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A Dozen men and a Judge

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posted on Jun, 20 2016 @ 05:59 PM
A dozen men sat before a Judge and Jury and screamed their lunges out ;" We tried to speak to you and you didnt even listen! " The judge sat on his chair quietly while they pleaded and screamed..

"Silence, i had enough of your childish manners!" The judge shouted..

The judge looked over the hall where the dozen men sat and said;

"We are all animals, we are born as such. Animals are influenced and easily mislead.
The difference is you do it for your own gain. There are rules, universal laws and a divine intervention you break over and over again by the illusions you create out of our outer worldly imagination.

Did you ever try to explain why? Or did hate overtake your rationality?

Instead of running around screaming i want freedom, justice and liberty for all, you could have made a difference.. You could have made a difference in history, you had the opportunity to show each and everyone " We have a solution ".. Instead you did the worst atrocities in history and hid them behind words..

Power corrupts so easily without a guideline..

Now your hop3 is in a culture that has survived for 9000 years, you think they dont follow the divine principles? Have you become that delusional in your make belief stories you cant even realize there is no savior?

Its time you woke up, the dreams are gone.. You have a chance of building a future together if you follow the simple rules, or you will perish trying to defend them"

The men sat silently and they knew the words were nothing but truthful.

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