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Disclosure Project Progress

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posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 07:13 PM
Disclosure Project


Dr. greer as a guest?

Does any one have info on why this hasnt gone further faster?

What has their progress been towards getting their witnesses amnesty from security contracts?

Did congress get the message?

And during 911 commision hearings when NSA was asked why their attention wasnt focused on terrorists they responded they were focused on starwars!

Did no one ask" why" starwars was so important then ?
No they just chastized them for not focusing on terrorists withiut even a question as to why....

the NSA isnt stupid, think of the threat potential of starwars(ET) overiding conserns for these "FLYS"(terrorists)

This is the biggest truth you will ever deny....
defy ignorance.

why i care:
they tried to disclose the info
in USA 4 years ago no one cared
i was in a bar at the airport when it came on tv !!!
the guys at the other end of bar asked the bartender to" CHANGE IT TO SPORTS" i said "this is the most important info man has received and you want to see how your game is doing ? "
they looked at me like i was the a__hole, and sports it was....

defy ignorance.

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