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A Muslim country being attacked proves that terrorism has no religion

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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 02:41 AM

originally posted by: Flavian

originally posted by: butcherguy
a reply to: Flavian

I am definitely not calling all Muslims bloodthirsty murderers, nor do I think that Christians are incapable of atrocities.

Thank you for a balanced response. Not something i am used to seeing on ATS these days. It just seems like we are all buying into the madness our media portrays.

Media portrays islam as bad? That's a joke, right?

They do everything to cover for it. We only see what they want us to see.

What media are you watching, btw?

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 02:55 AM

originally posted by: TheFlyOnTheWall
a reply to: LittleByLittle

5:32 is the one of the most twisted, out of context, misused verses apologists use to say Islam is peaceful. It's a direct rip from the Talmud which was intended for the "people of the book" (Jews)

“Therefore the man was created singly, to teach that he who destroys one soul of a human being, the Scripture considers him as if he should destroy a whole world, and him who saves one soul of Israel, the Scripture considers him as if he should save a whole World.” (Babylonian Talmud) [1]

Instead, apologists have twisted it to suggest it's talking about Muslims and all mankind. When ever they quote it, they conveniently like to drop the first line "Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel ". It even says it right there.

But! it doesn't stop there. What does it mean "Because of that" ? Because of what?. You need to look at the preceding verse before it...

Surah 5:31

Then Allah sent a crow searching in the ground to show him how to hide the disgrace of his brother. He said, "O woe to me! Have I failed to be like this crow and hide the body of my brother?" And he became of the regretful.

A little history on this verse. This is the story of Cain killing his brother Able. (People of the book) After Cain had murdered his brother, the crow came to dig up the earth to show Cain where to bury and hide his evil deed.

Muhammad traveled extensively as a Merchant. He knew many of the stories told regarding the Torah and Hellenistic period during his travels and plagiarized these events as he wrote the Quran. He managed to fabricate his version based on memory of what he had learned, except this particular verse he didn't actually understand. He told everyone he was the last messenger from God and the Jews got everything wrong from previous messengers (Jesus, Noah, Abraham etc.) They were all Muslims, not Jews as per Muhammad. The Jews (somehow) got everything backwards. So, when trying to tie the murder of Abel to his version, Muhammad, aka Allah, erroneously mistook Quran 5:32 to be a revealed verse of the Torah. He didn’t know that it was in the Talmud and couldn’t figure out how “Whoever kills one person, merits punishment as if he had slain all the men in the world” was connected to the Abel and Cain story.

Everyone please remember this the next time you hear verse 5:32 as evidence that Islam is peaceful. It's all muddled up and makes no sense.


Mohammed was a plagiarizer? Imagine that.

The crusades were a response to violent islamic expansionism and attacks on everyone.

There were only 7 crusades. The last one was almost 900 yrs ago.

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 03:06 AM

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 04:08 AM

originally posted by: shredderofsouls
Istanbul Ataturk airport attack: 41 dead and more than 230 hurt

If Islam was the issue here then extremists would not be attacking Islamic countries. The problem is not Islam, it is extremists and their warping of a religion.

This is absolutely not true. Even within Islam, there are some sects that consider the other sects to be as bad - or possibly worse - than non-Muslims. ISIS (Sunni Muslims) are essentially leading a genocide against Shia Muslims in their captured territories, for being the "wrong kind of Muslim".

The same has been seen in Christianity between Catholics and Protestants. Not quite to the same degree, but at certain points in history being the "wrong kind of Christian" could end up being a very painful (and occasionally deadly) experience.

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