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HairPieceGate: Peter Thiel’s Lawyer Wants to Silence Reporting on Trump’s Hair

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 06:16 PM
It all started with a mystery — a mystery that has (briefly) occupied the minds of many but alas a mystery for which nobody cared seriously enough about to investigate. That was until an anonymous source approached Gawker and intrepid sleuth Ashley Feinberg blew the orange hued lid off #HairPieceGate.

In her March article, Is Donald Trump’s Hair a $60,000 Weave? A Gawker Investigation, a deliberately tongue-in-cheek, purposefully absurd "expose," Ashley Feinberg asks admittedly silly questions.

Here’s a fun little thought exercise. Let us pretend for a minute that perhaps Ivari was never really “in the process of changing the address” in New York. That would mean that, for at least the five additional years the business continued to function in New York state (if not longer), Ivari International sat squarely in the direct vicinity of Donald Trump’s office.

It seems possible. But this is merely a thought exercise; like Donald Trump wondering aloud what Ted Cruz’s father was doing with John F. Kennedy’s assassin, I’m just asking questions.

Give it a read if you're interested, I'm not really that concerned about Queen Trumps preposterous 'do to go over the finer (like his hair, get it?) points, but it's funny and very slightly interesting if you've got 10 minutes to blow (dry your hair, which Trump never does apparently, as he told Rolling Stone).

I've made light of this situation in much the same what that Ashley Feinberg made light of Trump's infamous hair situation. However, PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel (Trump delegate) and is a is not amused. In fact, he doesn't find Gawker the least bit amusing and this is where things turned ugly and deadly serious. (my bold)

Gawker - Now Peter Thiel’s Lawyer Wants to Silence Reporting on Trump’s Hair

But if you were under the impression that praise-worthy journalism is somehow inoculated against campaigns like Thiel’s, you’d be mistaken. Last week, Thiel’s lawyer-for-hire, Charles J. Harder, sent Gawker a letter on behalf of Ivari International’s owner and namesake, Edward Ivari, in which Harder claims that Feinberg’s story was “false and defamatory,” invaded Ivari’s privacy, intentionally inflicted emotional distress, and committed “tortious interference” with Ivari’s business relations. Harder enumerates 19 different purportedly defamatory statements—almost all of which were drawn from several publicly available lawsuits filed against Ivari. Harder’s demands included the immediate removal of the story from Gawker, a public apology, the preservation of “all physical and electronic documents, materials and data in your possession” related to the story,and, notably, that we reveal our sources.

These claims are, on their face, ridiculous. For instance, one of the “defamatory” statements Gawker published, according to Harder, is this: “What’s more, Ivari’s New York location is inside Trump Tower—on the private floor reserved for Donald Trump’s own office.” Harder omits, of course, the sources on which this assertion was based: Ivari’s own brochure, an archived version of his web site, and multiple advertisements Ivari placed in New York Magazine, all of which specified his New York address as being on the 25th floor of the Trump Tower in Manhattan. Furthermore, he didn’t even quote the article correctly. Here’s what Feinberg actually wrote (emphasis mine): “What’s more, Ivari’s New York location was inside Trump Tower—on the private floor reserved for Donald Trump’s own office.”

The second set of “defamatory” statements, Harder claims, were “taken from a lawsuit filed against Mr. Ivari by Alicia Roach”—that is, an official judicial proceeding, the publication of which is protected by New York State’s fair report privilege:

So. Here we have yet another baseless attack on the free press in the name of Queen Trump's thin skin*. Do we want to live in a country where nobody dares mention that the Queen Has No Hair for fear of vexatious litigation by butthurt billionaires?

posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 06:16 PM
* Well not entirely, Peter Thiel has had a 10 year beef with Gawker and has dumped 10's of millions financing the lawsuits of the a number of people, such Hulk Hogan, former professional wrestler, amateur swinger. For more information, you may want to start with An Open Letter to Peter Thiel or NYT's Peter Thiel, Tech Billionaire, Reveals Secret War With Gawker

posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 06:21 PM
I love his bad hair, it shows he's paying attention to other things

Are you going to really vote for Hilary?

Added..I just don't see any other electable options
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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 07:13 PM
a reply to: Mandroid7

Apparently he's paying more than a little attention to his hair, his hair tab is more than most people make in a year which really calls into question his ability to achieve a decent ROI.

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 08:42 PM
Just when you think things can't possibly get more absurd...

Someone in another dimension must have figured out "quantum jumping" and is just trolling all other dimensions.

posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 01:29 AM
Heroic Trump Supporter Latest Victim Of SJWs

The victim, a white male Dell Rapids, South Dakota firefighter named John Nygaard, is the clear victim of a politically motivated attack! Upon hearing the caterwauling of betas brought on by this real American expressing his support for Donald Trump — may we bask in his orange reflected glow, Make America Great Again — on Facebook, the cucks at Dell Rapids Fire Rescue, fearful of another in a spree of Clinton-fueled attacks by rabid social justice warriors, caved under the pressure and made Mr. Nygaard turn in his gear.

Look at the comments these ingrateful people made about him to local news station KSFY! What an outrage!

"You're a public servant and your putting stuff like that on Facebook, that's not good," said resident of Dell Rapids, William Dezee.

Did anyone check this guys papers? Dezee? Resident alien of Dell Rapids maybe. Amirite?

"John is no longer a member of our volunteer organization. Dell Rapids fire would like to apologize on behalf of our former member for his insensitive and narrow minded comments on Facebook. This is something we take very seriously and this type of thinking will not be tolerated by our members."

John doesn't need you cucks anyway! He'll go start his own firehouse and it will be tremendous, believe me. You've never seen a firehouse that great. There's no word on a GoFundMe yet, but you can you believe the Trump Family will support its own if one goes up. Somebody has to stand up to these freeloaders. There's no picture of John, probably because he's too busy making America great again to waste time with the lamestream media and their so-called "photographers." However, he's probably a badass like this guy:

What a disgrace folks. Here's a guy, working for free just like a slave and for supporting Donald Trump on Facebook he gets the boot! Here's the comment!

Right on John! Vote Trump! F[redacted] those people. Calling somebody deplorable for supporting Trump? Yeah, right! That's a buncha cuck-le-doodle-doo-doo if you ask me!
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Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton admitted that the presidential race she was running in had become "downright depressing" during a rally at Temple

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posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 04:57 AM
a reply to: theantediluvian

But you have to admit, the guy certainly does put the comb in "comb over".

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