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'Online friendships' with the opposite sex, are they feasible?

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posted on Jun, 20 2016 @ 07:53 PM

originally posted by: rukia
a reply to: Profusion

I do not agree. I have plenty of male friends online because honestly they're nicer than girls and they say more interesting things on average. Not that I don't like my female friends, because I love them, but I see no difficulty in being friends with males. I'm happily engaged. My fiance is the only man who I see in a sexual way. Other men and women are just people in my eyes. If they get interested in me, I just tell them the truth and hope they can get over it. They usually do. Many come to me for advice in their own relationships. Or just to talk because they don't feel like they can talk freely elsewhere. I like to be there for people who need it. Because that's what I'd like if I was them. I know my motives, and I don't care about theirs. I'd only care if it compromised my health or safety or free will.

I reach out to plenty of people who look like they need a friend. Because I know how being lonely feels. It doesn't matter if I'm a woman or a man. It's universal. I do what I do out of love. I don't get uber close to people who I meet online if I don't know them IRL, but I am real with them. If God brings someone into my life, I know it's for a reason. So I just try to do the right thing by them. I don't expect anything from them.

Friendship--true friendship--means that neither party expects anything of the other party but simply loves them and wants the best for them. Largely, friendship doesn't exist, because people are always out for themselves. I, on the other hand, am a great friend. I have never betrayed a friend--but I have been betrayed countless times. It hurts, so that's why I have come to the realization that I shouldn't expect anything from others. I can only be responsible for me. And I like being a good friend to others in the hopes that it teaches them to be a good friend, too.

Sure that's the definition of true friendship, but does it actually exist???

How many of your friends want more?

How many either secretly pine away, or would if you gave them a shot?

How many would you go for if they or you weren't taken??

I'm willing to bet if a geni was taking that count, you would be left with zero friends of the opposite sex lol.

As a guy, I can honestly say I have either somewhat wanted every female friend or knew they wanted me.

I think it is nearly impossible to have truly plutonic friends..

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 03:40 AM
I'm friends with a couple of ladies from ats online. It's been fun I always prefer female company. I'm friends with a couple of guys here too. We are friends on Facebook too which helps. I've never been suspicious of any of them. The people I know, know my history and recent health news, so have been more supportive than anything else. I would love to meet them in person, but they mostly live in America, which I cant afford to visit, medical insurance is astronomical for my condition, but having online chats has been cool. I wouldn't do it. If I didn't get some comfort out of it. I'm in touch with people who seem to share the same views name no names. I have reached out to a couple and vices versa

posted on Jun, 21 2016 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: Profusion

I haven't been on facebook since Saturday..hope that helps.

posted on Jul, 1 2016 @ 07:59 PM
I did it for over a year right here !! With a married woman!! It was completely normal

I even paid for her phone ...hahaaha...

It's what it is..

It did get nasty at the end...because I got burned real bad..for no reason but because I would not go all out ..

I said ..leave him...then ..we can go on..long story short..

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 08:59 AM
Friendships between those of the opposite sex only work (for me) when both people are already in successful relationships of their own.

For example, I'm good friends with my friends' wives.

I'm good friends with women who are in good relationships (where I hardly know the guy).

Because with the sexual tension off the table, it's far easier to just be friends.

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