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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 11:18 AM

The short yellow eyed demon walked around close by where the tall red eyed demons entered their hallways.. There was a throne where a man with a crown sat... What was peculiar, the yellow eyed demon walked freely among a place where no one dared to enter.. Yet the yellow eyed walked to a bookshelf and apparently was searching for a book.. It took him a while and some of the red eyed tall demons tried to talk to him..
And he said;" Go away " every time his small set of words were said, a glitch in the matrix appeared..

Even though he was granted a place among the tall red eyed demons.. Its seemed he could be very different.. According to a legend;" He broke the magic seal " He was not one of them, yet his place was among them..

He found his set of books and said to the man with a crown,;" Im taking these with me " and before the crowned man uttered a word.. The yellow eyed was gone.. and the crown man said to himself ;" He never listens "

The yellow eyed traveled to the west, and knocked on a door to a grand hall.. Someone in a suit opened, and the yellow eyed walked past him to a bookshelf.. The man in suit said; " Stop, what are you doing " The yellow eyed did not listen.. The man in suit grabbed the yellow eyed by his arm and to his surprise there was nothing to hold on to.. The man in suit sounded the alarm, and a dozen men came running.. When one of them said;" Stop! Do not move!" The words were meant for his friends.." Its ancient Timelord " He whispered in fear, and everyone looked at each other wondering what he meant.. "Do not meet his eyes".

The yellow eyed found a set of books, and smiled.. Ill take these, and no one said a word of surprise.. The yellow eyed, opened the door and closed it after him..

"What just happened?" one of the men asked, and the one who knew who the yellow eyed was; said;" We are lucky, to even be alive ".
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posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: tikbalang

You have a great mind, s/f
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