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Banning Swastikas?

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 01:07 PM
By now most of everyone has heard that Prince Harry wore a swastika to a COSTUME party.

According to a fox news article the EU is thinking about banning swastika symbols, imposing in all 25 countries.

"I understand how the burden of history weighs upon my German colleagues' view," he said. "However, banning symbols cannot ban evil and risks playing into the hands of those who would seek to subvert the very liberties we most champion."

The article can be viewed on

Shouldn't we have a right to express ourselves. Sure nazis are evil, but banning swastikas aren't going to do any good. It is wasting time, and people's money.

In Massachusetts, we banned smoking in restaurants but owners have gotton around that by a loophole. They claim in it is a member-club.

So wouldn't there be a way to get around the swastia ban?

Additonally, I don't think ANYONE should supress someone's opinions. Actions are another matter.

With this ban in effect, poor Prince Harry wouldn't be able to wear swastikas to COSTUME parties.

There is no reason to make a big deal about this.

While in no way do I support nazism, I do express the freedom to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't effect anyone else.

If I lived in the EU I would be livid if the government started to control what I WORE!

I think we should have the right to wear whatever we want, and I don't think the EU should be controlling what we wear.

If this happens, what could be next.


You can't argue against that


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