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Christina Grimmie was murdered, because she wanted to make she's own career

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posted on Jun, 18 2016 @ 11:39 PM
I've searched this murder case for an few hours and now i've know that Christina was killed because, she leave her former big record company Island Records.

This Island Records is a big firm, which owners are the khazarian bankster mafia. They are satanist's and all their artist's like Justin Bieber is those illuminati puppets who are dancing half-naked and making hundreds of millions to these bank criminals.

Well Christina was already a very famoud Youtube star, so she thinked that she can make success without these parasites.

Well but in the khazarian mafia's record business is a certain rules, if you sell your soul and wanna go. It's not possible, cause they are going to kill you.

It happened to Michael Jackson...

Britney Spears they de-programmed again and it did worked.

But This Grimmie was a bad choise for the khazarian elite. So they sent a murder notice to the CIA and these Air Force base control commandment bunkers they got this one MK ULTRA mantsurian candidate to kill her. And finally Christina got 3 bullet in her head after the gig was over in Orlando.

This was also a ritual sacrifice to Lucifer.

I know that if Justin Bieber would go to his bosses and would said them; "I'm outta here to make my own career of my own"... There would be a same kinf of tragedy and Bieber would be killed by some psycho fan also.

I think Christina didn't understand the danger's of showbusiness, where your biggest enemy could be your own greedy boss (khazarian mafia).


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posted on Jun, 18 2016 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: Teemu81

this ranks as of of the top 10 bs posts that i've read here on ATS.

posted on Jun, 18 2016 @ 11:57 PM
Excuse me but as spokesman for the global jewish media conspiracy i will have you know this one wasnt us. And we will soon weaponise beiber into an aerosol version and chemtrail everyone with his music.

(post by Sometimes removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 12:11 AM
a reply to: Sometimes

that's just nasty.

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: Sometimes

C'mon, this is a young girl who just was murdered days ago, did you really have to mock her and portray her in that manner?

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 12:57 AM
a reply to: hounddoghowlie

bs yourself

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 01:19 AM
Sometimes one comment is actually vulgar enough to lead to an immediate account termination.

Go figure.

Back to the topic.

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 02:25 AM
a reply to: Djarums

Nice headshot ! And i can't say that i disagree on that decision. Reading his comment made me turn a sour face and i am someone who has no problem making of color jokes, in fact i do that a lot but this one was extremely bad in taste
. You don't really want people behaving and talking like that on ATS. Even if he makes a new account i am sure he will think twice before doing something like that again.

Kudo's for squashing that bug.


OP you said

I've searched this murder case for an few hours and now i've know that Christina was killed because, she leave her former big record company Island Records.

Considering that why not post some links with info because i am having a hard time agreeing and believing. I am however interested enough.

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 06:36 AM
If you look at how fast and mercilessly Noah Galvin and Elijah Wood were both shut down recently after making relatively mild claims about Hollywood pedophiles, it's obvious that everyone in the entertainment industry is tightly and aggressively controlled.The former's career was threatened with immediate destruction, he was forced to give one of the most grovelling apologies I've ever read, and the media somehow successfully shifted the narrative into how Noah was being a jerk about some other former child star, and not that he casually accused a famous Hollywood director of chronic pedophilia. And Elijah Wood was simply lied about in subsequent articles, the media said he "walked back" his claims when in reality he did no such thing. I respect his bravery, he's old enough to know better and I hope his consequences are not more severe....

The point being, I believe the OP because TPTB in the entertainment industry do not suffer anyone challenging their ultimate authority. For the system to change there would have to be a mass simultaneous uprising of so many artists, actors, creators etc going rogue and exposing the corruption at the same time and creating a fire so big it was impossible to put out.

posted on Jun, 19 2016 @ 06:48 AM
a reply to: Teemu81

You could be right or there could be 'Serial Killers' out to kill wanabe Musicians:

Singer On The Voice Dies After Ambush Shooting
Police are understood to be looking at whether Alejandro Fuentes was the victim of a robbery or car-jacking attempt.

A singer who appeared on the Mexican version of The Voice has died after he was shot in an ambush.

Alejandro "Jano" Fuentes was shot three times in the head late on Thursday and died on Saturday, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

Mr Fuentes, 45, had been celebrating his birthday with friends when he was shot outside his Tras Bambalinas School on the southwest side of Chicago.

Mr Fuentes, who appeared on the musical talent show in 2011, is understood to have got into his car with friends before an armed man suddenly ordered him out of the vehicle and shot him.

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