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Weird happenings in the new house.

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posted on Dec, 2 2016 @ 05:31 AM
So I was doing research yesterday on what was here before my house was built.

about a 2 minute walk to the end of my street puts you at a little league ball field. Well that field has one of those historical plaque things and it says that it used to be cram field.

So a little more research shows that Cram Field was the first municipal airport here in Davenport and was built in the 20s.
it's just a tiny little thing, with 2 perpendicular gravel runways and a couple hangers. It was used for mail as well.
Well it was also used by Naval cadets going to college here as a place for them to learn how to fly.

Now I know jumping to conclusions is bad, BUT I feel that it is safe to assume that if people were learning to fly, that just like learning to do anything there were most likely accidents, and given the time, some of them were probably fatal.
So that got me thinking, I wonder if I can find a record of plane crashes or accidents at the airfield before it was closed down.

I have found one so far ( this isn't as easy as it sounds). A 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Air Corp ( they later pulled away from the army and became the airforce) died in a crash at/around the airfield in front of a crowd of people including his aunt and uncle. He died in a take off accident. I found a pic of the crash and an article on the accident. I don't have the exact location of the crash but I'm still looking.

But I now have a name and an idea. So maybe I can trigger something like more whistling or something along those lines.
I'm not saying this is my ghost, but I have a decent chance of it being a pilot. I could be completely off but it's more than I've had so far.

posted on Dec, 4 2016 @ 10:32 AM
So I fell asleep on the couch last night, no biggie, happens sometimes.

About 3 ish this morning I woke up and I heard what sounded like someone walking quickly downstairs. Not on the stairs but in the hallway down stairs. There is a bathroom right there and I didn't hear a door, or water or toilet. Just a quick shuffle on the carpet. Moose growled, but Boris didn't move. I laid there awake for about an hour and didn't hear anything else.

No I didn't go and check it out, I knew I wasn't going to find anything. Moose got up about 10 minutes later and went down the steps and in the basement, where the kids were camping out. That was it, I asked the hubby if he was up around that time and he said nope, he didn't wake up at all last night. I asked the kids and they said nope too.

I'm setting up cameras tonight, and I will let you all know if I catch anything. I have to figure out the best way to go about this.

The "activity" is on the stairs and sometimes in the basement (rarely), it's in the kitchen and dining room and even in the bathroom here up stairs .

I'm thinking of putting a cam in the bathroom, one facing down the stairs, one in the dining room, getting as much of the dining room and kitchen as possible, and one down the hallway.
It sucks because I have to have lights on in order to see anything at all on the cams.

The hubby is leaving town for a few days on business so Hopefully I can reach everything I need to (I'm 4ft 10in tall) to place the cameras.
I need to figure out the lighting situation too, I hate leaving lights on all night, but I can't see anything on the cams if I don't have light.

Things would just be so much easier if I had the money to spend of expensive equipment that can do the whole true night vision thing. But I don't, so I'll have to make do with what I have.

posted on Dec, 10 2016 @ 02:29 PM
a reply to: Squirlli

Bright lights might block anything being seen. If you have a very low night light you could put in the areas, it might be enough to detect movement. Place a few around in different areas you want to put the cameras.

posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 07:49 AM

So yesterday afternoon, I am sitting on the couch with a friend, the kids are either in the living room with us or in the kitchen. Moose is laying in the living room with us. Both myself and my friend hear foot steps go down the stairs which is right behind and below us.
I heard them move down the stairs and towards the basement. So did my friend. He asked what that was and I said it's probably Boris, which he then said no it can't be Boris is in the Kitchen.

So I called Boris and he came walking out of the KITCHEN.

Now it was middle of the day, it was after my oldest got home from school so after 3:45pm but before 4:30pm

My buddy was pretty freaked out.

posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 08:30 AM

originally posted by: berenike

Now, I'm not having a laugh but how is your guinea pig reacting to any of this?

You SAY that, but on one occasion where we had a temporary 'haunting' at the Bedlam Family Farm in NE Georgia, the cat fell in love with the damned thing.

She would walk down the main hallway flicking that tail, looking up to her right, doing that waaow 'I'm happy' meow, and trying to buff up against something. Also doing the weaving through your feet thing, only nothing there to weave through.

posted on Dec, 17 2016 @ 10:48 AM
Hey ive done the live in a haunted house thing at My childhood home.

The recorded rattling sounds like a small window that latches shut getting jostled.

Do you have any such small windows and if you do do you get gusts of winds? If its warm inside and relatively cold out side and a gust of wind speeds up just past the window youll have a sudden drop in air pressure and the window will get slammed around in its frame by the higher airpressure inside. It often sounds just like that recording.

If not perhaps a loose hot water pipe with maube air in it that occasiobally slams against a wall joist.

The sound in the basement could be a rat. I had a rat in my apartment a few months ago that literally tore down my blinds trying to climb one of the slats.

Barring all the above you may have some poltergeist like activity. I lived in a house that had some. It usually only happens with a female present for some reason. As your husband if hes heard the sounds when hes the only person there. If not than you could be the issue for the poltergiest in the house. Apparently according to parapsychologists its the female energy that attracts or powers them. Or at least usually does more so. Maybe some latent psychic abilities all women possess a smidge of or something.

As for animals. It depends. They generally detectbghosts. But at m6 house i came across a 6 foot tall wraith like shadow man in the back yard one night. He was walking directly towards the back door where two dogs were laying down. It got within 10 feet of the door before it noticed me and retreated. The dogs never notced.

Another time at the same house it was night time and i was entering the livingroom when from elsewhere in the house i heard my dog give a quizical woof. A second later a grapefruit sized glowibg orb at head hight comes floting around the corner entering the livingroom opposite 9f me. As it roynded the corner it seemed to have noticed me and made a b line for me. I ibstantly felt like i recognized this thing and that it was bad news. I immediatly fled to my bedroom. The dog detected whatever that was. Looked like orbs within orbs and a soft bluish color with a tinge of yellow. Have specific reoccuring dreams about that orb now once or twice a year like im reliving a memory over and over but its not one of my memories.

Another time my cousin and i both watched a short cloaked figure standing in the corner shadows of my bedroom for several minutes. A house full of at the time 4 dogs and not a peep from any of them. The didnt seem to detect the entity that time either.
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posted on Dec, 18 2016 @ 06:05 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

I have a couple smaller windows, one in the upstairs living room and one in my daughter's room. Neither open or have latches, they are just little windows that are actually quite useless.

I've had the whole house checked by myself, my husband, my father, and exterminators, mold people, heating and air people, and plumbers. Seriously, I have no mice, everything is either new or relatively new, it's working properly and aside from some squeaky floor boards the house itself doesn't really make noise.

My husband has had experiences when he is home alone, and the kids are at school and I'm away from the house doing whatever.

Both of my dogs have heard the same noises that I have heard, and they both react differently. One dog who is scared of literally everything acts scared and will go and hide, my other dog that barks at and will investigate every single out of place thing, does just that.

It's not affecting my rodents, at least not in a way that I can see.
I haven't seen anything except for the initial video, the shadow movement in the mirror. Otherwise it's all sounds and then finding things moved, or open, or nothing at all.

There is a lot of history in the area, and I'm thinking it's tied to that.

posted on Dec, 31 2016 @ 07:19 AM
a couple days ago, I was sitting on the couch, when my tv turned on by itself. It was just my daughter (7) and I in the room and neither of us was near the remote. Nothing was near the remote, or had fallen, or touched it to turn the tv on. I don't have buttons on my tv, so without the remote it's useless.

posted on Jan, 4 2017 @ 06:50 AM
** Update*** yay!!

This most recent new incident happened on Sunday.
We had an old friend come stay with us for New Years and this actually happened to him, but I was there when it happened and I can confirm that it did in fact happen.

we will call him B.

So B gets up off the couch in the living room and goes down the stairs and out the front door, to do something with his car.
He opens the front door ( which wasn't locked it was mid afternoon and we just don't lock our doors during the day), walks out, is gone for about 10 seconds or so, opens the door, and walks back in, and he starts taking off his boots.

Now I am sitting on the couch, I can not see him due to the angle and me being short, but I can see the light of the door being open and I know that in the 10 secs that he was outside, no one came up or went down the stairs. The big dogs ( moose and boris) were in the basement with my son, my husband was in the upstairs bathroom ( technically behind me down the hall) and my daughter was in the living room in my sight the entire time as well as the new puppy ( his name is Rigby, more on him later)

so anyways, I hear the squeak of the door closing, I see the light coming through starting to diminish, and then THUNK the door bounced back open. The dead bolt had been turned to the lock position while the door was standing wide open.

No one had touched it, the handle? was on the side of the door against the wall, and yes it's "loose" but it would have to have defied gravity on its own to engage itself into the locked position.

The door was open and it can't touch the wall behind it, due to the door stop preventing it from going that far open. Th door stop is on the hinges so no where near the lock. It was open for just maybe 10 seconds while B was taking his boots off. There is no explainable reason for it to lock, or even to be locked. Nobody did it.

Ok Rigby.
He is a 10 wk old australian sheppard. He is adorable and also a typical I'm going to get into all kinds of trouble puppy.
He is the hubby's ( he was a present for christmas.)

anyways, there are times where he will be in the kitchen ( where the dog water is) or down the hall looking for trouble or sleeping, when he will come running into the living room ( where his crate is) just booking it, ears back and I'm sure if he had a longer tail it would be tucked. acting like something was chasing him or scared him, and he runs in and lays down flat and looks around, then calms down and is fine. It happens at least once a day. I don't know why, but I feel that there is a reason for it, other than he is just a weird goofy puppy.

still getting the weird bumps, thumps, and foot steps.

Things keep going missing. Keys, my husband's hat, little things that normally don't get moved, just disappear to appear a day or so later in a completely different place.

That is the update!!!

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