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I am both Christian and Muslim

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posted on May, 28 2016 @ 06:08 AM
a reply to: coomba98

Thats called Spam Coomba...

Your own Zeal is going to get you in deep...

posted on May, 29 2016 @ 06:08 PM

originally posted by: coomba98
a reply to: Padawan Parazurvan Googlemiser

Padawan Googlemiser, damn that last post was a goodie lol. Thank you for your thoughts of me you must really like my posts. cheers.

For someone who says they are of love and peace, you sure are not acting that way Padawan Googlemiser.

Why start this thread Padawan Googlemiser? Clearly you want some attention and a place to not debate or argue intelligently, but to abuse other people thereby stroking your massive ego. Padawan Googlemiser.

So out of curiosity can you please answer the following questions on a thread you created, which inturn creates questions for other people to ask you. On how a Christian can also be a Muslim and also how you structure your beliefs and what you reject.

Refusing to answer these questions would negate the reason for this thread being created in the first place, and as such I will speak with the mods about closing this thread down due to its incompetence together with its creator, who appears to have created said thread for abusive reasons.

1. You keep saying you believe that Yeshua was real and in other posts you say Yeshua is a allegory. So which is it? Is he real of is he an allegory?
2. Who is the devil in your mythology?
Fallen Angel? (Christian).
Demiurge? (Gnostic).
Iblis? (Islam).
3. Why do you keep saying Sophia is the Holy Spirit when Barbēlō is the Holy Spirit in the mythologies surrounding the Demiurge, Archons, Pleroma, Sophia etc etc Gnostic stuff. Can you please point me to the name of the manuscript and page number.
4. Why do you say that Sophia is the first Aeon? Can you please point me to the name of the manuscript and page number, as I have these books like you, ohh wait you use Sacred Texts. Just point me to part where is says this and ill do the research as you don't know how to provide your own evidence apart from abusive responses. And the links you do supply is more like Russian Roulette with some sites providing malware. Which I believe you do on purpose.
5. On page 1 you spoke about the Sons of God raping human women en masse. Where is this in the scriptures? I only know of the rape of Eve by the Archons.
6. How can you be a Muslim when you believe Yeshua to be the Son of God when Muslims greatly deny this.
7. Why do you equate Allah to the Father in Pleroma? Nobody not even the Aeons in Pleroma have met or spoken with The Father. All of them searched for him and tried to commune with the Father. This is one of the main reasons the Aeon who was furthest from the Father fell from Pleroma and created the Demiurge, who then in turn created the material universe with the power he stole from his mother Sophia. This was the reason for creating the Son so the Aeons and their horde could commune with the Father through the Son, who is or isn't an allegory to you.

Remember this thread is about you Padawan Googlemiser. Failure to answer these questions will result in the thread being shut down like so many of your thread created in other internet incarnations which have now been banned. Not responding at all shows you are too incompetent in your own mythology to accurately answer the questions which no doubt will create more questions from people.

What your in your 40 something user accounts on ATS since what, December 2015! That's an accomplishment Padawan Googlemiser. Seriously!

Coomba98... sorry.

Summers Eve.
(Your female friendly companion)

You are a very odd character. I wonder if you think that you are actually cool?

You aren't. At all. Not much going good for you huh?

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