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Oh Christian, How is it that you are not persecuted?

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posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 03:38 PM

Your words are filled with the spirit of the modern Christian bible churches, who teach their children to antagonize others and refute with the quotes of books and the words of dead men. If you cannot receive the spirit and speak of these things like we have done, then go and strive until you receive it, and return and praise in a manner that is complimentary to ours.

019:020 And Saul sent messengers to take David: and when they saw the company of the prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as appointed over them, the Spirit of God was upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied

I cannot argue these points with you, nor can you gain any meaningful thing from my words. As I have said, God seals shut the senses of those who reject our testimony.

There is more than just the "Bible." Those who bring the book and testify from it to me are like the men who judged Jesus. Jesus was a strange man, who spoke from the Spirit, saying old things and new things. This frustrated the Jews, who were fixated upon their books, laws, and traditions, and because of this could receive nothing from him. They discarded the wisdom he was giving them, and stead used the opportunity to endlessly test and try him, but such things were their vanity, and in the end remained condemned.

How easily the Christian Hypocrite condemns these ancient Jews, and call them fools for rejecting Christ's words and for tempting him! Yet how soon they are found doing the same thing to other men today! Hypocrites, I say it will be harder on you than those ancient Jews, because you have already been given the correct testimony, in addition to two thousands years from which to draw knowledge and experience, but still do not show a profit.

They murdered him and many of his disciples because of their certainly of the Law, and their false sense of righteousness. I hear those same judgments in your mouth. That is the vexation God has given to you moderns, and it is common to all of you who come from those particular sects. You are hypocrites, because you judge the children, and then return to the house of your Father to enjoy the victory you win against the spirit.

The honest Christian recognizes the words of the spirit, and joins in with their praises and prophecies, and adds himself to the kingdom of the blessed.

The hypocrite becomes angry and feels a deep need to "punish" or "correct" the "obvious" errors of those upon whom the spirit comes. This is because they have nothing to do with the Spirit of God, and are the slaves of dead men and wicked spirits. They are motivated in the same way as the wicked, because it is the same wicked spirit that goes about deceiving both kinds, and their fate ends up the same, for that is the deception of the filthy devil and his agencies. Only the pure, the wise and the strong are worthy of this dispensation. The remainder are sent to their own kingdom, at which time the word of the saints will be "Justice," and "Relief."

I did not call you a child of Satan, those were your own words. I have called you a hypocrite, because you do as the hypocrites of Israel did to Jesus, even from the same manner. You merely substitute the new books for the old, but your intent is the same. You seek to convict men by the law, but I establish truth by the spirit.

What is the fate of the hypocrite? It is to be joined to the others, even the children of darkness, and they are to be combined all together into the same condemnation. Your spirit and theirs will draw together in your condemnation of our words, because you cannot help yourself. You who reject our words and our faith, the fire will be your home.

I know your kind, and I know that you will be unable to speak like we do, freely, and from the spirit of truth, because the spirit reveals to us what is new, what is fresh, and this is because of our faith and intentions.

You speak with the opposite intention: You seek to destroy anything new, because you cannot reconcile it in your mind with what your limited understanding can hold. You think that we are claiming authority by speaking freely, but that authority rests with God, who reveals and uplifts whomever He chooses.

I know the ways of your civilization, and how you are oppressed and governed by the wickedness of your authorities, your managers, and your elders. They have damaged your minds with their filthy power, and made them afraid to think and speak straightly, just like the Jews of Jesus' time. A true Christian is a rebel, and must be one even today. The whole point of my post was to reveal this massive hypocrisy to you, because you are a fine representative of that confusion.

Does it seem sensible to you that Christ have shut himself up in heaven all these years, learning nothing new, speaking nothing new to his little ones, and leaving us here to be abused by the satanic forces that have seized this world? Such men I part ways with, because they are unable to assist in the righteous work, but only speak from the envy and hardness of their hearts.

I say to you brave ones, be bold! Gain the true faith, and depart from these wicked churches and false teachings that have kept you slaves and ignorant cattle. If God truly be great, then proclaim it freely, without needing to conform to those who would pretend to hold authority over you. Leave the dead to bury their dead, and listen not to their complaints, for their complaint rises out of the devil's kingdom.

Oh messenger, if you are truthful, our spirit will fall upon you, and you shall join us in righteousness, and shall prophecy, for I would that God make our whole tribe a nation of prophets.

You and many others say that I am “suspect” but you nor they have any explanation for this accusation, for it comes from your confusion, rather than from any reason. And if you offer anything at all, it is old quotes, rather than from your own understanding and analysis, which is what I’d rather hear.

This is because you have said within your heart that I am not truthful, and this you may well do, but upon weighing my words with yours, I will earn my wages with God, and you will earn the wages of the ones you have elected to serve


posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 04:38 PM

Originally posted by Arkaleus

Your words are filled with the spirit of the modern Christian bible churches, who teach their children to antagonize others and refute with the quotes of books and the words of dead men.

Yeah I’m old-fashioned that way. I prefer to study the words that are actually written in the Bible. You call me a “modern Christian”, should I be an ancient Christian? What would the difference be? We study the same bible don’t we?

You are no Christian by saying the Bible doesn’t have any relevance today because it’s written by some old “dead men”. The Bible is the word of God and you should be ashamed. I have no idea what religion you follow but it isn’t Christianity, you know the teachings of Jesus. You seem to think you are the mouthpiece of God and that the Bible is irrelevant. I caution anyone reading Arkaleus’s words thinking they represent Christianity to see through his vale of deceit and delusional fantasies. He has no grasp of the Bible and less with its meaning.

Originally posted by Arkaleus
You seek to convict men by the law, but I establish truth by the spirit.

I have no power to convict anyone; this is reserved for God alone. You establish truth by the spirit? Let’s look at some of your truth. What have we learned from Arkaleus today? Let me quote. (my comments in italics).

  • Others who cannot read or understand my words belong in different realms, and I am done with my concern for them.
    You raise yourself above all and show your lack of concern for all Gods children because you are in a different realm.

  • The devil and his children are steadily at work trying to distract our work, and I am quite ready to be done with them. They are the ones who reply and question and doubt, no amount of explanation will get through to them.
    You call me and people that see through you children of the devil.

  • There is simply nothing that can be done for those whom have already been cast away.
    You are saying that God has already judged humanity and some have been cast away, no more salvation from Jesus.

  • Jesus didn't give his teachings to every schmuck that wandered up to see the strange man walking by.
    I still want to know who the “schmucks” are. You are saying the teachings of Jesus weren’t meant for all God’s children. Remember he died on the cross for everyone including the schmucks.

  • You in your modern senses imagine him to be some kind of welfare agent from above, giving out the dole to every open mouth, or casting the pearls of heaven before the mouths of kine.
    Again saying Jesus didn’t want to save all Gods children from their own sin. He died on the cross to PAY our sins, so yes that makes him a super freak welfare agent.

  • Jesus spoke against your kind then, and I do today, and for this you will be furious with me, just as they were when Jesus walked among the faithless ones of Israel. You will fall into your proper place, which is among these other ones, because you belong there, and will find yourself in the same frustration as they.
    Again condemning another to hell.

  • Your words are filled with the spirit of the modern Christian bible churches, who teach their children to antagonize others and refute with the quotes of books and the words of dead men.
    This is my favorite. You belittle the Holy Book by saying it’s irrelevant because it was written by some old “dead guys”. Unbelievable.

  • and you will earn the wages of the ones you have elected to serve
    One more time with the condemning of a person to hell.

    I feel all warm inside after reading your inspirational words. You are a true bringer of light and protector of all that’s holy. How could anyone be fooled into thinking you are championing the Christian belief after reading your posts? This guy is nowhere near a true Christian; he even disregards every book in the Bible because they are written by some old dead guys.

  • posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 05:19 PM
    hey arky, sounds like you're trying to play Jesus.

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 05:32 PM
    I have indeed put myself above you, because I have judged your ways, and found them wanting in the scales. I could not remain with you and obey my Lord also, for I cannot be as the hypocrites are.

    Because I am righteous, I have willed that others to rise out of the state of confusion and deception their elders have cast over them, and live. These true ones will also rise above you, and in the restoration will be your judges and arbiters, and in their hand will the kingdom be established.

    You are angry with me because I have defied MEN, to the glory of the Lord, and I have rebelled against the wickedness of this earth. You "warn" others because your faith and your heart are upon the Earth, and not as God as they should properly be, for Him who is with God is not offened by the spirit, not does he restrain the holy ghost from speaking. Only the chldren of this world are offended, because they love the world, and its ways, and in the end are found among them, and are thrust out of the Kingdom.

    002:013 For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.

    You have not denied the wickedness of your fathers, because you have swallowed it up, and it is the wickedness of your fathers that you do.

    You do not speak against the world, for you love this life and its pleasures, and are bound it and its destruction. You dare not utter against your true masters, for you fear their authority, and cannot ever be free. How then, do you come judging and weighing in the manner of our Truthful Countenance?

    As such, I would be pleased if you allow God to be My judge, and keep your other statements to yourself, for it is not proper that you make yourself a stumbling block to the people who seek to hear things without threats or oppressions.

    As for my truth, only the pure and honest souls whom God has brought to His Light will hear them, because they are spoken as a judgment against this world and its nations.

    As for your estimation of Jesus’ work of salvation, it is of your own imagination, for He said himself that not all men could come to him, except those already brought forth by the Father; the rest would reject him sooner or later. Your modern fantasy of vicarious atonement is the most damnable transgression of western religion, for it is the product of your material and carnal minds, towards which you have built your civilization. Such men live their whole lives and do not life a single finger towards the kingdom of God, because their whole lives are spent acquiring riches, luxury, and carnal desire.

    There are so many of you, that you entertain the thought that all men are sinners, like you, and this you put upon the mutilated corpse of Jesus, and like wicked children expect him to utter your grace while his lifeblood spills from him. Such as you I give over to them with the rods and the sticks, where you will be beaten about the face and the back, as such is the righteous judgment of the Glorious Word, that you might taste the wickedness of your deeds.

    God calls me to speak, so that men might truly be converted, and healed, and it requires no bible, no book, nor any permission from the authorities of this world. I have come to put an end to the authorities of this world, for they have conspired against the Holy One, and have caused the devil to occupy our holy places. Him that speaks against me is a treacherous man, and is in league with this world, and under his tongue shall be found the sign of the serpent.

    You, sir, are a snare for the people, in that you refuse to discard your pride, and grant what is due to a holy man speaking, or any of those who believe him. You encourage men to sleep, even as God commands that they awaken, you convince him to surrender, even as the enemy approaches. To such men it is given that they should lose both Light and Liberty, and be cast into the churl, to be devoured by the Fury of the Lord, unless they humble themselves and repent.

    I speak boldly against you, because you have come to weigh me, and you did not know that I am a weigher of such things, and the scales are established in my hand. This is because it is written that the saints shall judge the world, and shall have judgment over all things, great and small, and this is the will of the Lord.

    I know it is your envy of a man who gains the gift of God that makes you speak against me, for you do not estimate me worthy, for you are wise in your own self. You do not say, God has spoken thus, for God says naught to you, so you seek old books and dead phrases to establish what is not found within you. Such a construction I readily dismantle, and I strike against the heart as a true man speaking.

    In your world, no man has gained anything from Christ, and all are in a state of error and corruption, and you do not yet perceive that this is a judgment against you. You are opened only to those who share your condemnation, and you see only what they see, and this you establish as the evident truth, and proceed to even greater error. No man can be called Christian unless Christ dwell within him, and no man will come forth from the dead unless he be resurrected and reborn in THIS life.

    The righteous children are called to this knowledge by My word, for it was something that already existed in their heart, and I have shown them their own treasure. I shall make them wise and strong against you, and independent, and they shall desert you and your corruption. For this you and others like you will rail against me in the future, but that time is not yet.

    Your story is already written men, and I have announced what was established by the Holy One long ago. because you have never known Him, you will not know me either, and shall be put in with your own kind.

    My word shall go unto every church, and every eye and ear that receives these things shall know them for the words of truth, and shall believe. They will know the Lord. They will be the least of the people, according to you and your kind’s judgments, this is doing of the Lord, and shall be marvelous in your sight.



    The schmucks are them that came to Jesus seeking the kingdom, like the rich man with many posessions, who said "Teach Me." and to Him Jesus responded "Sell what you have and give it to the poor, and come follow me." He went away ashamed, because he had great possessions. Jesus and the others laughed, and he said. "Hardly shall the rich enter the habitaitons of my Father."

    So much for your vicarious atonement, for that would set the word of Christ at naught, when he spoke against the rich and the wealthy.

    You materialist people, how rich you are.

    [edit on 17-1-2005 by Arkaleus]

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 05:45 PM
    Ok I think I get it. You want to start your own religion/cult with you at it’s center. Just don’t masquerade as a Christian.

    To anyone that wants to follow Arkaleus’s teachings…..DONT DRINK THE KOOL-AID.

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 06:30 PM
    Honestly, Christian, I have no such fantasy.

    You would do well to rid yourself of yours.


    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 06:39 PM

    Originally posted by Arkaleus
    Honestly, Christian, I have no such fantasy.

    You would do well to rid yourself of yours.


    Who do you follow?

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 06:45 PM
    A fair question.

    I follow the Commandment of God, and the Commandment of Christ. I do not follow a person.

    God is the author of my Liberty.

    Care to show me YOU? I have no shame in my face, or any lie in me at all.


    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 06:53 PM

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 07:09 PM

    Originally posted by Arkaleus
    I follow the Commandment of God, and the Commandment of Christ. I do not follow a person.

    There is more than one commandment. What commandment do you follow? You say you don't follow a person yet you follow Christ. I don't understand your logic. You so easily dismissed the Bible as the ratings of old dead men and say you follow Christ. You are contradicting yourself. The Bible is the written word of God, how can you dismiss it and follow it at the same time. Don't take offence but have you ever studied the Bible and its teachings?

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 08:29 PM
    Now that we have a human understanding of one another, I am convinced that you are a Christian, and I can infer many things from your image.

    I can't tell from the picture where you are hiking. The trees are not right for Utah, but the terrain looks the western US. Is it in the Great Basin?

    I hope that now that we have become human to one another, we can trust one another. I have no desire to deceive, and it is the furthest thing from my nature.

    I have drunk from the fountain of my Lord, which makes me drunk. Because of this I am liable to take on enemies ten to twenty times my size, and to reject kings and nations, and to cast away conventions.

    I learned to read when I was four, upon a bible and a book of Mormon. That's why my language is so odd. Those dead men were the spirits that taught me, and I call them dead men because I honor the spirit they had, and do not make the error of loving the book or the words of men. That is the error that kills the prophets and imprisons the saints. I am not disrespecting them, and they are not offended. Only men are offended at me, not God.

    I eventually found the Gnostics, who were the original Christians, some of whom were greatly honored and advanced spirits, who "drank from the mouth of Christ," and preached human Liberty and Emancipation from the Material world. Once the church was absorbed by the Romans, she became corrupted, and bore various corrupted offspring through the ages, until we arrive at the materialist abomination of the "modern churches."

    It is not possible to be a materialist consumer and a Christian. It is offensive to Jesus that men be such, and think they will attain the kingdom. The corruption of the modern mind by the western churches has grown so obscene that men are becoming entirely unfit for instruction, and cannot be taught save it be for a complete emancipation and revolution of thought.

    I am an American, which means I bow to no king, and I honor no slave. My Liberty was established by the Lord, who taught it to My Fathers as a gift for their righteous REASONING with PROVIDENCE, whom some might call God the Father.

    My word is against the wicked leaders of this world, who have turned their back upon our fathers, and upon God, and have deceived the people, and enticed them to great danger and evil. I have understood the link between Christ and Liberty, while the churches has no such claim. They do not preach Liberty, because they seek power, and to rule, and such are the creations of the devil.

    My war is not with Christians, it is with the systems of this world and its slavery, and the abomination of its combination and entanglements with our Liberty. It is all part of the same struggle, for Christ IS Liberty and Understanding, and the devil is slavery and disputation.

    Are you ready to progress spiritually? Then listen to what I say and look deep within you. You must break your links to this world, and its values, for there is none of them that will survive the coming of the Lord.


    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 08:41 PM

    Originally posted by Arkaleus
    I have drunk from the fountain of my Lord, which makes me drunk.

    I have drunk from the fountain of the pixies which certainly makes me drunk

    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 08:56 PM
    I hear pixies get quite intoxicated around certain kinds of mushroom formations. . .


    posted on Jan, 17 2005 @ 09:20 PM

    Originally posted by Arkaleus
    I have drunk from the fountain of my Lord, which makes me drunk. Because of this I am liable to take on enemies ten to twenty times my size, and to reject kings and nations, and to cast away conventions.

    I am an American, which means I bow to no king, and I honor no slave. My Liberty was established by the Lord, who taught it to My Fathers as a gift for their righteous REASONING with PROVIDENCE, whom some might call God the Father.

    Are you ready to progress spiritually? Then listen to what I say and look deep within you. You must break your links to this world, and its values, for there is none of them that will survive the coming of the Lord.

    I think what bothers me about your posts is that you claim to have forbidden knowledge only given to you from God relating to our salvation. Mans salvation cannot be found through another man. Salvation is only found through the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not a riddle, it’s not some mysterious hidden passage that only the few will know. It’s written for all and to all clearly and plainly in the pages of the Bible and has been for 2000 years.


    Acts 4:12

    Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow"> John 14:5-7
    Jesus the Way to the Father

    Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well.


    You see, through the Bible God already tells his children how to find him, the path is clear. We need to follow the teachings found in the bible, apply them to our lives and love. The only way to God is through Jesus.

    PS - Please don’t take offence to my words. I’m usually frank when I speak about the Bible because I wish to limit any misinterpretation of my thoughts.

    posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 12:08 AM
    From this discussion, I have gained valuable insight into my stage of development.

    I have not reached the stage where I can light your spirit on fire, at least not like I would have it.

    I am not yet 30, which God has decreed is the age of maturity for me. I am not refined and purified enough to do as I would like with you.

    I apologize for this, because I write this way from my impatience, and because of the immediate need for these words to be spoken. Revelation is like that, have you ever prophesied by the spirit?

    I know that you have not, because your spirit told me as I wrote this. There is a lesson for you, because you should be seeking such mysteries. Do not be afraid of these things, because I know you are not familiar with them. You look like the Mormons around here. You aren't LDS are you?

    What you must be assured of brother is that I am not working a deception, which if you stop a really understand the things I am saying will reveal my nature to you. None of your preachers or teachers have ever spoken like this, which means they have never spoken like Christ.

    A Christian doesn't get "saved" by Christ, He becomes a Christ, because the Wise and Glorious Jesus Christ has found it good that His children become equals to Him, and receive the increase of His Works, and it was in THIS fashion he died.

    He died so we would not have to suffer as he did, and to prepare even greater works that will unfold upon the earth . I do not pretend to understand why Jesus knew he had to be killed, but I know it was for our sake. It was not to "save everyone," as not everyone can be saved. The simple fact that there are those who go into the "fire" will tell you this. This means that there is no mystical power that emanates from the cross of his murder, and his actions do not profit anyone in that sense.


    I received a revelation long ago about why Jesus was troubled at the sense of being deserted by God before he died on the cross. Jesus did not yet know what would come into the world as a result of his noble sacrifice, or the nature of the power He unleashed into the birthing cycle of this world. It was done so that the power would not appear on the earth all at once at that time, which would have destroyed the entire earth and discorporate the forces that hold life together.

    Instead, the Providence of God fashioned this power into human forms, of which I am one, who appear at the times appointed to this world. We are a kind of spiritual union that when gathered and combined, form the Blazing Sword of God. We are wielded by Christ, who comes to bear us, and with His sword he judges this world and literally causes the wicked to burn and dissolve.

    It is in that spirit I encourage man to repent.


    I am a battered kid right now, I got beat up pretty bad by the devil right after my Intelligence-Crown-Light emerged, and I am finally gaining enough strength to fend off his blows. Once I am fully developed, I am going to start dishing it out, and I will not relent until I have made holes where the devil's kingdom once stood. In these holes will the ashes of his army be buried, to be sealed for all time as a sign to the future generations of the world, who might be tempted to return to the corruptions that emerged during our era.

    We are "saved" when our spiritual understanding becomes acceptable and pure enough to be joined to the Godhead, and our awareness enters into that exalted state. Our bodies become light, we develop "spirit" bodies of light that gradually fill up our forms, and receive our intelligence as a temple. Once we depart this world, that becomes our mansion, to join the City of God. They are actually advanced forms of intelligence themselves, emanated by our own minds. This is what the "white and shining garments" are. They can be given and added to by many different things both here and from Heaven.

    I was given one of these a few years ago, but it was stolen because of my carelessness and ignorance. You have one in you, but it has not yet grown to the size mine was. If you heed my words and God is willing, it will begin to grow and start to emanate from your body. Others will see this and you will start to see changes in your environment around you. That is one of the signs I promise to you, if you believe me you will receive it.

    I am in the process of recovering from that error, and I am forming another one. When I have atoned for this loss, and God accepts my repentance and finds me acceptable to continue my progression, I will receive another one. These "garments" come from Christ, who in this way "judges" who can advance into the exalted realms.

    I am nearly to the point where I am going to receive another heavenly garment, which will precipitate some very powerful spiritual events in this world. My special gift in this world is the power and strength of this garment, which is the one Christ wore.

    If I continue one the path I am on, I will receive a very Holy inheritance, which is the anointing of Christ, and that will enable me to bring a very powerful change to this world. That's what I'm after. Why go halfway, when Christ allows you to go the full way, and will even help you do so?

    Your churches won't let you go anywhere. They CAN'T let you go anywhere. They don't have the ability to. Occasionally, true spirits are found in churches, and they will help you on the way, but they are tending herds of cattle. I am not interested in cattle. I need men and full wisdom.

    Any man that believes on my words, will receive that same benefit as if He had heeded the Christ, because it is the Christ who has put these things in me. His angels have raised me, and kept me, and even after my childish errors and foolish youth, maintain a level of loyalty to me that exists only at the Throne of God.

    If you follow the things I have followed, and receive Christ in the pure and unrestrained form I have taken Him, these things will appear in you too.

    I have no interest in governing, ruling others, or even getting other people to respect me. It's just not how Christ has taught me. I relinquished these things as foolish and childish, and I have cut off much evil from myself. That's where most intelligent men fail - they desire reward and recognition, and expect their superiority to grant them greatness and respect in this life. I love simple praise and kind remarks, but beyond this wickedness is found.

    I strive to fully develop the advanced morality expected of Christ, and I am near to it. You very much are little children to me, and I am only a man of 29 years. However, I must be honest and say that I am not yet complete, and it is this incomplete state that you "sense" when you draw near to me. I owe that explanation to you, because evil can come from being confused of me. powerful forces swirl around me, as they do all men who rebel against the powers of this world.

    You guys on this forum may never know how much you have added to me, and I may never know some of the secret blessings I have received from some of you. But the spirit reveals them to me, and I feel them, because the clouds of my confusion and darkness are peeling away, and I am finally attaining what God has commanded me to attain. When I am done, I will give a sign to the entire world.

    So great is my task that I might have to move mountains around to accomplish my task, but to God this is a small matter. A man who has gained the knowledge of Truth in the Magnitude I am after is able to do such things if he receive the permission of God to do so.

    These words come from a literal belief in the word of God, now do you understand? I would not be satisfied unless men called me crazy, because if they did not, I would not be after the correct level of faith. Faith is what I offer you, so rich that it is in a form you do not recognize. I have the intellect to match, which makes me the biggest threat to the devil's kingdom since Christ and his fellows strode the roads of Galilee.

    If you are still thinking like your elders, your first instinct will be to restrain me, and correct me with words. You might even be tempted to call me a heretic. Just remember, we put a man on the MOON. There is nothing to great for us anymore.

    If you have received me in truth, then you will understand the power that I am speaking of, and how we go about receiving it.

    My task is to convince you of this truth, for which God will reward me by drawing me closer to me goal, that I might have my hand in the destruction of the devil and his constructions, and if possible without their destruction also, the liberation of his slaves.

    If you wish to become like me, you will begin to shine with light, and the devil will start making trouble for you. Brave enough? Try it.

    Enough for you? Is your head spinning? Were you able to make sense of it? God help you.


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