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Mexican Blind CatFish: Sorry Mr Trump, your wall won't work, Mexico & Texas are linked by caverns.

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posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 09:15 AM
So the response from the left is, "Don't build a wall, it won't work anyway. The illegals will still find a way in."

Switch it to gun control.

The response from the right is "Don't add new gun laws or ban all guns. The criminals will still get their guns."

Both sides using the same argument on different topics. Interesting.

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 09:16 AM
a reply to: manuelram16

Caverns... Interesting but I do believe Mr. Trump is an intelligent and successful man and his "wall" may mean to do what President Eisenhower did years ago

Operation Wetback, there's no way in hell they could get away with naming a operation that now days.
man just imagine the names they could use for the middle east.

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posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 10:28 AM
a reply to: jjkenobi

Look dear Jjkenobi,

First all , the discussion about the illegals causing harm to the American economy is really a distraction sophism. The Obama administration has deported more illegals alone that all the previous ones in History together. Besides that the migration to USA from Mexico or through Mexico has decreased dramatically to reach the lowest rates ever in this last administration, because the economic crisis in the USA has stopped it.

People is not stupid, and the Latin Americans have enough brain to determine that if the Americans are not getting Jobs they have extremely low probability to survive in a country that anyway has a cost of life higher than theirs.

Pls read:

Instead of that the American Migration to Latin American is right now in one of its historic peaks, a lot of retired Americans for instances decide to move out as soon as they get their pensions, and Mexico is their principal destination.

Why is all this passion of Mr Trump to make a Wall then? because he is a real state entrepreneur and he knows he can profit enormously by doing such wall, as a business scenario, and he is also a Master to make businesses under-covered using a lot of facade enterprises that appear in the name of his friends.

Mexican migration to USA in its lowest point Historically

Trump knows perfectly that the wall is not going to repair the USA economy,but will make him more rich than what he is currently. He also knows that politicians like Bill Clinton , and his wife, have showed in the past that it is perfectly possible to do cronyism and don't be penalized, so he is planning to do so for his best interests.

It is clear than there are more Canadians in American territory right now than Mexicans working, even Europeans living illegally, as the one that tried to kill Trump just days ago. We have a border with Canada that it is not even really secured by patrol, so it is logical that it is easier several times to cross it than the Mexican one that has a lot of patrol control.

Now, if the wall is build it is surely all what Trump will show in his Presidency to reduce unemployment and move the economy, he will claim that it would be his major contribution, so in essence is a fog curtain, it would be nothing that improve in anyway USA economy, a political mirage, a piece of fascist and racist demagogy, and in the long run a way to fool a lot of naive people that is really expecting a change.

In spite of that deception, it would increase dramatically the external public debt of America, with which money that wall would be made? Mexico by sure is not going to build it, that is an absolute illusion, a ridicule rhetoric, they don't need it and they don't like it, and we can't force them to pay it, there is no legal way to reach that objective and to go in a war against our southern neighbor is not intelligent when we are so much punished by all the enemies we have right now that are spreading terrorism in our own territory or the ones of our allies.

When Obama took office we were stuck in two wars overseas, Iraq and Afghanistan, without counting Alqaeda that was radiating its influence from their headquarters in Pakistan. Now that he is finishing his second term we have in addition other five in the same situation: Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Turkish Southern Border and our own internal war against ISIS terrorism.

The Real Change America needs is to move away of a Global economy that is right now only enriching corrupt Chinese entrepreneurs, using slave workers that are under communism, and their few privileged associates, that are of course among the Tax evaders here. Only when the millions of Jobs that were send to China comeback is that we are going to experience a return of good times, only when whoever does not pay taxes here and have their money abroad can't anymore sell nothing in the American Market.

The problem is not that America is losing jobs with illegal workers, is that America is not producing anymore new jobs for nobody. If we insist to support aggressive policies against Latin America we are going to loose completely that giant market for our products at all, causing more harm to our economy than benefit.

The balance of the American Trade with Latin American just in 2015 shows that we export (152,532.6)in excess to what we imported (115,875.0)from them, about 36,657.7 millions of dollars, that is a huge flow of money that moves American economy annually, and that is all what is in risk due to the Trump rhetoric against Hispanics.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Jun, 26 2016 @ 10:32 AM
it won't work because about half of the illegals cross legally and just over-stay thier visa's

how is this still a thing ?

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