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What is the point of Religion

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posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: odzeandennz
Reply to odzeandennz questions.
-- whats the point of it?
- why do people feel the need for it
-why would any 'god' want people to serve them, why or how would an omnipotent being have 'needs' or wants or desires if indeed perfect or eternal,
- why would any god have human traits, like wanting revenge, plotting, be sly, vicious, kill millions [presumably] via floods, diseases, etc...
-why can we analyze this yet have the same feeling about what god or a god is.
-why cant scientists disprove god once and for all? [i.e. archaeological finds or texts, or a connect between say Neanderthal man and our transition into civilization, where does that lineage extinguishes? what time frame? where would the first humans in the 'bibles' be realistically along the time of evolution?

-why would any god want to be worshiped by 'children' that sounds like something we're 'projecting' onto 'god' [ i.e. human traits personified into a deity]

1. What is the point of religion? - This is quite a large question in its self as there is more than one definitive point. When one, takes a step back and simply observes the world, they may realise that they, along with everyone, are entangled in an invisible web. This entanglement is a result of each individual's actions. We are bound by the seeds (our very own actions) we sow. Everyone is accountable for there own actions. We are also bound by our own ability to forgive others for the wrong's they do to us. So in one way religion can be seen as a spiritual road map. A pathway to release us from the shackles binding us to this world. But there are many other points. Order. Peace. Unity. Love. Kindness. Enlightenment.
Religion also sets the foundation of todays LAW. Based on the 10 commandments. This is a brief explanation, but I hope it helps.
2. Why do people feel they need it? People have different levels of understanding and each individuals needs may not be exactly the same. Some seek fellowship. Some simply love God. A lot are brought up in it. Some don't need it.
3. Why would any 'god' want people to serve them, why or how would an omnipotent being have 'needs' or wants or desires if indeed perfect or eternal, According to my limited understanding? - Eventually on a spiritual path, you will come to an understanding that we are all cut from the same cloth. We are of all the same essence. We are the ONE body. God is the head and all living entities (all life) make up the body. When people come to this understanding it is very easy to understand why we must serve the head and all the whole body. It is only logical that the left leg walks in time with the right and the left hand helps the right. I will re-iterate this point again. While we maintain our very own separate individual identities - we are part of one body. GODS body. God is the maintainer of all of us. For within HIM we reside. There is nothing outside of HIM.
4. These catastrophic events are a result of many evil deeds of many generations of people. There a fundamental laws operating in this world and unless an individual is fully surrendered to GOD, he is subject to these laws. It is our very own actions which birth the results of our future outcomes as a result of the fundamental laws governing this world. In fact over eons of time we have been bound to this world by our own actions. Hidden within religion are a set of keys to unlock the gate to this prison.
5. Scientist question. - To experience this world we need a certain type body. A bit like a scuba diving suit. In order to experience the sea under water we need a scuba diving suit goggles, breathing equipment etc. We have set of eyes ears mouth etc. Without the proper suit we can not experience this world properly.
The point being is the suit we have on (our body) is not equipped with the tools to see GOD properly. So the scientists cannot prove or disprove because they are not suitably equipped with a spiritual suit adequate for a different world.
6. Last point about Neanderthals. - From my teachings - I was taught that the world has 4 seasons (known as ages) In the beginning the cycle starts known as a golden age where all souls are pure. As each long season passes the purity of each generation of people declines along with there long lifespans. Lastly finishing this great cycle in a very degraded Godless age. it is in the last days of this age where the human state has degenerated so much that the beautiful tall human forms that graced the Golden age are long forgotten. And the class of people have shrunk, become animalistic in there nature.
In fact it is my teaching that the human race is devolving. Not evolving! The Neanderthals skeletons are the remnants of the end of the last season. It is my understanding that these creatures are what the human race becomes at the end of the 4 seasons.

As for me I don't belong to any religion. But I do study Abrahamic lineage and Vedic lineage scriptures which encompass many religions. I hope that at least makes your understanding a little clearer or at least getting you to see in another way.

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 06:04 PM
a reply to: odzeandennz

do you think this 'need' is some sort of lingering evolutionary trait, it seems like we are almost born with some sort of spirituality, or close to it.

I don't know.

I think that yes, we as a family of primates who are aware that we will die want answers, and since none are really forthcoming, we make up stuff.

The world is very scary for a primate who has no inborn fangs or claws or natural defense except his cleverness - his brains.
I think that it was overwhelming for early hominids to try to figure out what was going, they made up stuff and clung to it like driftwood.

I also am not averse to Ancient Alien theory. I think spirituality, no matter how clumsily expressed or organized, is simply part of what we as clever primates need to sort out. I think it will most likely be another millennium until it gets sorted out.

Meanwhile, the "Abrahamic" religions suck!! Thy mislead us, and hurt us, and hold us back from real enlightenment.

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