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The problem was always

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 06:44 AM
Ive been looking a while at society and its foundation, the ideals and its reinforced behavior. The means for power and its ways to keep it and while a few calls it justification i see nothing more than men who broke free of the organized religion and its chain to become a hateful monster with a vengeance on the holy church..

Broken men, who carefully sought that the love of a single woman would never enter its halls.. Their illusionary walls gave the rise to wars instead of peace.. And they always ask this very simple question;

"Why do you chose to be shackled when you can be freemen" and the reply is always;" We are always shackled but we chose peace and not war"

Men are monsters, it will never matter what you teach it.. Rules and boundaries that are over 9000 years old, its philosophical foundations, its means cannot be changed by ideals and wishful thinking of a few million men..

The bubble you created also keeps you locked in, when trying to defend its walls.. Its time you realized its breached, breached by men and woman who gave many thoughts of what it means to live in a world made by a God and his intelligent design..

The court you rule and ruled with greatness is the halls of justice, if i was up to me, i would like to see you keep those halls.. And i also believe that it is the deal you will be given.. The rest you must give up cause you dont have any solution to a problem and it speaks for itself by the numbers you created without a war..

The problem is not religion, its man.. Always was and always will be

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 10:22 AM
Until everyone everywhere realizes the complete truth of this, the world will continue to be a violent place.


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