM
The layers of the onion, that is the Clintons' corrupt political/commerical empire, keep getting peeled away...bit by bit, email by email.

Clinton stepped down as secretary of state in 2013 to run for president. But newly released emails from 2012 show that she and Clinton Foundation consultant, Sidney Blumenthal, shared classified information about how German leadership viewed the prospects for a Greek bailout. Clinton also shared “protected” State Department information about Greek bonds with her husband at the same time that her son-in-law aimed his hedge fund at Greece.

A former Goldman Sachs broker himself, Mezvinsky formed Eaglevale Management with two ex-Goldman Sachs partners in October 2011. As a “global macro” firm, Eaglevale’s strategy is to seek profit opportunities in politically volatile situations. Mezvinsky set up several funds in the Cayman Islands, a secretive tax haven, with Goldman Sachs serving as Eaglevale’s prime broker and banker. The giant brokerage firm has a checkered history of manipulating the value of Greek debt to the detriment of Greece.

The same month that Eaglevale incorporated its offshore arm, Gary Gensler, the head of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which polices hedge funds, emailed Clinton that a bailout by the European Central Bank could “turn market sentiment” in favor of Greek bonds.

Just Another Clinton Corruption Scandal

So, Clinton sought out, as Secretary of State...and then shared with her husband and her son-in-law...classified information, to help him in his efforts to profit from Greece's financial woes.

I saw the results of a poll today, which stated that 58% of the people surveyed, think that Hillary Clinton is corrupt - but that a majority of Democrats still plan to vote for her...even though they think she is untrustworthy.

Simple question...what is wrong with this picture?

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 12:41 PM

originally posted by: mobiusmale
So, Clinton sought out, as Secretary of State...and then shared with her husband and her son-in-law...classified information, to help him in his efforts to profit from Greece's financial woes.

Yep, and personally profited he did. He dissapeared 90% of the investors money
Then he closed his hedge fund, and the Clinton's feign innocence.

Martha Stewart went to jail for one phone call.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 12:45 PM
To e honest. Anyone doing hedge fund business at the moment in Greece is a moron. The country is hardly stable.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 12:52 PM
a reply to: paraphi

Who in their right mind would back Greece?

The German Government are screwing them BIG time, it's a win win for them. Plenty of money to be made whether they pay back the debt or not.

As Clinton was Secretary of State, she is culpable for the losses as much as her Son-in-Law, because she had inside information.

Oh well, I'm sure their lifestyles have not been affected, unlike the Greeks.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: paraphi

For a devious person, there is always a way to make
money from instability. A Hedge Fund was a perfect cover.

Maybe father like son?

Marc's father Edward Maurice "Ed" Mezvinsky was a Democratic
Congressman, and a convicted Felon.

Beginning in the early 1990s, Mezvinsky used a wide variety of 419 scams. According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky conned using "just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen."[11] The scams promise that the victim will receive large profits, but first a small down payment is required. To raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes he was being offered, Mezvinsky tapped his network of former political contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.[12]

Sure we have all seen that email scam - Ambassador from Africa wants to give you
a huge payment, but first a small downpayment.

Big time hucksters, do folks really want this family in The Whitehouse again?

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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 01:02 PM

originally posted by: Cobaltic1978
a reply to: paraphi

Who in their right mind would back Greece?

The gambit here was not to back Greece, but to time out the buy/sell of Geek Bonds.

When the crisis hit, the value of Greek Bonds went through the floor.

So, with Clinton's shared secret intelligence that an EU bail-out was in the offing...the play would be to buy in to these Bonds before news of a bailout made it into the press - which would have the effect of bumping up the value of the Bonds.

Then, theoretically, the Hedge Fund could sell at any point on the way up, and make millions...regardless of where Bond values eventually ended up. Also, depending on the quality and timing of the information Clinton was feeding her family - and how the bailout (and public reaction) played out, they might be able to play this game two or three times.

Clinton and the Hedge Fund were not backing Greece - they were just trying to create a momentary bump in Bond values that they could capitalise on.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 03:17 PM
Interesting scheduling choice.

Celebrating Independence Day weekend is obviously not important for Hillary and the Clinton family.

I am guessing she will be celbrating Eid al-Fitr on July 6 with more enthusiasm.

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