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A time traveller walks the stars

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posted on Jun, 17 2016 @ 07:15 PM
Aron sat down and thought the naked dark skin human like creatures how to read the stars.. Aaron pointed to a star and said; " Home ". The dark skinned men believed Aaron was a god from Above.Aaron taught them how to farm, they domesticated bisons and called them; "Cows". The dark skinned men believed the cows were holy since the man from the north taught them to milk.

Aarons tribe apointed a group of dark skinned men to learn the ways of the north.. They fermentated the seeds and made a beverage they called beer.. And before Arron left he drew a Swastika and said, " remember the day the people of the North gave you more than a simple life "

But as years went by, the stories became myth and myth became legends, but when you look above, you can hear the echo that once came from a place up north and shared a live with the dark skinned naked men from India.
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