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The Illuminati Plan to Enslave Americans (1969)

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 03:32 PM

The US will be de-industrialized and gays "given permission to act out." Women will be masculinized. Music would get "much worse."
Much of what Dr. Day promised in 1969 has come to pass. But many more ominous measures designed to establish a police state have yet to transpire.

When are we going to wake up and realize that the "elite" is out to destroy us?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

On March 20, 1969, Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" told a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society that "A New World System" would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day, who died in 1989, wanted to prepare the 80 or so physicians present.

Although the doctors were warned not to make recordings or take notes, Day's remarks were reported by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who died in Jan 2004. The fact that only one doctor came forward suggests that professional associations may be Masonic in nature.

"Some of you will think I'm talking about Communism," Dr. Day told the assembly. "Well, what I'm talking about is much bigger than Communism!"

He indicated that there is much more cooperation between East and West than most people realize. He was free to speak at this time because " ... everything is in place and nobody can stop us now."

America's Biggest Companies Continue To Move Factories Offshore And Eliminate Thousands of American Jobs

The New Order of the Barbarians

Although the speaker would not say who are these powerful people, he did state the fact, that if anyone heard their names they would recognize who they are.

I read the article and did some research on this topic, and I can assure the readers on ATS that this is very real.

I was born in the 1950's and as I sit here writing this, I have seen many of the changes from around the world and in the USA.

Everything Dr. Richard Day said in his speech is unfolding even as you read this post.

"Dr. Day said in the lecture that he would be in real trouble if this information got out". In 87 when Dr. Dungeon came out with the tape detailing the entire NWO agenda – Dr. Dungeon dies.

He died in the same year the tape came out.

Was Dr. Dungeon eliminated by the New World Order for exposing their sinister agenda?

Tax Funded Abortion As Population Control

In 1969, four years before Roe vs. Wade, he said, “Abortion will no longer be a crime. Abortion will be accepted as normal”, and would be paid for by taxes for people who could not pay for their own abortions.

“We can cure 98% of all cancers now (1969) but those cures are at the Rockefeller Foundation and they will not be released because there are too many people in the world and they have to die of something!”

“individuals will need to get used to change . . .”

The moral decay of society begins by implementing the following:

1. Encouraging Homosexuality.

2. Sex, Anything Goes

3. Families To Diminish In Importance

4. Blending All Religions — The Old Religions Will Have To Go

5. Changing The Bible Through Revisions Of Key Words

6. Restructuring Education As A Tool Of Indoctrination

More Time In Schools, But They “wouldn’t Learn Anything.”

7. Controlling Who Has Access To Information

8. Schools As The Hub Of The Community

9. Some Books Would Just Disappear From The Libraries

10. Changing Laws

11. Encouragement Of Drug Abuse To Create A Jungle Atmosphere

12. Alcohol Abuse

13. Restrictions On Travel

14. The Need For More Jails, And Using Hospitals As Jails


15. Global Interdependence “to Create A New Structure, You First Have To Tear Down The Old”

16. Patriotism Would Go Down The Drain

17. Loss Of Jobs — Loss Of Security

18. [aside] Population Shifts To Eliminate “traditions”

19. Hunting

20. Sports For Girls — To De-emphasize Femininity

21. Entertainment: Violence, Sex And More Sex Desensitization — Preparing The People For “human Casualties”

22. Give Us The Young

23. ’80s And ’90s — The Grim Reaper. Travel Restrictions — National Id — The Chip, Etc.

24. Food Control

25. Weather Control

26. Politics

27. Know How People Respond — Making Them Do What You Want

28.Falsified Scientific Research

29. Acceptance Of The U.n. — The End Justifies The Means

30. War Is Good — You Get To Be Cannon-fodder, Keep The Population Down, And Die A Hero

31. Terrorism — The Great Tool For ‘Control’

32. Money And Banking

33. Big Brother Is Watching You, While You’re Watching Tv

34. Privately Owned Homes — “A Thing Of The Past”

35. Euthanasia And The “Demise Pill”

36. Limiting Access To Affordable Medical Care Makes Eliminating The Elderly Easier

37. Planning The Control Over Medicine

38. Elimination Of Private Doctors

39. New Difficult To Diagnose And Untreatable Diseases

40. Suppressing Cancer Cures As A Means Of Population Control… Cancer.

41. Inducing Heart Attacks As A Form Of Assassination


Yes I know this source is from Before it's News, and yes I know their site is a doom and gloom website, however there is plenty of other more credible websites that do support the findings I have presented.

Who agrees this is far worst than Communism?

We know who these powerful people are?

Who made these powerful people kings of our world? Just because these very few people have lots of money, it does not give them the right to destroy what our founding Father set up for our great country.

What we are witnessing right now in the United States is now a police State, another agenda that is being implemented. Illegals poring in over our boarders and all over the world in many countries.

The goal here is to merge all social cultures and create a one wold country, this will be done by the UN.

Travel restriction are here already and that is done under the government Watch List, about 2 million people are not allowed to fly out of the country in the USA.

We have watched our American corporations leaving the country and taking their jobs with them.

We have watch most of our industries leave the country bringing the unemployment to it's highest levels ever.

We have wittiness Homosexuals being more excepted and new laws protecting them.

We have wittiness the TTP changes to unify the world trade policies as if there really are no counties. This is underway right now.

We are wittiness more Americans on some kind of government assistance then ever before.

Obama care does have death Panels in place already.

Another fact is, Terrorism is the new fear properganda.

War on Terrorism is a war created to help tear down old counties and cultures and of course, a money making opportunity for our government and military.

I could go on however, I believe the readers understand what I am trying to say here.

Question: Is there a way to stop this madness?

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 03:59 PM
Why couldn't they have just left the music alone?

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:06 PM
And people who believed this at the time were called bad names and labeled conspiracy nuts.

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:07 PM

originally posted by: xuenchen
And people who believed this at the time were called bad names and labeled conspiracy nuts.

Sometimes.... Today's conspiracy theorist is tomorrow's prophet.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:13 PM
Now you all will understand who and how these implements will be carried out.


Dresden, Germany 9-12 June

It is no conspiracy theory that this group of elites exist. These are some of the planers and pushers who have helped create the madness in our world today.

Is all of this Legal? I say it is not. The agendas this group is pushing is very evil in my "opinion".

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:16 PM
Heres the thing....... Moral decay= homosexuality? Says who?

I mean it just sounds like social issues some folks wanted and some folks didn't.

Either way I need to research this Dr more and see for myself.

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:19 PM
How does a moral decay of society begin when society decides what the morals are? Being a bigot and against homosexuals is very much considered to immoral today. In fact that discrimination is being push as a moral thing is disgusting.

The UN has merged nothing, in fact since the creation the UN when their were 70 nations those nations have now divided into 196 countries.

We remain the 2nd largest exporter in the World and you seem confused about unemployment rates.

Trade pacts go back thousands of years why are we pretending they are new?

Obamacare does not have death panels that is a well known hoax from a decade ago.

That list is a big pile of nonsense. Girls in sports makes the less feminine? What idiot came up with that? Considering the massive population growth of the planet that abortion as population control sure look s stupid now. We also know war has no effect on global population trends. And information control sure looks silly when we now have the internet the most open flow of information in human history.

Mostly people come up with a list of things they do not like and then declare some evil group is using those things to take over the world. Kind of sad really.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:22 PM
I can make similar trend predictions too, would i be seen as a prophet in a century?

One day, religion will be illegal *
Gender identity will be archaic, and traditional birth considered 'Amish - like'.
Cures for almost all diseases will be found, but only available to the elite.
Schools will become like a prison system.
Currency will be digital
See now im a famous conspiracy theorist in 100 years. Known as "odds and ends" but spelled like jake and amir spelled it.

Oh, and computing will be known as simply 'quantoms/quantom' [aka Q. T. (s) by neo hackers and rogue developers on mars.]
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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: MrSpad

Because its what folks who buy into it 'think'. They 'think' homosexuality = a decay in morals. They 'think' female involvement in sports = loss of feminiity. Just sounds like sexist bigotry straight out of the 1960s....

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:23 PM
Interesting information thank you

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:24 PM
You state that you are aware of beforeitsnews bad rep but then go on to tell us that this info is also on more credible sites. May i then ask why you still chose to use beforeitsnews on here rather than one of the more credible sources ? and could you please link all the ones you know of.
Also, please could you tell me what the word 'wittiness' means ? I cannot find it even on a google search.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: Informer1958

The agendas this group is pushing is very evil in my "opinion".

I agree.

Who made these powerful people kings of our world?

I think Paul Harvey's 1965 speech was on the right track.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:30 PM
I see no indication of when this guy "released the speech" of Dr. Day. It appears to me to be a type of hoaxed material where a claim of age of predictions is totally unsubstantiated. There's no proof that this material wasn't written after most of these things had happened.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:34 PM
So 47 years ago people knew of their "plan to enslave us all" and yet this "plan" still hasn't come to fruition?

I'm guessing the next line will be that the "Illuminati" are immortal, right?

Anyway, that's why I'm not worried about them, they're extremely slow and incompetent at best. I mean, c'mon, 47 years at the least and we're all still chugging along

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:57 PM
do you have any original source material for this ? direct quotes that can be independently verified, interviews, letters, etc ?

please understand I am not looking for a link to a video, but something credible and real

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: Informer1958

Very interesting and thanks for sharing. However, I don't see how some of the things you mentioned will help lead to a new world order, or breakdown of the family unit.

1. What is wrong with encouraging homosexuals to be themselves? They have been supressed and abused throughout history.

4. Religion is still extremly powerful and popular in society. Also, there really is no need for religion in society. It often traps people in a system of beliefs that are illlogical and supressive. Religion often divides and creates conflict. I don't see how having more atheists, agnostics, or just not going to church is a bad thing..

5. What changes in the bible have led to drasticly differnt interpretations?

Also, putting the NWO aside, what is wrong with abortion and population control? I see far too many babies being born into bad relationships, bad parents, and just terrible environments in general. Also, the planet could use far less people on it. I don't see how population control is a bad thing as long as it is done ethically. With honesty and without pain.

Having said all that, this is incredible if this man did really write this at that time. Also, I'm not trying to criticize your thread, but just playing devil's avocate with a few of your points. Many points are spot on though.

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posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: Informer1958

Most of those things sound awesome and a natural, predictable progression of society. I could rephrase each of those and make them sound amazing rather than sounding like it came from some delusional basement bozo who read 1984 too many times.

Keep in mind, they attached anything they could at the time to Soviet influences. Homosexuality, for a long time, was considered communist. They came up with some loony rhetoric and propaganda back then.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: Informer1958

Henry Makow Ph.D. produces some of the worst drekk on the entire Internet. I'm really suprised that his URLS have not been banned on ATS like other hate sites.


posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 06:47 PM
a reply to: Informer1958

#7 kind of makes me wonder.
Suppression of access to information... did this person or persons ever think about a global telephone system, aka the internet?
The internet can pretty much sweep aside a lot of these claims to complete control. A perfect example of this is you, the OP giving us this information, to potentially billions of people.

posted on Jun, 22 2016 @ 06:59 PM
For those of you calling all this a conspiracy theory I can assure you, that you are wrong.

The Revelations of Dr Richard Day

Here is a website that explains everything and breaks down each category.

I am not the enemy here, Just the messenger. So please, insults are not welcome on ATS.
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