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The weasel from north

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posted on Jun, 23 2016 @ 09:35 AM
I tried to see what name i was given, yet in my dream i saw a furry creatures living in a cold place.
The red fox, the grey wolf, the mighty stoat or even called a the elusive weasel..
Men sat down on a porch, writing tales about these very creatures..
Yet they did miss that one weasel, sat right next to them, overlooking their every move..

Frightened that they were caught, the weasel looked at them with a wondering thought;
"You hide among the shadows, yet act innocent during the day"..
So one of the men tried to catch the weasel and got bit in the process..

The men screamed and shouted, they made the weasel their foe.. Yet the weasel only defended himself,
and gave them a warning;" I wish to be left alone, even though i know your secrets ".
They were frightened but mostly ashamed, by the little fact they were not good men, but pretended to be..

Now the weasel if left alone, curious as always, but he isnt troubled by men who are up to no good..
So he looks everywhere for a little puzzle just to make his day a little more fun..


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