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Turkey Attack Likely A CIA...NATO...Turkey Black Operation

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posted on Jun, 29 2016 @ 09:21 AM
a reply to: Willtell

Just listening to the CIA Network, CNN and their commentators, an EX CIA official and one of their reporters blaming the terror attack on the war in Syria is prima facie proof this terror attack was called in by the CIA black operation in order to blame Syria.

but, nobody is blaming syria.

On MSNBC just two weeks ago they reported ISIS had sent in 30 fighters from SYRIA to Turkey for Ramadan attacks. This was reported on MSNBC just a few minutes ago

yes, isis, daesh, they are being targeted as the likely belligerent here.

This is all done because the operation to destabilize and overthrow Assad is still a State department CIA MAJOR goal.

so blaming daesh, an enemy of syria and assad, will turn people on assad how exactly?

Turkey, the US and NATO are still obsessed with overthrowing Assad and NOT destroying ISISI

probably want assad out.
nato are hitting daesh pretty hard, and have been since november, do you live under a rock?

Obama is hiding behind his phony idea of NOT blaming Islam for terrorist or not labeling terrorism, Islamists terrorism. That’s all phony so Obama can still oppose Syria and secretly support the ISIS’ destabilizing program in Syria and the other terrorist partner of the US (Al Nusra) war on Syria.

obama has already blamed terrorists, every world leader has, yourself included, 2nd quote.
wahhabi is at fault, not every form of islam, idiot.
al nusra are sunni, not wahhabi, and are openly at war with daesh.

Deep black operators in Syria probably run the ISIS group there so they sent with fanfare ISIS fighters from Syria and it was advertised in the US press the Syria connection.

saudi arabia fund daesh.
nobody is blaming syria, just you.

Look for the US press to concentrate on Syria in this attack orchestrated by the CIA and their puppets in the US press

the us press blaming syria would be a waste of time when the government claim daesh are responsible.
you do understand daesh are a terrorist group, not a country?
blaming the kurds, would be more likely as they hate turkey, if your fanciful plan were to come together.
but daesh are being blamed, not kurdish separatists, nor syria.

posted on Jun, 30 2016 @ 03:06 AM
The timing of the attack right after the apologies of Erdogan to Putin are indeed an indication of the possible and probable NATO-CIA involvment in the terrorist attacks, but the problem is that, as we all know, the discussions and meetings planned with Putin will go ahead no matter what, and as we also know, this event can turn out to actually be a wedge between NATO and Turkey. Additionally there's another factor which might be even ore important in this case. The European Union and its bullying of Turkey to join the EU, plus the "Turkish stream" pipeline project which is now restarted obviously and the EU (Germany and France in particular) have the sabotage of that pipeline as a priority.

Then again as we all know, the EU won't be able to keep itself together by the end of the summer and they expect this sabotage attempt to work? ... Are they serious?

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 08:50 AM
a reply to: St Udio

here's a link that addresses the 'MasterMind' of the Istanbul attack

a Russian born ex-patriot, hostile to Russia, wormed his way into Europe as a 'Refugee'...

here is a contorted way for Russia & Turkey to become joint 'peace-keepers' in the Eur-Asian city of Istanbul.... now that would be a treaty as nefarious as the future 7 year peace deal with the anti-christ

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