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The "Free", "Equal", and "Democratic" Modern World

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 11:31 PM
It's funny, these little slogans that the elites spread around for their own benefit are always squarely opposite of the truth. These blantant distortions of reality. I'm pretty sure they're laughing at you.

Say what you want about the cruel ancient past of mankind, resplendent in all its brutality, fanaticism, squalor, and intolerance, but a few facts stand out to me. Kings used to lead men into battle from the front. Many monarchs died alongside their soldiers, actually fighting the wars they incited. Roman emperors prosecuted military campaigns on the field, traveling with the army. Marcus Aurelius even wrote a book about it. Alexander rode with the Hetairoi. Saladin executed his prisoners of war himself. Frederick Barbarossa smashed formations apart in cavalry charges. Khalid al-Walid so enjoyed being with his soldiers, that even after losing the rank of general, he continued to fight in the rank-and-file. Hulagu Khan personally rode up to city walls and threatened his rivals, and I bet no one doubted he would back up those threats with his own two hands. Barbarian chieftains were expected to personally perform feats of heroism in battle, else risk a coup by their own retainers (who had literally no tolerance for cowardice in a leader).

The feudal nobility in Europe wiped their arses with their hands, and then ate dinner afterward, just like the peasants. Their beds were still covered in lice and their strongholds infested with vermin. They died of the same diseases their folk died of. Tyrannical barons and lords risked assassination around every corner. Ship captains went down with their ships and despots burned with their cities.

Can you imagine our modern elites being like this? Being subject to the same fate as their own people in this way? Sure, life in the ancient world was hugely stratified and unequal. The nobility and royalty were far better off than their subjects. No one is denying this. But, in some sense, they were far more connected with their own subjects, their own people. Their lives were still generally short, sh*tty, and brutal.

These days? Our technocratic overlords are so detached from the populace, so elevated above the rest of us, that we hardly even notice them guiding events with an invisible hand. They sit up at the top of their clean, sterile high-rise towers while the working folk shuffle along dirty, crowded city streets breathing in smog, car exhaust, and industrial fumes. They can afford medical care that the common man could only dream of (in fact, they most likely have access to medical life-prolonging technology that the general public isn't even aware exists). They aren't subject to the law like the rest of us, they can get out of any bind with the right connections. They foment violence among regular folk, but in the top echelons of society all the elites are buddy-buddy, all working towards the same goals. At least the elites in the ancient world actually fought each other. They force chemicals into our bodies that they wouldn't dare consume themselves. They have access to more potent technology, more resources, and wield a more highly concentrated form of power than any class of humankind that has ever existed. These people are setting themselves up as gods (so they think) over the rest of us. Not the empty "divine rulership" of ancient emporers (which was just a title and didn't translate to any real power), but as actual technocratic overlords with access to such advanced technology that they almost appear to be a different kind of human, trans-human.

Wake up, you imbeciles. Stop shuffling around and mumbling these false mantras without even knowing what they really mean. Humanity is less equal now than it has ever been.
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posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 12:16 AM
Free? Pretty soon they will charge us to pay our taxes. Democratic? Is there even a democracy on the planet presently? The only Equal is the sugar substitue

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 12:42 AM
a reply to: rickymouse

Democratic? Is there even a democracy on the planet presently?

As the US is a "Controlled Republic" I would have to answer with a resounding no

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 01:52 AM
a reply to: Talorc
Very eloquently put, dear sir. I would make the criticism that very many kings more accurately led from behind. Even the kings who fought on the frontlines were typically protected by a system of bodyguards.

But it is true enough, they did die in combat from time to time. Ancient kings are still far removed from the modern cowards who think of us as commodities and expect us to perform duties they wouldn't dare in their worst nightmares.

I have a friend who believes the whole "transhumanist" movement is solely about turning the wealthy into living gods, a la Deus Ex. I strongly recommend this game series if you haven't partaken, the story pertains to your notions far too accurately. Wealthy corporations take control of the world by surveillance, addiction, control, depopulation, whilst making the elite into immortal cyborgs.

But fret not, for all empires perish in time.

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