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International Space Station and the AC

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 08:22 PM
Bible code for "space station": Demigod - Beast - Headmaster - Base - Terror - Philistines (who were the Philistines? Remember Goliath? They were the offspring of humans and fallen angels-Jedi called Nephilim)

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What is known as the Blue Beam, or Blue Beam Project? It's a Black Ops project that the NWO agenda has pumped billions of dollars into to help the Antichrist deceive the world that he is the Messiah, that he is God. Through technology the NWO will be able to mimick the coming of Yashuah and claim that their demigod, the Antichrist is God. The space station is equipped with a gramophone so that they can announce the arrival of their messiah to the world and be heard worldwide from space, to sound like it's coming from God in Heaven. They will be able to cause "fire coming down from the sky" and many of the miracles that the False Prophet (Antichrist's assistant) will perform to claim that the AC is God (Revelation 13).

The Antichrist - Beast is the demigod of the Space Station and uses it as one of his bases. When he descends to earth he'll be coming from the space station, not "heaven."

Through holographics (imaging and graphics in space) along with special affects and sounds, they will create a worldwide facade in space to stage the coming of "Jesus". Will it be convincing? I'm sure it will be for those caught off guard, as for those here and know what's going on, grab some popcorn then head to the hills because that's just the beginning of the charades they're going to pull off.

Could it happen? the infamous blue beam project that so many conspiracy theorists have been warning people about? let me just say this, if it did happen it would work and most of the world would be fooled (except the .0000000001% percent of the worlds population which are conspiracy readers and know what's going on).

NASA has been exposed in their sacrifices of astronauts to Moloch (click here to read the ATS thread) so really anything they say why would you believe these killers?

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