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Prophetic dreams regarding Brexit...

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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 08:20 AM

I've been a member here for years - I'm not the most popular guy, but I have had some nice feedback on some of my comments here and there. I hold views which are in equal measure mystic, pragmatic, scientific & dogmatic, all in a finely blended mix which somehow suits me perfectly.

I want to share a couple of thoughts with you regarding Brexit. As you probably know, the UK (Great Britain, not just England) has voted to secede from the European Union, of which it has been a member for 41 years. When we joined it was simply a trading agreement, but over time it gathered a much more holistic political nature. There has been a lot of scaremongering on the part of both Leave, & Remain campaigns in the past few months - but here we are.

Now one thing which has struck me quite keenly is that a lot of Americans here on ATS think that our secession is a wonderful, liberated thing. I can assure you, it is not a clear-cut dash for liberty which has driven the debate, or led to the outcome. In fact, in terms of social debate on issues/ type of voter taking which choice/ narrative we are being asked to believe, it ended up being quite a complex, and bitterly divisive issue. There was by no stretch of the imagination a clear, strong majority decision either way - the results went 52 to 48 percentage points in favour of leaving, which is not an overwhelming margin.

Personally, I voted to remain, because I sensed that much of the nationalism which was being screamed from the rooftops was actually rooted in good old-fashioned racism, intolerance & general bigotry. Don't get me wrong, I am most certainly NOT in favour of uncontrolled migration, and I'm not left-leaning when it comes to matters of national security. I understand the ideological schism between the West & the Islamic world, for example, and I support extremely stringent security screenings of anyone from those cultures trying to claim a place as a 'refugee'. There are simply too many ideological red flags for us to all live happily ever after. However, our economy is largely propped up by migrant workers, and multi-culturalism generally is a very good thing (at least where it is in reasonable proportion to the native population, and integration is a key aim of both natives & incomers).

Now then - moving on to the crux of the thread. I'm not posting in this forum because of my intellectual conclusions regarding the Brexit situation. I'm not simply 'predicting' what may or may not happen, based on logical deduction. I'm posting in this forum, because I have had a couple of very specific dreams - one based in literalism (Dream 1), the other based in symbolism (Dream 2), and both predict something rather important, with respect to the result of the referendum.

I'll keep this fairly brief, because I don't believe rambling on will be helpful, and I'm keen not to bore people, I want folk to get involved & respond with any other insights they may have had, etc.


This dream occurred in fact three years ago, before there was any talk of a referendum (at least, before it was officially discussed in politics, media etc as something that would definitely happen). In the dream, I was shown a scene which would sum up the general attitude of the British people, a few years after the fact, were we ever to vote to leave the European Union. I was shown what would happen to us if we resorted to an isolationist national policy/ public viewpoint. I saw a journalist, speaking into a camera, reporting from some random area (I think it was a local park) where he had come to canvas opinions on the subject of immigration, as a result of some recent happening on the subject. NB - The reporters in our country at present, are largely quite respectful & tolerant, possessing values somewhere between liberal & conservative, not extreme in any way, just decent, thoughtful & polite people, regardless of their actual political position. In the dream I saw that such qualities had been cast to the wind, for this reporter was now speaking in a most intolerant, & essentially racist, bigoted manner. He was in fact trying to manipulate native British public opinion by appealing to their sense of superiority over other races & nations. He was willfully speaking to people in such a way that it was clear he was trying to curry favour with the far-right. In the dream, therefore, the far-right was no longer taboo in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In fact, the far-right had become the contemporaneous NORMAL political viewpoint in British society, and the reporter clearly felt very comfortable whipping up further intolerance & hatred. It was made more insidious by the fact that it was being spoken of as though it were perfectly rational, logical & ethically acceptable.

So that was dream number one. At the time I experienced it, I remember thinking, "N'ah, that could never happen - could it?" This morning I remembered the dream, after having experienced a second dream, though this time the dream language was more symbolic (but extremely clear in meaning).


In this dream, I found myself on a large ocean-going vessel, a large cruise liner of sorts, surrounded by members of my own family, and many others along for the journey, as we embarked on this voyage. For some reason we had chosen to travel a perilous route in part of the Pacific, with many hazards (weather, venomous sea creatures, etc). A member of my family, who in real life supports extreme views, far-right in nature, began shouting in excitement, because the UK had voted for independence in the referendum. But he was suddenly overcome with uncertainty, bordering on fear, because outside the windows of the vessel, we could see two things occurring. Firstly, the ship had suddenly accelerated to an insane speed, and was screaming along, kicking up an immense wake, and in fact was sailing in a very rapid & disorienting circular course, making navigation (from our perspective as passengers) almost impossible - in fact the wake of the ship was a danger too, as we were crossing over our previous path repeatedly. Secondly, and this was really making everyone else very scared (the far-right family member thought this next bit was great) - there were massive, fifty metre Great White sharks chasing the ship, jumping out of the water in great arcing leaps, trying to catch us. The danger was immediate & deadly, and a panic set in amongst the adults on board. Despite all of this, there was a hope shared by all passengers, that somehow, we would still be able to get where we were headed. The hope was largely drowned out by the panic, and I sought for any semblance of normalcy on which to base the next move. My attention was drawn to the cabin which housed much younger members of the ship's passenger manifest. Children & teenagers from my own family, and the children & teenagers from other families, were all bunked together in one particular cabin. These kids, the younger generation, were the ONLY ones among the ship's passengers who were NOT panicking. After I explained to them the risks facing the ship, and the perils to our ongoing voyage, they immediately - calmly, and with integrity, in all seriousness & full of optimism - began to take action to remedy the situation, and to recover the voyage for the benefit of all.


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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 08:20 AM
And that, was the second dream. I was a little overwhelmed when I woke up after having such a dream, to the news that we had seceded from the European Union.

The immediate message was clear - we were sailing in dangerous waters, the conditions around us were treacherous; we would be disoriented by the speed of the changes (which themselves would threaten to destabilise us), the far-right would be in the ascendancy (though they're not bright enough to see the full ramifications of the secession) there will be 'sharks in the water', trying to take advantage of the situation (enemies, we could say) - and panic would ultimately ensue, as people realised what was actualy happening. The only hope, was the next generation. Our generation, and the older generation, had caused the problems, by choosing a route already known to be deadly. We had made a terrible decision in plotting our route, although the full effects of the choice were not immediately apparent. Ultimately, the only hope for us all, would be in the clear-headed, carefully coordinated, intelligent & morally courageous actions of the next generation.

So there you have it. I often find that dreams I experience bear out either literally or symbolically what is actually happening in the world around us, and so I always take care to share them if I feel there may be a wider message, as opposed to being intended for just myself. I have now shared the dreams which seem relevant to our current sutuation, and I only hope that we aren't going to have it quite as bad as I have witnessed in my dreams. As the two dreams together heavily suggest the ascendancy of the far-right, I sincerely hope that people are wise to the fact that this might in fact be a very real & present danger to our society.



posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 08:43 AM
Life is always full of uncertainties . No way to compute all the possible outcomes of every single moment of any decision. All you can do is make the best decisions you can based on logic. Once enabled , there is no way to "relive" that one moment in life.So , you proceed in life and try to make the best just like the "young people" in the second dream.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 08:56 AM
You may be right. Alot of what you say has been said on GLP.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 10:07 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Personally for me the European Union was a great thing on paper but not in practice, our fisheries were devastated by European quota's, fish were literally having to be thrown overboard in the past due to limitations in how much our fishermen could catch and for many older voter's we remember the perversity of many EU mandate's, the joke about the straight banana for example.

I however though originally a euro skeptic found myself uncertain at the ballot paper especially after the Joe Cox murder, I however in the end made a decision to put my X in the leave the european union box but I really still do not know if it was correct or right to do so especially given that so much of the vote to leave was because of misguided conception's and the old scape goat syndrome of blaming the foreigners for everything when in fact it has been the Tory's+New Labour and there combined policy's which had really caused the source of so much discontent within the UK but at least now know that my individual vote to leave was not alone, I am however now uncertain as to the future and wonder did I and other's make a genuinely terrible mistake in our pencil stroke.

I had a dream myself back at the time of the first Scottish referendum in which I saw the UK as a ship, a grand old aircraft carrier with no planes and on her empty hanger deck a group of elderly white haired people were singing old British song's, then I saw the water coming in and watched as the ship broke into two pieces and both sank.

I actually believe the second Scottish referendum WILL be in favour of an exit from the UK but I actually do also think it shall be disasterous for both nation's as I doubt that the EU will really want Scotland without the UK except for the Scottish fishing ground's which of course will mean that the beleaguered Scottish fisheries (Who are actually very euro skeptic despite the overwhelming land lover's of Scotland being Pro European) will have to contend not only with the presence of all those Portuguese, Spanish, French and other fishing boat's but they will lose out to the English fisheries whom will be able to harvest more fish while once more being able to protect our fishing ground's from what will then once more be poaching if these European fishing boat's try to harvest from our then no longer EU waters.

Over all though it was not the European's or and most especially not Western European immigration to the UK that concerned people but the action's of our politician's, Austerity, Targeting the disabled and the poor in budget cut's, cutting public services, removing legal aid and of course putting European migrants on a higher priority than our own people for housing in spite of the fact that doing so created divided and broken community's in many area's.

It was the interference of Brussels which people were most angry about.

It was not the Human right's court's (except when they made frankly cockeyed decision's about terrorist's and hate preacher's) or indeed the employment law's which were beneficial to everyone that lived here but it was the way the EU treated us, the way that France deliberately allowed the build up of migrant camp's like the Jungle and did not house those people themselves (in contravention of EU treaty as they were in france before they were here and it is the first country they enter which has legal obligation toward them and from were they should have made there applications for asylum - obviously most are not asylum seekers they are economic immigrant's).

But what I am most angry with is the attitude of a certain European publication and a certain female european woman whom have the audacity and the stupidity to blame the current euro skepticism which is rife and growing in the european member states all upon the English for spreading our discontent far and wide.

But it is not all sun shine and flower's, it is going to be a very bad time ahead an d we may very well never be Great Britain again, the financial industry will likely gravitate to the open arm's of Germany except for of course the Tax Haven status of the city of london and unless we get a proper prime minister whom CARES about the British people, ALL of the British people not just the upper class's and the wealthy or the poor and the union's but someone whom can reunite our nation then Britain is finished as a union and the like's of Scotland will find themselves totally marginalized in the european union even if they do stay in as there smaller population will give them so little clout and as I said only there fishing ground's and potential remnant of oil in the north sea is likely to be of any interest in there negotiations should they Break the Union, I really do not blame them if they do however but they will be damn fool's to do so if they do because Both half's of that ship in my dream Sank.

And of course lest we forget without a strong voice and benign political will of our own what we now face is a bonfire of right's, employment's right's, human right's, social right's and many other freedom's and protection's.

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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 10:19 AM
Dreams often show the alternate reality that a spirit wants to jump into via Law of Attraction.

So if a spirit wants chaos and the option to point their finger at the 'get out of jail (EU) free card' holders, then they will jump to a reality where the UK will now implode and their desire to blame others will be available.

Spirits that wanted to leave the EU, now have the option to jump to a reality where the new UK system will give them a chance to give the new UK a smooth ride rather than a bumpy ride.

One odd thing happened yesterday. The 'X's were written in thick graphite pencil almost charcoal. So it seems to me that as i wanted out, the votes were rigged in my reality to allow me to enter a 'get out of jail free world'.

I am sure that there are realities now in play where people voted using biro's to stay in the EU and won. Hence their Britain will go down when the German derivatives implode soon.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 10:32 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

People disagree with me so racism.

That's where I stopped reading.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 10:47 AM
i had prophetic dreams of people having prophetic dreams
about people having prophetic dreams

i couldn't resist


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posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: pirhanna

And where did I say that? You complete loon. I said nothing of the sort - you clearly have trouble with reading comprehension.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

Excellent post. I admire your honesty, and the fact that you clearly tried hard to understand what was the best course of action for the nation. Too many idiots jumped on a bandwagon due to propaganda, which means that there is now an overwhelming amount of momentum behind a cause which could very easily mutate into a far right nightmare. Then of course we have the know-nothing anarchists, but they'd be happy to # things up in any country, any situation.

posted on Jun, 24 2016 @ 12:01 PM
I put it down to the Mandela effect clearly another case

posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 09:04 AM
Clearly there's nothing profetic about the EU, but we can safely say that the European Union will not make it to the end of this summer as a union. Europe will be divided according to very confusing schemes of complex border and areas claimed by multiple sides, always on the brink of open war.

posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: pirhanna

Just to clarify, the family member I said has far-right views, he actually DOES have far-right views. I didn't just say that because he voted Leave. Heck, my grandma & father voted Leave, and they're good folk, so I certainly didn't have a problem per say with people who voted Leave.

The family member I referred to is a cousin who has expressed support for ultra-nationalist parties, including 'Britain First' and the BNP.

I think you decided that I was just calling everyone who voted leave a fascist, which clearly I wasn't.

I 'love' the way that ATS has become so retarded.

posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

"The reporters in our country at present, are largely quite respectful & tolerant, possessing values somewhere between liberal & conservative, not extreme in any way, just decent, thoughtful & polite people, regardless of their actual political position. In the dream I saw that such qualities had been cast to the wind, for this reporter was now speaking in a most intolerant, & essentially racist, bigoted manner. He was in fact trying to manipulate native British public opinion by appealing to their sense of superiority over other races & nations. He was willfully speaking to people in such a way that it was clear he was trying to curry favour with the far-right."

Sounds like the US reporters

posted on Jun, 27 2016 @ 05:34 PM

originally posted by: FlyInTheOintment
fifty metre Great White sharks chasing the ship, jumping out of the water in great arcing leaps, trying to catch us. The danger was immediate & deadly, and a panic set in amongst the adults on board.

All I can say is Bring back Shark Fin Soup and Ban Whale hunting first. You'll see a huge difference. Don't make things worst than it should be.

The Dragon was doing all us a favor and we screwed things up by letting carnivores get away.

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