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A master and his dragon

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posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 06:51 PM
One of the dragons saw a movement through the desert, men who call themselves pure.. Each village they came across, they spread the word of their God and punished those who did not bow.. The dragon did not care as long as they understood their purpose..

But as time go by, these men turned sour and their souls darkened. The dragon always overwatching waited for a wrong move, to feed his lust and anger..

The Dragon like all the others had their masters, but this dragons master was one of those you wish you never crossed paths with.

So the men knocked on his door, and he opened..;" Yes? " They told him to bow before the only God.. and the master looked at the men with a surprise and a laughter.. The men who spread the word were angered and told the master;" You will regret this "

The legend foretell.. They saw the dragons head and never left and nothing was ever found..

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