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POLITICS: Die-Hards Won't Abandon Kievs Tent City

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posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 02:51 AM
The Orange Revolution in Ukraine, where hundreds of Viktor Yuschenko's supporters camped in Kiev's main street for months in protest, has been wildly successful. It has set a stunning example for citizens of democracies in stopping political corruption. Now however about 1,000 diehards don't seem to be happy that the struggle is nearly over, and are upset that they've been asked to strike their camp and return home.
KIEV, Ukraine - Victorious presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko says it's time for his supporters who have camped all winter on Kiev's main street to come in from the cold. Some of them hotly disagree.

Yushchenko was declared the winner of the Dec. 26 rerun and, despite Yanukovych's filing of a massively documented appeal Friday, he is widely expected to be inaugurated this month. The call to disband the camp appeared to underline his confidence, but camp stalwarts were disappointed — even a bit resentful.

But in recent weeks, as Yushchenko's prospects appeared to improve, the camp's population has dwindled to about 1,000 people, less attention has been given to sanitation and it's become more of an eyesore than an inspiration.

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This is the problem with revolution- people like being revolutionary. They got what they wanted. Their leader says good work guys, now go home and prepare to enjoy the fruits of it. They won't do it though, they would rather stay in the freezing cold and be revolutionaries right up till the inauguration.
People like this can start wanting more and they can get out of hand. If the "Orange Revolution" saw a corrective movement now from hardline elements it could quickly turn all that has been accomplished into a very negative thing. This is a crucial first test for Yushchenko; the transition from war to peace requires strong leadership.

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