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Am i evil for wanting

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posted on Jun, 30 2016 @ 05:48 PM

The shadowy figure walked in to a grand hallway, with statues of Kings and Queens on each side, he never cared who these men nor women actually were.. They were just like any other, but with a different tale to tell.. The shadowy figure entered the grand old room, where men with armor, swords, axes and spiked clubs had gathered in front of a suited man with a grim old look on his face. He looked up and said;" Seize him! " The men around this suited grim man, stood still in fear.. " I wish to speak " Said the shadowy uncanny figure.. The suited man screamed yet again;" Do not listen to him, for he is evil incarnated!! "

The shadowy man, had a look with a surprise on his face and his eyes turned deep dark red;" I am evil for being truthful ? " The words echoed.

" Let me ask you all of this in this grand room.

If i want peace on earth, am i evil?
If i want to share a meal with someone who is starving, am i evil?
If i want you to be able to visit a healing man cause you are sick, without being worried thereafter, am i evil?
If i want you to not worry about going home after dark, am i evil?
If i want you to know what love actually is, am i evil?
If i ask you to not work yourself to death, am i evil?
If i ask you not to eat yourself to death, am i evil?
If i ask you to not kill out of joy, am i evil?

I am not asking anyone of you in here to anything you dont want to. I am not gonna pretend and say to all of you, you are good men deep down, cause we are all born with sin..
You can live a life, without being what we once were.. I cant promise you a life hereafter, cause i dont know and so does no one else..

If these things means to be evil, then i am the biggest villain who ever walked this planet. I never promised anything and i never lied to anyone of you.. The shadowy figure pointed to the suited man ;" Do you think he will do the same ".

" You talk a big game, but when your fellow men needs to lead, they fall one by one..How come? Sinful men will stab each other, for a bit of grace and glory wont they"

The shadowy figure, wasnt really here to talk to the suited man.. He came for a fiery bird, caged in magic steel... Standing further back in the room. The shadowy figure snapped his finger and the cage was gone.. The fiery bird looked surprised, flew up and towards the shadowy figure, and gently took a place on his shoulder..

" Now ask yourself all of you in here, what it means to be free ?"
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