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Father Shabubu Speaks

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posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 03:11 PM
Howdy fellow ATSers, I've noticed a couple of people on the site dissapointed at the lack of new prediction threads and in the spirit of conspiratorial friendship I figured I'd take a crack at the whole prediction thing so people can have something new to argue about and of course we haven't had a thread in a while where people have the opportunity to yell at eachother and make derisive comments about one anothers parentage or intelect.

I am not a psychic but I am a news junkie and do consume massive amounts of coffee, so here's a batch of predictions that (let's say) could happen bewteen now and 2007...let me get into character here...achem...I father Shabubu, he who knows, he who speaks and sees, he who walks with pastry predict thusly:

1) The democrats will try and push Hillary Clinton as the next presidential candidate but an unseen backlash by the populace at large will cause them to pull back their seeming enthusiasm for Hillary, setting her up to run as vp instead of president, the actual ticket will be John Edwards for President, Hillary for VP. The republicans will go with John McCain for Prez and a suprise running mate of Colin Powel for VP.

2) The angry and frustrated (and very large) Muslim population in France implodes becoming a massive haven and breeding ground for terrorists. Terrorist acts in France begin to rise/escalate and the rumours of a full out muslim civil war become common place. Finally reaching the point where US special forces and the UN are brought in to work with French troops to help ferret out the terrorist cells. This gives the Bush administration something it's longed for, video and pictures that make the new war on terror look like WW2 instead of desertnam.

3) Three new venerial diseases will be discovered, patient zero for all three will be Paris Hilton no one is shocked at this news.

4) The draft is put into action as Iraq spirals out of control causing 60's type rallies and demonstrations eventually forcing the US to pull out and be replaced with UN troops.

5) Kofi Anan is forced out of the UN signs a million dollar book deal with DoubleDay press and gets a show on CNN.

6) Oprah runs for office.

7) Anne Heche goes nuts...again.

8) QUentin Tarintino runs for Mayor of Los Angeles and actually almost wins.

9) Arnold Swartzenager ends up being recognized as the greatest governor california has ever known by pushing an equal amount of commerce, education and setting California up as a leader in clean air technology.

10) Dick Cheney is forced out of office when he is recorded on tape as admiting that he and Rumsfeld have been running the show since go, putting the presidency in disgrace and forcing George Bush to fire everybody. A lot like the paris hilton thing, no one is shocked by this.

Have fun and discuss.


posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 07:34 PM
This isn't a forum for personal predictions...that's in BelowTopSecret.

And let's try not to erode whatever credibility we have by making up random predictions...we're trying our best to appear serious and professional here

posted on Jan, 16 2005 @ 11:29 PM

This isn't a forum for personal predictions...that's in BelowTopSecret.

Every thread under this topic is a personal prediction from sylvia browne to south beach psychic, considering the likely hood of any of those coming true I don't see how mine are any less valid.


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