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Will OBAMA disclose?

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posted on May, 31 2016 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: Maverick7

I think you contradict yourself a bit :

See, the problem is that well-meaning people who are trying to hypothesize about ET are stuck in the 'version' based on TV and movies and novels.

Your thoughts on why ETs are not here seems to be based on that same logic. Humankinds current knowledge and ideas are somehow proof that ETs are not here.

1. Why can't ETs hide? If they can travel here, or exist within multiple dimensions, their tech would likely be very far ahead of us. Why would they need to establish bases if they could travel instanteously? If they did have bases, why would wouldn't they be able to succesfully hide them? Also, if we did find a base, i doubt the government would ever alert the public.

2. It does seem unlikely that we would be unable to reverse engineer alien tech. However, we don't need to reverse engineer EVERYTHING we find. We just need something to give engineers and scientists the ability to make that leap in discovery.

3. Why would a military be using top-secret tech and risk losing it to other nations. There are no major wars between large nations at the moment. There is no reason, that i see, to be risking extremly classified technology.

-The point of disclosure would be to advance humanity. Even if we learned nothing of their technology. However, I don't think government officials are interested in that sort of thing.

-Yes, there is TONS of hoaxers, liars, scammers, mental cases, and so on. Conspiracy is full of that. Truth seems to be like a needle in a hay stack. However, I think many of us can see the sunlight slightly reflecting off the needle. Some may have even spotted the needle for a moment.

Some may also think the needle is just an illusion. Wishful thinking.

I think it's something worth looking into. When the world is full of lies, it feels like "the truth is out there".

posted on Jun, 1 2016 @ 02:37 PM
While interesting I won't hold my breath. He is free now if he wishes too, given that he only has months left for his Presidency, but I would be stunned if this actually did happen.

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