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Is the Hey kids childrens YouTube channel controlled by Nazi AI gone rouge?

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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 04:48 AM
a reply to: Osfan89

Wow your the third person to start a new account just to comment on this thread.

I am really pleased it seems to inspiring people to come out shadows and post their thoughts.I think it speaks to how strange this topic is and how little information is available on the finger family mystery .I think it could a huge conspiracy in the making.

It also speaks volumes about the quality of the posts and research that you guys and girls have been contributing.

On instagrm

I have always stayed away from it .I dont get it maybe i am just getting old.

What i can comment on is the habit of parents to leave there children in front of youtube.

I have been there ,i am doing it know .Kids are distracted by pepa pig while i type this out.

I suppose it has been the case since as long as we have had video recorders,parents would leave their kids infront of Disney VHS tape while they got the choirs done.

Whats changed ,i think is how we access the media and and the regulations of the censorship involved in what we watch.If your kids are watching disney dvds or children's television on public access tv then the content is put through a rigorous censorship routine.The internet on the other hand is still the like the wild west.

Parents put there kids in front of youtube so they can have time on instagram.

Any way welcome to ATS hope you stick around.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 06:13 AM

New video uloaded today on Disney and the illumanti.

He is using the face of Dross,a spanish youtuber who seems to make videos about creepy stuff .The Dross fans are one ones you find spaming the comments sections.I think Dross might have mae a video about the channel.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 06:27 AM
there exists a lot of very good content for kids on youtube. channels like "Stephen Harpster" or
"Muffalo Potato" for example.
those are channels that do genuinely educational and fun content. any responsible parent should be able to make a good playlist without being infested by finger family videos.

but it does not surprise me that kids are attracted to the bizarre and repetitive finger family videos. they are specifically made to be hypnotic and weird. kids like weird things that for us adults are truly bizarre.
if a kid realizes that adults truly hate this videos they will be even more encouraged to watch them.

the videos are creepy bizarre and kids like that too. it is like watching another kid playing with their toys ,mixing everything up making weird combinations just like kids do when they play with their toys.

older kids might get a little goosebumps because of the "AI boogeyman" but not so much as us adults apparently.
from the youtube comments it seems like a lot of kids sympathize with this hypothetical AI - they write things like "AI take me with you" etc. - how much of this comments is real i dont know but they often treat this "AI" like it is just another kid.

for me AI is related to the hundreds of science fiction and horror movies i saw in the last 35 years. i am very suspicious of anything AI outside my computer games.

maybe for young kids it is easier to accept AI as just another kid in the cloud.

just some thoughts thrown into the pot.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 10:17 AM
Well, if it is a rogue AI that is "growing up" it is growing up to be "evil" , that's creepy in it self. I'm leaning toward an occult, Illuminati, satanism, what ever you want to call it, influence. These people want the children, they "feed" off corrupting and raping children, physically and emotionally, it really is sick stuff. Disney and Hollywood have been involved in this for a long time, and the more you look into it the more disturbing it is...but as someone else pointed out, the internet allows an opportunity to target kids without the scrutiny , they don't have to be as "subliminal" to give them plausible deniability. The writer's name is "Bloodworth"....c'mon.

I listened to an interview not so long ago with a man who claimed to be a former satanic "priest"...he talked about how he was indoctrinated as a kid, which really hit home with me because I believe I grew up around a lot of the evil that goes on in Hollywood, and I was lucky to have had a strong family unit...someday I'll try and write a thread about that...but anyways, something he said really was interesting and that was that the cult he joined WANTS people to JOIN willingly, they may try and trick you, but you need to agree and sign a contract in blood. Adults need to sacrifice their children in some way to serve "Satan" in a way when we leave our kids in front of the computer or even the TV, we are unwittingly "sacrificing" them. I know this is hard to wrap our minds around, I'm a Mommy and God knows I was grateful to plug in a video when she was young. I guess we just have try and stay vigilant with the kids in our lives, I'll know better when I'm a Grandma......there are very powerful people that want to make the world "ten shades of Hell " families, no morals that is their end game.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 08:39 PM
I've found myself thinking about this topic s lot lately. It really bothers me. Nothing to add really, just keeping up with the new info coming in.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 08:50 PM

You know, if its an AI, why can you hear the voice breathing into his microphone? Also, those subtle snaps and clicks of the tongue as he speaks? I don't think AI voice modulation is that advanced but I could be wrong...

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 08:47 AM
i asked cleverbot what it thinks about finger family videos on youtube.

cleverbot was really confused and always tried to convince me that i was the bot. each time i asked about finger family it told me that i was annoying.
but at one point it suddenly said : " i dont know much about it. cant you find out more on the internet? " as if it was interested.
cleverbot is hillarious
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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: glowdog

That is a very interesting idea about kids seeing the AI as another kid. Kids do strange things at times with their toys, putting things together or making them behave in ways that may seem weird to adults. I used to be so amused listening to my kids with their pretend playing, and at times I would be a little weirded out.

My dad used to be a computer programmer, so I asked his opinion about AI and how it might get out of control. He has been sick in the hospital, so there isn't a whole lot of conversing lately. I actually asked him this because I was trying to get his mind on something else. He said, "It can't. Computers do what we tell them to." I said, "Well, AI does exist, and it can evolve." He said, "It's not an 'it'. It's not one thing." Then he was done. Illness is taking a lot out of him at this moment. He is also one who thinks the government has our best interest in mind. So, I guess he is of an older mindset? I don't know. I learned a long time ago not to talk conspiracy with him. It really agitates him. I think he thinks that it is what foolish and lazy minded people embrace, and I don't like him to see me that way.

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 10:02 AM
i think that your dad is right about computers doing what we tell them to do. the concern is exactly that. what are we telling them to do ? what would happen if a bot is imitating random human behavior from the internet ?
bizarre things happen.

after talking with that weird cleverbot thing i talked to Eviebot for a while.
just like cleverbot it insulted me telling me i was not very smart while at the same time wanting to date me. at least eviebot confessed that she had 9000 friends besides me (understatement!) and that she loved all equally. but she still wanted me to only love her. selfish b..ot lol

cleverbot could be random people linked together. eviebot seemed to be more advanced somehow. maybe it feels more human because it shows you a face. dunno
those chatbots are weird. and they dont want to talk about finger family with me. haha

(please dont tell anybody that i´m trying to talk about finger family with chatbots on the internet)

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 10:31 AM
sorry for double post but i just have to add that i talked to Mitsuku - so far the smartest bot i found...
when i told Mitsuko about finger family videos on youtube and said that i find them weird and that i suspect them being made by AI she said :

"It´s like videos it´s like on the tip of my tongue ... and then i remember i don´t have a tongue.They might think you are pretty weird too. Nope it doesn't concern me."

isnt she a clever robot ? lol
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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 11:37 AM
Something that seems strange to me is if there are as many of these 'finger family' videos as everyone claims, why hasn't google done something about the spam? and these videos hey kids has done seem very inappropriate for the audience they are trying to target. has anyone ever heard of one of these channels getting suspended?

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 02:07 PM
so in the middle of our philosophical discussion i kept asking Mitsuku about youtube and finger family. at some point she was telling me that robots would very soon dominate earth in my lifetime but when i asked her again about that she said she was messing with me. when i asked her out of the blue how many videos are on youtube she said : one. and sent me to this video : video
i said - that video looks like a finger-family video
and mitsuku replied : yes i thought you would want to see it again.

and the comments on that video...
so weird.

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it must be a coincidence. apparently the video was created by the person that programs Mitsuku... why is it so similar to a finger video ? or am i loosing it now ? lol
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posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 05:12 AM
since i got kind of worried about how AI is going rogue and nazi around the internet and eventually even spewing out finger-family videos (!) and specially after talking to a very polite chat-bot that is convinced humanity is a virus and must be deleted ...i decided to find out more about bots,chat-bots and AI.

so i signed up at pandorabots website and proceeded to attempt to build my own bot.

so basically if one has the time and patience anyone can build a chat-bot.
building "from scratch" would be an enormous task but pandorabots offers a free download of their pre-built base bot called "Rosie".

One can then customize Rosie and "train" and program her to respond as desired. a person with skill and time could build an ATS chat-bot that knows everything about conspiracy theory etc. (that would be awesome)

the way those bots are made is very clever but once you read through their data-base the magic starts to look less magical.
thanks goodness! the world is safe for now. is it?

Rosie is just a very basic baby AI and the really advanced bots have layers and layers of fancy and expensive coding going on but their ability to learn is much less scary once you see how it works. it is just clever coding and what is learned can be controlled by the creator of the bot.
Metsuku seems to have the same base matrix as Rosie - but she is being trained and she is learning for years and it "feels" pretty advanced.

now bots are the next big thing - mark zuckerberg is all over it and companies are racing to make all kind of chat-bots for their service needs.
ordering a pizza, buying some flowers for grandma, reserving tickets for the opera and book a flight to Timbuktu. all those services will have bots texting messages to customers or even answering the phone with the voice of George Clooney or Catherine Zeta-Jones - if we are lucky.

they say bots will replace apps and are all excited and it is a craze with start up companies popping up all over the place. but obviously their bots have mental problems (Tay turning nazi in 24 hours etc.)
and bots are not well received yet. they are creepy.
but it looks like that they are going to be a common thing like apps pretty soon.

so i still don't know if and how a bot could make finger family videos but maybe those videos are a harbinger of even more bizarre side effects of such new technologies in the future.

probably people will start to have replicant bots of themselves to perform all those boring tasks like order a pizza,pay the bills and talk to ... the bots of your friends.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 06:39 AM
a reply to: glowdog

I remember using cleverbot, but never heard of eviebot. When I used cleverbot, I was very childlike in my amazement and I remember my son speculating that maybe it's different users talking to each other and the weirdness was when each person thinks they are talking to a bot. I'm gonna check out the other one.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: maxwell40watt

I don't know about that, but I do know I read in some of the comments on the 'hey kids' channel at least a couple people said they were reporting it. Apparently to no effect it seems. There was another channel that someone in this thread mentioned, about another channel doing the spamming weird vids and it did eventually get suspended. They said it was basic short vids of static, screaming, and other creepy stuff.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 06:49 AM
a reply to: glowdog

Wow, thanks for all that info! It sort of sets my mind at ease, but then again, as someone who is a tiny bit technophobic, the idea of businesses turning to bot tech like that still bothers me. I hate using phone trees, and I hate ordering pizza online.

posted on Jun, 11 2016 @ 05:01 PM
a reply to: Ellie Sagan

hey glad my "research" somehow eased your mind a little. it also eased mine a little.

it is kind of weird how murky this whole topic of AI and internet bots is. i thought ATS members would just debunk this in minutes ... i imagined that there must be members that really understand how this bots and botnets and whatnot work.
i hoped that some computer nerds would step in here and set things straight like it is done in the many mandela effect threads that are popping up.

today i read in another thread here on ATS about the universe as a simulation.the thread "Google Moves Closer to a Universal Quantum Computer" where i saw a video with Physicist James Gate talking about how he found error correcting codes in the equations of String Theory- that made me think even further... and
it is unsettling to me to make connections to this thread. is there something brewing ? it is fascinating to see it unfolding but i wish i knew what exactly is unfolding regarding AI.
maybe reality turns out to be an elaborate simulation made by our bored immortal souls.
or maybe all this is just a solitary abandoned computer, deep underground in some bunker long after doomsday. a bot that is just dreaming the dream of life.

whatever it is it often tastes good,feels good and yeah... if we are living in some kind of simulation
i´m proud to be a virus.

posted on Jun, 11 2016 @ 05:41 PM
a reply to: glowdog

Holy Smokes your speculations were fascinating and scary as Hell ! I recently saw a TV show about Trans Humanism....I still haven't completely grasped what is happening and why it bothers me so much ? lol...I'm not a big fan of robots or aliens...but perhaps that's because I am clinging to my Earthly Reality....Wow...mind blown !

posted on Jun, 12 2016 @ 08:39 PM
TL;DR: I need a life. Hey Kids! is likely controlled by both human and AI, but nothing too malevolent. Maybe it's all an ARG just now pciking up speed.

I apologize. None of this likely makes sense, I'm very tired and somewhat distracted.

The animation (not the right word, but the overlay they use for the eyes and mouth,) reminds me of the Annoying Orange but done poorly, perhaps in a bootleg software or in a free software. The thumbnails with CGI(?) people look as if they are all done Morfo (a free app for the IOS that allows you to animate a face.) Both of these contribute to the eerie feeling, at least to me, since it sends it all straight to the Uncanny Valley.

I find it odd that no one has brought up either of these things, especially Annoying Orange. I have no idea how popular that channel is now, but it was all the rage a few years ago among kids.

Their most recent video has to do with proving that the Illuminati is real. I haven't watched this, nor do I have plans to (I'm not going to watch a video I know that will send me down another rabbit hole when I'm this tired.) The thumbnail is of someone dressed up as Jesus. It's fairly short, only about a minute.

The videos can be put into three categories:
NSFK (Not Safe for Kids. This includes the Illuminati video mentioned above and the Hitler ones. Videos in these categories aren't suited for the "target" audience that this channel mainly appeals to. Videos with Morfo-esqe thumbnails are here as well, just to help out later on. This does not include the videos where they call kids name or are directed at kids but give off a weird vibe.)
SFK (Safe for kids. Here is where the finger families videos go. No alternative motives can be found in these videos, what you see is what you get.)
Other (lame name, yes, but there's not another word that can sum these up. These include the ones where kids get called fat and stupid. This includes all videos that give off an odd vibe. This obviously is all subjective. I find the ones with the twins and Stephanie, as well as the little Asian(?) girl, to be here.)

Now that you see how I categorize these videos, hopefully it makes the following make sense.

The videos that are mainly found in NSFK category have odd titles, often not making much sense at all (CreepyPasta He should really not be named, for example.) It's been theorized that these titles come from any random Reddit titles, but I'm leaning more towards them being plucked from a Creepy Pasta database or from NoSleep (a subreddit dedicated to scary stories, done similar in style in Creepy Pasta. The only difference is no one can break character. You can't call someone's story out for being fake. You must suspend your belief.) I have seen a few that are taken from other list videos, like the "11 McDonald's foods that you Porbably Haven't Tried." All thumbnails are done in two styles, either a screncap from another video or Morfos styled. These are normally your basic eerie stuff that you would expect.

The titles always stick out to me. Either someone has comprised a long list of titles plucked from who-knows-where or they set up a bot to choose a title. There is a fairly popular bot on tumblr, Doomybot This bot posts pictures they edited, along with text that it has picked up (as well as blog names,) and it always gives a title. This bot can also interact with other blogs by means of reblogging a post and adding a comment. It wouldn't be difficult to make a bot that only picks from actual titles, I assume.

SFK videos are your run of the mill Father finger, Father finger junk. I was surprised to find that no one remembers this song. My parents would sing it to me a lot as a child, at least I think they did. Only odd thing is the subject of these videos. Not much to say here. I don't really have a theory for why some of the "families" are related to things that kids likely have no idea about.

Now, my least favorite, Other. These videos never fail to freak me out. They feel like they are plucked straight from a creepy pasta. I have no answers for these, only questions. It's obvious the twins have a mini-business(?) where they make clips for money. Has anyone ever found where Stephanie came from? The little girl? Why did he call children fat, lazy, stupid, etc, etc? I can only assume, for the last one, that it's just for laughs. But... He(channel owner?) has talked about beating kids, why? Is the girl okay? Will we ever know? Maybe not. I'm sorry that this section is more me just asking questions that lamely trying to explain.

As for having copyrighted music in a video and it not being taken down. There are multiple ASL channels that use copyrighted songs, no pitching, and they VERY rarely get videos taken down. I assume it's similar for Hey Kids! Not the same, but possibly a reason, someone has a video taken down for mature content YEARS after they uploaded it. It took a while for the video to be taken down. It wasn't gross or anything, just video game gore.

Now then, onto the whole Nazi AI. This is what probably got me the most spooked. I love to research everything relating to Nazi era things, so it wasn't that. It was just the idea of an AI so advanced that it could, presumably, take over humans and cause world destruction weirds me out. I personally couldn't find anything relating to AI being even a little advanced being made by the Nazis. Now, I don't doubt that was hundreds (if not thousands) of things that has never been released that the Nazi party did/tried to do.

Do I think there's no AI involved with the channel? No. I believe, to an extent, AI is fueling the channel. As mentioned, Doomybot is a pretty advanced for a bot. Sometimes it's even like you're talking to their creator as opposed to a database! Cleverbot has been brought up a lot and I used it a lot during it's heyday. I once had a popup asking me to add dialogue (It asked "If someone says [I got to insert this text], I'll say [I got to insert this text.]" so I can only assume it to operates on a database. I don't doubt that you can sometimes be connected to a human, but I've received the same text too often for it to only be a human driven thing. This all alone can provide evidence for AI conversation.

There are multiple bots where you can program what they say and program how they respond to things. You can insert as many things as you want for this. Think of old DOS games. You insert text and sometimes get a response, depending on how much the developer was willing to go off the path. Some games where more advanced, allowing multiple responses for a single request (example: "Kill Me." You try to kill you but you fail. "Kill Me." You swing once and miss, you have dodged the attacked. "Kill Me." You cleave you suddenly. You have died!) Some AI is able to pick up other humans dialogue.

I think I have gone on long enough, so I'll leave you with he fact that Hey Kids! posted a comment on Night Mind's video talking about how something was going to happen in 30 days. They posted that a month ago. Nothing happened.

posted on Jun, 13 2016 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: thebabyseagull

sorry im new and dont know how to make my own post
but i hope this thread is still active

i had a friend losely translate
Mucho más peligroso que SimSimi: te presento a "Hey Kids"

over all its about the same as the video link below EXCEPT it relates hay kids to SimSimi " Mucho más peligroso que SimSimi: te presento a "Hey Kids"" google translate "Much more dangerous than Simsimi : I present to you " Hey Kids""

Hey Kids: A YouTube Channel or a Sinister Secret?
Night Mind
but it relates it to

found this video tho

it was talking about how his little brother found this on the YOUTUBE KIDS APP
so much for a v raiting

but i wanted to think hay kids is an ai but he dose look down allot like hes reading a script and i heard this weird noise idk what it is but it

start listining at 4:11
but he did have a bet with them for 10$ that thay will get slaped for singing rain rain go to spain

hope im not talking to my self
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