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The DESTROYER'S Lazy Man's Guide to PRAYING

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posted on May, 30 2016 @ 10:33 PM
a reply to: BrianCanad

If you are suffering from depression the problem may be oppression.

Also those who often are depressed are looking for attention.

I am not saying you are or all do. but there is a connection between one wanting attention and depression.

It is a spiritual struggle but if you are in Christ then the easiest way to overcome it is to give attentions to others. Esteem others better than yourself. and not give in to the evil thinking of depression but be content is whatsoever state you are in poor, rich, happy or sad, give thanks unto the Lord and see him as the one who sustains you and give into self centered thoughts of destruction or depression.

posted on May, 31 2016 @ 10:35 AM
May my Father in heaven bless you. Peace be upon you.

It's good to see someone spreading the true love of our Father through the power of prayer and communion with Him.
This will indeed help those who have the faith, but lack it somewhat from time to time for various reasons.

Also, this is a good break from all that God is this or that physical/metaphysical being who is bad.

More of these kind of threads!

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 10:24 PM
To be honest, it was a BIG MISTAKE to post this thread.

It is like this:

you have access to a jet aircraft. But you know only a little about flying it.

I tell you "good news, I know how to operate this kind of vehicle."

you are then given instructions on how to check the aircraft before take-off.

you are then taught how to get the jet aircraft off the ground and into the air.

I encourage you to try out the information right away, while I stay behind and wave you off.

You check the vehicle,

Now, YOU ARE inside the aircraft.

you get the jet into the air and fly half way across the country.

But in my enthusiasm I failed to inform you on the procedures to LAND THE PLANE/JET. Nor how to deal with stormy weather.

In fact, I did not learn how to land the plane, myself.

And the communication devices are not working.

Your stuck in a jet aircraft 35,000 feet above the earth without the knowledge of how to land!?!?!

You will parachute out of the jet plane.


I should have explored, studied, and experimented with these various techniques for (maybe) 10 years before posting a thread.

In the end, I might realize that 85% of the secrets work initially but are overly burdensome and problematic in the long-run...for most people.

yes it is good that one gets out of a depression in about 7 days, but now you are trapped on a different kind of roller coaster.

In the end, I might carefully and prayerfully determine that only one or two of these secrets are truly useful and good in the LONG-RUN: the ones involving "physical charity/physical activity" before and after prayer...and...?

It is true that Jesus said something about "not rattling on, and on with prayers in the way that the pagans do" or something like that.

IT MAY VERY WELL BE that 80% of these idea's are the product of PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS OF HELL.

To tinker and experiment with things of Heaven, with a selfish, self-serving mindset, may actually be "OF HELL"...mix a batch of ingredients using 3/4th of things of Heaven with 1/4th things of Hell and the byproduct may end up being something 100% "of Hell"....PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIMENTS

It is ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS to expect positive experiences and joy at every moment that one prays and at every day one prays, and at every difficulty.

what I posted in this thread is significantly true for me.

But it is equally true that:
as surely as the sun rises, also will "the dark nights come."

IT IS VERY, VERY TRUE FOR ME THAT I can follow a path that makes the storm clouds fully go away after a certain number of days...and the heart is made light and breezy and nice for a time.

But there is a roller coaster ride, with up's and down's.

After an effort, The heart will go light breezy and serene for a time, but as surely as the sun rises, a grey or dark night follows. Even before that, there are ups and downs.

In some ways it is not as bad as the typical doldrums, in other ways there is a great unpleasantness.

Much more studying and exploration needs to be done.

Is the solution to use one technique a MAXIMUM of once a day?

Is the solution to use one set of techniques frequently for several days, and then to stop, and switch to a different set of techniques for several days? Stop and switch, stop and switch.

There are many possible solutions to explore, including social/charity solutions before the dark night comes.



IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE TO POST THIS THREAD, OR MUCH OF THIS THREAD. The near-term Pro's are good, but the risky Con's made it a BIG MISTAKE TO POST THIS THREAD.

This information is suitable for the researcher to utilize with further research, but this information is NOT appropriate for public consumption at this time.


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posted on Jun, 13 2016 @ 12:05 PM
a reply to: BrianCanad

You have beaten yourself down. Fair enough.

But I must say. The one who takes this up and does not listen to the Father within him will perish. But the one who takes this up and finds communion in Him will not.

Don't feel bad about helping people. This was a good helping hand. Praying is of good if you set it within yourself to give thanks at all times and never let the evil one in on your voice within your mind.

And of course, many are called and only few are chosen and even some of them will fall. Yet all will acknowledge the Father and praise him unto eternity and forever.

This information is privy for public consumption, so should all information be.

Peace be upon you brother.

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