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Pentagon Faults Iran Raid Report..

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 02:13 PM
The Pentagon on Monday criticized a published report that said it was mounting reconnaissance missions inside Iran to identify potential nuclear and other targets.

"The Iranian regime's apparent nuclear ambitions and its demonstrated support for terrorist organizations is a global challenge that deserves much more serious treatment than Seymour Hersh provides in the New Yorker article titled "The Coming Wars," the Pentagon's chief spokesman, Lawrence DiRita, said in a statement.

Hersh's article, published on Sunday, was "so riddled with errors of fundamental fact that the credibility of his entire piece is destroyed," DiRita said.

Did'nt they allow inspectors in already..??..
I read a week or so ago that Two fighter jets had breached the Iranean air borders..I believe they had been chased out by some high tech stinkers.....


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