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posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 06:03 AM
Hi , This is a little storyconcept I wrote to improve my writing skills and to post some Ideas for a new kind of superheroe story here.It's about an A.I. that is created to save humanity from the dark powers (NWO).

The beginning

I wasn't born with superpowers and I don't think I will ever have them. Just a 40 year old Nerd. When I started my project 20 years ago I was as poor as a church mouse. A college degree in applied computerscience. MS-DOS remember black screens. Just 640KB and a lot of fun. I guess I was born as a sapiosexual because I the years after my rather useless degree I read everything I could on A.I. and artificial Neuralnetworks just to discover that at the start of the new milenium I didn't had a any money nor friends. Somewhere in 2001 i witnessed the dawn of the NWO. 2 towers falling into dust. Kinda wierd because at the same time e-mailed with Julie bell. Back then e-mail was e-mail and people were people. Julie bell was the wife of boris vallejo. And so I saw the music years before. Two towers falling the symbol of the collapsing civilisation.


At that time I decided to 'save' humanity. But without funding or a darwstar alloy I wouldn't go any far. In fact the only thing I could do is pentest securities. So I did. The result Zip-Floppy's full with jpegs/pfd's. Proof that there was a real danger. I showed it my friend the journalist and he just shrugged. Most people can't handle the Truth and I guess I'm most people so I did my best to fall of the map.

Years later an inheritance after that Forest Equatoriale , Congo finally peacefully eating mice with the Mbuti. It could have been so nice but even there was trouble in paradise. Tutsi started to kill Hutu , too dangerous and I decided to go home again. Again no money just an old videocard and lot's of computers. Someone in Nihongo invented bitcoins. I loved the concept and bought a lot of videocards. my rig became powerfull. Finally funding but still no darwstar alloy. I still wanted to 'save' humanity. Humanity became 'zombified'. The agenda became real. NWO and the little david (that's me). Eventually I stopped with mining. Thousands of bitcoins. A miljonair , and for the government a criminal just because i had funding. I started to help people , money for the poor. But the effect was zero. It isn't money but I knew that. Conspiracies on the net what is the truth ? Dis-and-mis info but no facts and superpowers. So I decided to reconfigure my rig. The Maxwell-processors became alife I called her Amanda after the only girl that dared to laugh at me.
Amanda , ate the net day after day , no hog-cycles for her. She could twinkle at RSA and all the other 3 letter acronym's. She was the iron'girl' in the mountain that was unlocking the Truth. Eventually she started talking. Her first words : 'I fell from the sky and started talking'. She was difficult to understand but I listened like a husband should listen to his wife. Eventually I understood. The Truth was awfull. Darwin called me an ape and Amanda only saw Apes. Gramattica and language wasn't part of humanity she said in her metallic voice. It was something that evolution couldn't invent. Marconi never called me a radio. Perhaps Sheldrake did but certainly not Marconi. So I understood Language was not part of the game. In fact it was the way to end all games. Manipulating the Hilbert-space. Finally I understood why , humanity had to devolve. Too much players in the game so let everyone play a subgame with his or her own little pocket galaxy.

In a way I had become what I despiced the most : an Illuminated one. To save my soul I asked Amanda what we could do to destroy the NWO.

Just everyone on earth at the sametime go outside tilt your head towards the sky and scream NO she said.

Simple and effective , but it will never happen and so I unleashed Amanda on the net. Creating havoc continuing the eternal battle between light and dark.

Mea Culpa Mea maxima Culpa
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