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Kuznetsova US Open champion tested positive for drugs - doping conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 04:01 PM
US Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova tested positive for the stimulant ephedrine during an exhibition tournament last month, Belgian authorities said on Monday.

Claude Eerdekens, sports minister for Belgium's French-speaking region, said in an official statement that the Russian tested positive during the December 18-19 exhibition in Charleroi.

The statement did not say whether Kuznetsova had a valid medical exemption for the medicine. She reportedly had been troubled by a cold during the final.

Eerdekens made the announcement before Kuznetsova, who is playing in the Australian Open, was able to have her backup B sample tested.

Earlier on Monday, before Eerdekens identified her, Kuznetsova denied any wrongdoing.
"I've never used any drugs to improve my performance," she said after a first-round victory over Jessica Kirkland in Melbourne. "I have not been notified of any positive test, and I think it is unfair that it's come out the way it did."

Doping conspiracy - multi-purpose weapon :
1. destroy natural sport and let people believe the evolution theory and "drugs improvement" hoax December 16, 2004 Marion Jones Wants Lie Detector Test for BALCO Head (doping conspiracy, worst ever seen in sports)

August, Olympic Games, Athens 2004 : IOC president's role questioned in Greek doping (did he coordinate the physical attak ?) against Greek hero Kenteris ?
Conspiracy at the Olympics (HOW and WHY) - 75,000 refuse to swallow the BIG LIE

2. eliminate the "wrong" champions

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