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A mirror of reflection

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posted on Jun, 20 2016 @ 03:20 PM
The man held up a mirror and asked " What do you see? " and the women replied ;" Me, i see me "
He tried to make a point;" Explain, what do you see? " and she replied;" A nose, a pair of eyes, a mouth "

The man asked another question ;" Are you free? " and the woman replied ;" Of course, i was born free, i was born in a land where i can choose whatever reality i want "

The man held up the mirror again and said " What do you see? " and the women replied yet again;" Me, i see me "

The man asked another question ;" Do you need to sleep , eat and drink " and the woman replied ;" of course or i would die " and the man asked; "can you choose that?" and she replied;" no "

Then the man said;" Well then you arent free are you? " She thought for a while, and her mind her freedom was the choice to choose, but some things arent by choice..

So the man held up the mirror again and asked the same question;" What do you see " The woman saw her face peeling of and a metal face emerged beneath, she was scared.. What was it behind her human face but a robotic metal one.. and she replied;" A robot "

And the man said;" We all are, but maybe one day you can become human "

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