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Milabs and secret military tech and programs contacting UFO experiencers

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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 01:53 PM
I do get where you are going.
But once again you saw one with witnesses and the possibility of you all intuiting at the same time is a little coincidental.

So back to the 'here and not here" theory.
Back to Aliensun & Intr's info.

Orbs can use the physical world in ways we can't "yet". That also doesn't negate your abduction event's or make them less real. You got hauled off in the way you could be hauled off. That idea makes some people pissy, but a kidnapping is a kidnapping. Bottom line you weren't asked .

Except for expanding your understanding no ill effects, so not horrible. Not ideal but not horrific. Middle of the road actually in the larger picture.

Don't mind me, I try to keep things simple, what you've described and others is completely normal, it happens. I won't pretend to make people happy that it doesn't. That's their limitations or lack of experience, not mine.

I will say there are native stories that say some shapeshifter beings do travel as orbs. I once asked an Elder "why me" an was told why not you?
As I pressed further ,with exasperation I was told, maybe you just cause you can! That cinched it for me, I'm not special and there is no deeper meaning. It is what it is and that's that!
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That answer also makes most people mad, because we want to feel special. The reality is we aren't. Not me, not you or any of the other hundreds flogging the idea that they are. Things happen because you were there. Nothing more. If something continues to communicate it's simply cause you communicated back. No one has ever gotten to the bottom of anything while stuck on being a 'special snowflake".

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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 03:47 PM
a reply to: Caver78

The orbs are actually a common occurrence where I was. Even the local indians out by Shasta have cave drawings about them from before the 1900's.

I'm actually not shocked in the way that im surprised there is other advanced forms of life in the universe or even that they are here I almost expect it.

I do feel vulnerable and frustrated knowing this is real and not being able to walk up to one and say, "what the hell is like on your world and how do you feel about illegal immigration, or nuclear power, or are you guys racist, is there murder, how do you handle crime" and so on.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 05:14 PM

originally posted by: onequestion
a reply to: Caver78

I agree they can communicate complex ideas but I can't say I understand their reasoning for doing so, or that any information is particularly relevant. For example, why tell someone about advanced tech if you aren't an engineer? It becomes a informational dead-end thinking of it in that context.( which I do)

Well, clearly if their testing cloaking tech and then checking us out and why it didnt work... than they dont really understand us yet.

Then when they try to teach us about tech... they may not really understand how the human mind extrapolates and processes information creatively.

Think about it...

Actually. i can explain the high powered light around those orbs. its a obfuscation field given off by the craft/probes outer aluminum alloy covering. And its white hot. there are metals inside it that are not terrestrial as well. guessing those allow the material to get that hot without melting the aluminum.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: yuppa

Where did that idea come from?

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 05:27 PM

originally posted by: onequestion
a reply to: yuppa

Where did that idea come from?

You ever get those little burst of insight from out of nowhere? ANyway was watching a show today and a abuductee whose family member had actually shot a peice off of one of those probes/lights/orbs and then had it tested. Talk about a rare find huh?

Anyway judging from their testimony and description i extrapolated my little theory on how they actually work and what their function is.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 05:43 PM
He's not correct in his answer. Yes agree with his concept of this being a kind of digital reality, but there are real people overseeing this world, some are your Family, some not so much and behave more like Darth Vader and extreme bullies.

I've also had contact with nordics. And others. And there is a wake up and get people passing earth tests and out of harm, missions going on, both up there, in the bases on earth, and with boots on the ground humans who are from There.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: yuppa

Hmmm. yeah I've woken up mid stream of what I can only explain as a download where my mind is running through mathematical equations that i dont remember or understand. Could just be complete nonsense and its only happened once or twice.

Coulda just been some randomness like there tends to be in the dream world.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 07:58 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Whats passing earth tests mean?

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 08:34 PM
orbs.....jess, right up my alley

what about why I could see orbs so easily and often from that one spot by the trees........which is where I saw the daylight one off the wingtip 900 feet......of a md-95.....on the instrument departure route eastbound outta DFW. going twice as fast and no I watched for a while.....
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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 09:30 PM
a reply to: onequestion

There are 2 schools of thought on this low level hellish run planet, which is most likely a kind of plasma screen hologram.

1. That you're just a prisoner from Old Wars, that some of us remember, by the predators, ie the metaphoric Darth Vader side.

2. That this is the master test for some, you go to lower levels that are very lost and programmed into war and inequality and corruption, and shine your light, that is if you can wake up first.

Lou Baldin/Sleeper, posts about it being basically the first, a holding place for damaged and evil type souls, but that its used as a school by higher realms as well.

Passing the test means overcoming yourself and all the programming of the world, ie politics, religion, what your neighbor thinks therefore ego, false pride.

And starting to work on flaws, ie anything that is not love and understanding others, healing, sometimes Love is Serve and Protect however, its not weak and hands its children over to obvious evil plans, but it tries every other method first. And tries to conquer anger and reaction. There are some recent issues here for example that have me very upset.

We've all done the hate tactics many times, in many lifetimes, so can we try something different. How can the Power of Love and communication and lending a helping hand to people, nature, how can we use our talents in a positive way to wake a mind up even?

Can we see and envision positive in the midst of so much doom and negativity?

Do our thoughts help create the reality around us?

Seekers start to get led there is a huge team waking us up.

In one of my experiences, during a checkup. The females tended to be the scientists and doctors. But I'm female so this kind of decency is the way Good Hero's behave, not so much the greys. They're corporal, not necessarily from our subset pocket in this universe, this plane, but believe its this dimension. Some of them are right in this dimension with us. The men tend to be guarding their women, and in some kind of super transformer type armor.

Actually will share 2 examples with 2 different groups. The first one, she was doing the checkup I was in a kind of altered state but realized something was happening, but didn't have the ability to move. Yet wasn't reactive, more will paralyzed at this point. I didn't realize he was there.

Then there was a flash of light corresponding with down a vizer, at about head height if the guy was very tall, over 7 feet.

His whole outline popped into view, half there and half phazed.

He started telling me things:

---to put my children first, that he was a father.

---that he would like to show me his home world, but first I had to pass the earth tests and return home, ascend basically and become empowered and remember everything and who I was, then he would be really happy to show me his galaxy, home, world. He was a friend.

---That Africa was a symbol for the world in the universe, not in this "out of Africa" way, but in the way this world was run in scarcity and inequality. And war.

Another poster shared in her experiences they were told Jack the Ripper was a symbol for earth, its much the same thing.

---He told me what disclosure would look like if it happened. That first I should lay low if they disclose. Because if its real disclosure and they bring out real ETs, there are many sides and the dark side types would likely harm those contactees with the Love, Equality, Progress and Go Home side.

If they disclose and its not a fake battle where little ant men can defeat higher level ETs (and that would never happen), if they really bring out Ets, and yet nothing changes. There is more banks, money, inequality, microchips NWO, all the stuff of our elite, then we wait for the Good.

Here is what real disclosure with real partnerships with Hero's looks like: Equality, and end to banking systems, and updated Venus Project type world, clean technologies, healing of disease, healing of nature and toxins, and developing soul skills such as telepathy.

Don't know if we're anywhere near there yet however.

You have to be a frequency match, which means yourself again, Love, Kindness.

Not sure how many are ready but they sure want us to wake up and turn the dial up on our love and start to go home!

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 09:45 PM
The other encounter was also similar. I had a checkup in the bathtub. Didn't see anything at first but it was full female checkup and at first assumed it was greys, and was in a fight or flight state. Again oddly enough had a kind of sedated will, so was getting upset but couldn't grab a towel and high tail it out of the bathroom. Then in the midst of my upset state a woman met my mind and she made a joke about doing field work with tigers in the wild and at least this was easier than that.

I wrestled with myself and then decided that there was nothing I could do to get out of this situation. That being myself, trying to have dignity and self esteem and still show grace and decency was the best route. So, I tried to make a joke back to lighten the mood of the doctor so she wouldn't be concerned about me, because I thought she was only doing her job as some kind of watcher.

Well that changed things. This man, who was 8 foot tall, again in a kind of hard uniform, who's head was at the roof, he was dark blond hair, long, very pleiadian looking. He was super strong, built like Triple H. Even if a sweet angel were standing there 8 foot tall, taller than the shower curtain, you instantly feel like prey, so he alarmed me.

But he said, Not all humans are alike.

I tried to tell him with my mind, wasn't able to speak, in a kind of altered state, to leave my bathroom, and guard her on the other side of the door.

Then it went hazy, altered time sense. Was standing at the mirror then in my bedroom blow drying my hair. Didn't see him then but sensed him standing at the doorway in the hallway.

Remembered what a ufology friend had said, ask him to identify. So I did.

That is important. The Good identifies.

He tried to give me a name and this is close: Jae ai kstrom, which sounds both Swedish and Jewish to me. But its just toeing into the right sounds, it was something similar and he gave up on me getting it and said, he would send it. Then he said that he was from the Taurus constellation, 65 light years from earth, and also from Telos. Which would be Mount Shasta. A base or inner earth, like Agartha!

I went downstairs and made coffee, and then searched for Aldebaran because one of the crafts that flew very low over our house, a wingless plane, flew tail down nose in the air, someone told me that was typical of an Aldebaran craft. Anyway, Aldebaran is 65.1 light years from earth.

The next day, wasn't outside and didn't witness a craft but suddenly knew it was right overhead. Had a series of pictures of him and his wife come to me, including their child and their "wholesome" rustic cabin on a lake, and yet high tech, beamship in their backyard. They were very tall, she was nordic, well over 7 feet herself. I enquired about community and saw a group of them in what looked like a lounge, youthful and tall blonds mainly telepathic and they were like family concerned for one another's happiness.

Then I asked if we were related, I meant in soul. He said, We are akin to cousins!

Alot more happened regarding an attempt for greys to access and blocking them, and a frequency thing, but no longer had the greys accessing me 3 times roughly a week.

That act of Kindness and showing protocol, concern for others even when unsure of outcome, gained me protection from the pirate group.

I'd been praying, asking for Michael and God and everyone to help stop the negative type activities and checkups and even abductions.

These were tip of the iceberg things, some involved abduction, but they weren't milab ones. I have energy recognition and with our various contacts felt a direct connection down the Cascadian mountain range, Cheam, that in the legend is the wife of mount Baker.

Here is the legend:

Anyway, recognize energy from shasta, to adams, Gillilands to our sightings and contact.

Had black choppers and tr3b's show up to monitor and the choppers chased the craft. My son witnessed that several times and then called me out to witness it.

Our military doesnt seem to like them or work with them and they seem to want to wake people up!
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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 10:02 PM
I'm not going to get into the long list including some missing time and abductions for my son or me, but will share something else that is NOT milab or military.

It's impossible.

Was sick one day and writing to a friend who posts on here from Australia. He is always somewhat skeptical, believe we were talking ufology stuff. But it was an odd day.

Mount Cheam was outside my kitchen window, and there was a cloud formation at the top and a series of moving letters, they were cut like lazer images into the clouds and for about an hour or more, they constantly moved and changed.

After a short while, decided to see if those type of characters resembled any earth languages, and tried Armaic, Hebrew, even Chinese.

Finally remembered what was told me about Latin, Cathars, etc. And found it was a bit like latin, similar.

Was writing this to my friend. I had already looked for canned soup and we were out.

My friend said, in a kind of skeptical way, "well if they're really ETs, would they send my son, he named, to bring me chicken soup". I have 5 boys and this is not the one who had the most sitings with me. Just wanted to insert that. This is my second youngest.

Guess what happened.

Really happened.

10-15 minutes later the son he named, came down the stairs and hunted through our pantry, then started cooking. I didn't think it was for me, at all. He was about 12 at the time.

He then served me up a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I guess I missed the can earlier.

That friend acted very strange for the rest of the day!

I believe his jaw had hit the ground!

Basically, they got my son to bring me chicken soup when I was sick just as my friend had flippantly asked.
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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: onequestion

About your first response to me. I had the impression it was aware, of everything around it, including us. Like a plane doing a survey from the sky at night. It sees infrared, it sees us, even blippy, the sensor suite 'knows' what it is programmed to distinguish, This thing bisected the valley at mountain top height in horizontal flight all the way down, I had the distinct impression it was surveying the way we survey other worlds with our probes. We do flybys, they do flybys.

Since it was bisecting an inhabited valley filled with life on earth, I assume it was programmed to be there and measuring just that.

The blue light obfuscated the structure of the craft, so I could see it, just not see through the facade of light if you will. Is that cloaking, not rightly. If it was cloaked we never would have sawer it.

Yours was pulsating, cool…

Mine was blue with two little red lights, one fore and one aft. At closest approach I strained to see beyond this confusing caricature. All craft at night display lights as in beacons and blinking things, gear well lights, landing lights, wing tip lights, crew cabin and passenger lights. All of these festoon a craft, outlining it, this was just one solid blue light oblong, with the red… 'tips'.

The further down the valley it travelled the more we were viewing the aft end and the more reddish it became.

At the very bottom of the valley it made an abrupt angular change of direction upwards, disappearing into the only cumuli nimbus cloud in a perfectly clear sky that night. That was the most bizarre moment , me and my friend were both looking right at it when that happened. We both made exclamations of loud surprise when it 'disappeared' into the cloud.

Never seen anything like that. I didn't have the impression we were mistakingly viewing it. Five or six of us and a whole other group of complete strangers all saw it. One dude was watching it through binoculars.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 10:37 PM
The area we're living in now is a completely different energy and actually want to move back to Chilliwack. Can't quite arrange it.

We're in the semi desert interior and its very mysterious. Tried writing to Gilliland and others about something most odd that happened here and a siting of a craft over my house , that 2 of us saw, and my friend saw in her mind while going to sleep and having strange communication, almost like EVP type, through our heat pump furnace vent over the couch.

This area has strange activity at the dump. The mountain behind us has what looks like rattlesnake head in the mountain, and barred fangs, which with binoculars looks like pillars and a cave entrance.

She spoke of the Clan of the Rattlesnake from the First Nations people of the area and how she knew one of the last remaining members before he died.

She also shared up the road in the old gold mine town, how she and a friend visited cave art, and as soon as dusk fell, she felt pushed off that mountain and had some kind of energetic dark ball of energy chase them to another town, pacing their vehicle, not gaining but terrifying them, she said it was almost like energetic anti matter. And her friend clammed in fear every time she brought it up.

To me this is more about R's! And what likes a desert, and probably bases with military because our dump is weird.

So the time that this occurred, my friend was going to sleep. I was probably asleep, felt very tired that night and wondered if there was something up. Her grandson, in his 20's, couldn't use the bathroom as one of our household was showering, so he went outside and he noticed a huge dark spot in the sky where you couldn't see the stars. We have amazing stars overhead and they almost appear lower than usual over our house. She always is telling me she doesnt think they're all stars.

Then he saw this black triangle type craft. She was on the couch seeing that too and thinking it was her imagination, and so she dismissed it and was trying to sleep when he came in and woke her up. And told her.

Next day, had to drive him to the bank to check his account for a bus ticket and he kept saying, the cloud is still over your house. Look, its been there all night, which in our windy town is impossible.

I kept my eye on it, it was morning still, this huge tear shaped cloud was laying lopsided over the roof of our house and so I went to the window at the door, again after getting home and there was a black triangle type craft, just inky jet black, no lights, with the back points, ends, curved under the body of the craft.

That could be milab. Could be military. Could be R's. Could be something, but it seemed onimous.

So far can't get anyone to share anything about that kind of siting of a craft, that all 3 of us were privy to.

I want to ensure this thing, dark creepy craft had zero, no access to me or them, and they're not allowed! They don't have any permission to come near us!

I feel like I'm here trying to hold light, in a darker area, and It lives here.
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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: onequestion

Thats why it took us that night so it could see why we were able to see it to improve its cloaking mechanism.


Interesting. I often wonder about these things showing themselves to aircraft, who then call the tower, who then report back to the craft what they see on radar. Kind of testing to see the strength and frequency of communications and radar instrumentation.

What better way to get the earth men talking and using sensors than buzz an airplane in flight? That has to be real world physical manifestation of technical ships from another world.

They are visiting, toying with the natives, much the same way we do, lol.

uncontacted tribes of Amazon

They stare dumbfounded, gesture at the 'craft', shoot arrows at it… the cargo cults of WW!! are another example of how previously unknown cultures react to modern technology of aircraft and their occupants. Completely other worldly for them.

posted on May, 28 2016 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

The problem here is that no one, except perhaps Icke, wants to accept that the ETs have the mind/technology to enter our individual minds and make us think, feel and "know" whatever they want.

I don't have a problem with that aspect of it. What i had a problem with is his seeming conclusion that they weren't real world or physical.

Only because I hold the 'unknown world' is real and right here, just we can't discern it from our six senses, unless they want us too.

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 08:36 AM
a reply to: intrptr

I totally agree. I think they toy with us to try and study us because they don't really know about our world. Thats the message I've gotten.

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

Actually makes you think. What if the nordics are working with the break aways to try and wake people up?
The greys though. one minded automatons trying to recreate their former masters by harvesting DNA are anything but friendly. Its why they are getting shot down when practical. Then theres uncle sam. playing all these sides against each other.

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: yuppa

Actually makes you think. What if the nordics are working with the break aways to try and wake people up?

I thought maybe... what if the Nordics were part of the pre cataclysm cultures?

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: yuppa

Not all nordics, not all greys. It's really different groups and sides and different levels, floors of the building and we grow up and reach the next floor.

It's not the Tree, its the Fruit it bears!

I recognize the good, my family and I have had both physical abductions and checkups, with a few memories, missing time and time insertions, because I was told one of them took 9 days. Astral probably for some. Checkups in my home. Pirate types and scoop marks, wounds, bruises on my thighs, missing menstrual and having already had kids, recognized the symptoms and then two months later a near hemorage and menstrual continuing but no sign of a fetus, like my mother had during a miscarriage.

My friend who I mentioned as well. And her grandson.

Those waking us up, I recognize them, called them rescue rangers for years and had messages that pertained to some of us here being "boots on the ground" so to speak. When I analyzed my own report on some of our experiences with the ones that I am so Happy to see up there, as if Family hasn't forgotten in this place, and so grateful for everything they do to help and try to wake us all up, in reverse I called them HERO's.

Memories and inner recognition is something that you can't replace with words or other ufology guru's talking about their opinions. Nothing tops your own inner memories and experiences.

Milab operations are abundant here, and partnerships with negatives.

But in a duality testing ground, you always have both sides. And its clearing out the debris of programs in you, and reclaiming your soul skills, the kind of psi that I was born with, everyone can have, energy recognition, knowing who Family is. Gratitude for their help.

My friend from australia is also quite psi himself and one day at home felt this oppressive force over my home. Knew it was earth secret space program and another group with them, negatives from mars or something. Was quite alarmed.

He wrote to me and said I had a fleet over my house, he picked it up as well.

Then Family uplifted me within , and it was light shining through me, and I saw something remarkable. They assured me all was well. I had protection, nothing could happen that my own Higher Soul and Family and Source/Tao of Love/Goodness that we call God, didn't allow.

I saw 3 layers, one of the lower downs, militia, what was over my head, the traditional dark side of R's and Paramilitary.

I saw a second layer of more Rogue Like Scientists, splinter groups, which included greys, higher than the first level.

And then I saw Family and Higher Up group guiding us through this. Angel ETs, and my own son, in his Higher Form walked from the counsel to this huge viewing screen. The entire room spun and for about 5 minutes felt disoriented and confused and didn't understand why I was here, what was I doing here, needed to be there. There was my family and were I am supposed to be.

ARK (protection) = acts of random kindness. We need to pluck off all the BS and anger and judgement and false doctrines in religion and politics, use discernment, never accept a full package but go within, and become Love, Peace, and find solutions to problems around us, help our neighbors out of their messes where its safe to do so, not martyr and risk life and limb. Because in unsafe circumstances you can meditate and hold light and pray and envision good solutions coming. Its not always right up close.

We're safe. We need to be a lot braver in speaking up to the evil running things. Even if we die, we go back there if we're not giving power away here.

We have Family up there, and we have family here we're supposed to wake up and recognize and then try to pull through to up there.

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