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Weird happenings in the new house.

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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 07:22 AM
Alright new update****

I have had a friend visiting with her 11 yo daughter for almost a week now.

3 days ago the weird happenings just started happening again.

Foot steps in the kitchen in the late evening, but no creaking floor boards ( like when anyone in the house walks through the kitchen). Upon inspection from both ends there was nobody there.

The night before last I was woken up around midnight to what sounded like someone opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers in the bathroom. Boris was in the room with me and he lifted his head and growled which is really weird. I got up and looked and there was no one in the bathroom, every person in the house was sound asleep.

she has heard the front door open and close. she thought it was me getting up and going for my morning walk, just earlier than usual. She said it was around 630 am. She was really surprised when I walked out onto the balcony when she thought I was gone.

we have done some evp but have come up with nothing.

waiting to see what today has in store.

posted on Aug, 6 2016 @ 07:54 AM
Alright bare with me, I'm on my tablet.

It's that time again, things are happening around the house again.

This time it's my sister in law who is also having the experiences.

Wednesday night soooo the night of the 3rd.

OK so J and I had gone to bed, and H had gone to the basement to camp out with the kids. She came upstairs around midnight to grab something from her bag, and on her way up the stairs she heard what sounded like pots and pans moving in the kitchen. She assumed I was up and loading the dishwasher. She says " hey girl why are you up cleaning?" As she walked around the corner into the kitchen no one is there. She grabbed her bag and high tailed it back down stairs. She was still quite shaken the next morning telling me about it.

Last night (today is the 6th) I catch a weird thump on two cams, no movement on the video but there is a sound.

We have been hearing bumps and thumps and such throughout the day for 3 days now.

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