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Wake Up Demon Portals have Opened

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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 06:04 AM

originally posted by: Crunky

Wake Up Demon Portals have Opened

The only demon you may encounter from too much junk food is one who is commonly known as, Wicked S***s.

And yes, he will come out of a portal.

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 07:44 AM
Be careful in this place talking about things they want hidden.
A few years back early on in my ATS newbieship.. i got into an argument with a satanist, the entire thread was basically "praise" for the dark.. inexperienced and full of bravado i rebuked their praise.. then things got interesting.

I got "pushed" down my brothers front steps, just me and him and he was still inside on his couch, i felt the thud of whatever pushed me and im lucky it was just a few steps.. my ankle didn't fare so well.

Soon after i started getting attacked, thankfully (for me at least) i already knew exactly what was going on by that time as this wasn't my 1st rodeo but i was rather confounded how a internet disagreement could stretch so far and severely.. it was just a few posts.. but i'd ticked someone off enough for them to spend that energy and breach what was essentially a safe zone.. across the ocean, it was at that moment it dawned on me as well..

they're everywhere now, and far stronger than ever before.
This was scary at first, but i have a rather unique outlook on our existence and i understood what point in time we are in, everything is infiltrated..religion, esoteric s even atheists. if you don't have that direct bridge to god/jesus then you have no bridge at all.. so.. i reinforced my bridge, and have been watching it unfold. each year things (humanity) slipped.. then monthly.. then weekly.. now daily.. I was praying i was wrong/mental.. delusional, but sadly i'm not.

OP your not alone, you in a bad place having only just realized this *truth* at a late stage, but at least you don't have to watch it spiral like we did.. there's still more to come, one final push.. gnash.. tear before the end.. it'll be far from pretty and most will fall to the "easier" temptation of the illusion of safety.. not exactly realizing what they are bartering for that lie, or they'll slip into the convenience lifestyle.. we already see this now.. but it'll get "easier" if you just give up your god/religion/truth and embrace the new society of ego and instant gratification.

why we are shown this? I don't know.
why do we hold this connection that they fear and for what purpose... isn't for me to say.

but it's real.

Just don't let them break you.. and don't slip into easy patterns (acting up.. overindulgence) once they have you in those misery factories they can break you easier.. avoid that, keep healthy, stick to the salt.. try a high in iron diet and become the fortified being they fear... and wait... as that's all we really can do for now.

Try to be helpful, loving, compassionate. even if your having the worst day.. that's the ultimate insult to them, by that you show them they have nothing on you.. yes they know exactly what you fear.. so fear nothing, they know what you crave.. so crave nothing.. give them.. nothing. for that is what they are.

and stay away from churches.... i know you'll be told otherwise, but that's not the way to god.. not anymore.

and even if the words of those who like to diagnose via ATS are true, none of what i just said is a bad thing.

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