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JFK Assassination and the Mandela Effect

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posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 10:52 PM

originally posted by: ignorant_ape
this is truely amazing < sarc >

now according to our legiou of " infalliable witnesses " TM from multiple " dimensions "

to paraphrase :

multiple versons of kennedy were assasinated in the exact same spot by multiple seperate assasins - all captured exclusivly on cine film by multiple zapruders

amd people wonder why this is not taken seriously

PS - if any one needs me - i shall be re-arranging deck chairs on the DPS titanian

I see the argument that believing some examples of the Mandela Effect might not be just the result of misremembering automatically means that you must also believe in parallel dimensions and that you can never be wrong.

Regarding the idea that ME experiencers believe they can't be wrong, that is one argument I don't understand. Personally, I've misremembered lots of times before and after finding out about the ME and was, and still am, happy to admit when I am wrong. The ME examples that resonate and cause people to question what could be going on feel different than merely getting something wrong. It's not wanting to believe you are right either, it's the idea that I was so certain it was something else and I can totally accept it isn't the same as my memory, but I' want to investigate why I was so certain before when the reality has never matched that "certain" memory. If I wanted to believe my memory was infallible then I would use the ME as a framework in my life for everything and not over largely inconsequential facts/events etc.

There are lots of almost identical accounts for people believing they heard the Apollo 13 movie quote change from "Houston, we've HAD a problem" to "Houston, we HAVE a problem". This is not related to anything other than the film itself, it's about hearing something change only in the movie.

Most reports state they always believed the quote was "HAVE", then one day they watched the video and it was HAD. People usually accept that their memories were wrong and move on. Then anywhere between a few days and a few months, the next time they watch the clip it's back to "HAVE a problem".

Read the testimonies and see how many people say almost exactly the same thing. If this many people came to court and said they experienced the same thing, would it be fair to dismiss them without looking into how this could occur?

The thing is, this example is not related to memory as it's what they hear at the time, it isn't based on long-term memory. It's not related to people wanting to be right as they accept they probably got it wrong the first time.

t' definitely possible that all these people have bad hearing or there's another explanation, but when so many people say the same thing then I think it's something that is worth finding out why so many experience the same thing.

I haven't read every testimony in the links below, but many of them were pretty consistent with each other and were more looking for answers than trying to proselyte or claim to be special. Google "Apollo 13 movie quote mandela effect reddit" or something similar and there are lots of other threads all saying the same.

If I had not experienced this particular change, or at least, believe I experienced it), I would have thought it was crazy so I don't expect to change your mind, but, if you were on a jury and 100-200 people all came in and gave the same testimony would you think that maybe it's worth investigating to see if there is something to what they are saying? This is especially true as this example isn't related to memory. Check out the links and see what you think

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 02:27 AM

originally posted by: PokeyJoe
Does anyone else remember the Zapruder film being only in black and white? Also, I remember it being filmed from the other side of the car and maybe further away? That was the one and only video of the shooting that I remember for the majority of my life. Now, in the past few years this alien, colorized video is the only video out there. I feel like I'm going mad, but I really do not recall seeing the color video ever in my life up until maybe 5-6 years ago!

Theres a reason for that the zapruder film was introduced to the public from the 1969 trial of Clay Shaw. This copy of the film was poor lacked color and out of focus. But it was widely distributed because it was free. The original had much better quality and color. There was also the nix film capturing only the last few seconds of the assassination. But people saw this thinking it was part of the zapruder film as well. So what you remember was people pouring over poor quality films trying to prove a conspiracy.

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