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Out Of Body Exprience

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posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 03:35 AM
I've never read or heard that? Sounds like it *could* possibly have *some* truth to it though..Where did you read that? And if people were to have a sort of seizure, then why would it only come on at certain times when we sleep? And why is it that *I* can make myself have an obe?? Doesn't make a great deal of sense when you look at it like that.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 03:41 AM
OBE's are in some way, in my limited personal experience, related to the phenomenon of lucid dreaming.

Only recently (in fact since my visits to ATS) have I been capable of visualising my body asleep in bed while asleep, and do some more astral travels, while "I" (some entity not in my body) am trying to shake my body awake, out of concern for my corporeal self and something that I do not understand.

There is most certainly the capability of an awareness totally outside of the bodily experience which is important to conscious awareness. I am happy to develop it a little further, as long as I don't die in my sleep.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 03:47 AM
I too, think there is a connection with lucid dreaming..although some of my OBE were very different then a lucid dream, because some of them I was unaware of things going on around me..I could sense things but couldn't really feel or see them? So again I think there is a connection, but somewhat of a difference to, depending upon what you experience while traveling. I've traveled in my room and saw everything clear as if I *physically* was floating about..and I've also just kind of appeared in some strange place or setting with others around or complete nothingness..I've flown over mountains and then like a split second later I was somewhere else. It's all very weird..I know it can be done-obviously..but I often wonder what makes us do it and why?

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 04:00 AM

I don't think I am at your level.

I stop and think "Wait. What's going on."

I start worryng if I am the only person in my house. I hear some activity in the bathroom and try to call out to the 'abluter' - "Hey. Come here and wake me up. I'm in trouble."

So far, I have no control. But I am willing to develop it.

Kind of like the reports I have given people as an amateur 'shaman' when they supervise me while I ingest certain things into my body. They tell me, yes, I am lucid, yes, what I say is true, yes, it is a perception they have not experienced, yes, it is worthwhile for me and them that I am doing it.

But I am untrained and largely unwilling to take it further.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 04:04 AM
ill dig up the article when i get home. it was in some science magazine.

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 04:24 AM
found it online:

its caused by a sense malfuntion in the brains.
when the part of the brain is subjected to electricity. the brain part created some kind of an image of the whole situtation.
when the part of the brain ( i dont know whats it called in english
) a man can "sense delusions" , like feel that our hand is out somewhere or the whole body etc.

theres the article, but its in finnish

posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 04:38 PM
tell me what you think,this hasn't happened to me recently but a couple of years back i used to be heavy into powerlifting so after work i would come home and take a 2 hour nap before i went to the gym, probably about three times a week i would be laying there then out of nowhere i would get my ass kicked by what i cant really say,it was almost like they (always felt like there were 3..dont even know what to call them) were just thowing me around like a rag doll....all i could see is blackness and i gotta tell you in the beginning i was scared to say the least, but everytime it happened i had a little less fear until they stopped..all the times it happened and it was quite a few i had body paralisis and could not even move a finger but was fully concious..another time i was laying there and i heard a deep deep voice scream in my ear...i never got out of bed so fast in my life..the funny part was i was only laying down for like 2 min.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 12:46 PM

Originally posted by joshter
WOW! People can actually do that? That would be cool to show off to your friends.

That would be impossible to show off to your friends you mean... You can only tell them how you did it...

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by magestica
I'm not real sure what you mean? Because whenever I AP I'm away from my body..therefore I am seeing through my astral eyes. I do believe that once you begin the process of an obe, your astral eyes do open, because I can see what is happening from start to finish.

For those I sent u2u's to about how I obe..I hope you are ok and not in some indefinate obe
I haven't heard from any of you about how it went, infact none of you have come back here since I wrote you?? Ya got me all paranoid and do return and let me know how it went..

At the time I'm still aware of being in my physical body. Although the first time it happened, it felt like my (astral) head was held up a few inches.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 02:29 PM
So you are connected still, but on your way out and you can see this going on. Is that right? That's freaky! I'm usually asleep then the next thing I see is my astral body, I don't think I've had my eyes open and then astral projected, with eyes open the entire time..

So what did you see? Was it different? Are you able to do this all the time, or does it just happen? Let me know please, sounds like something I'd atleast like to try.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 06:41 PM
I've had it only five times... Three years ago. One time I saw an old fan that we threw away years before. I could see it spinning.

Another time, I saw my computer monitor and I saw a person on it (like if I was playing a dvd or divx movie on it).

Other times, just some spots floating around.

It's during the vibrational (hypnagogic) stage (with the heavy roaring sounds & violent shaking which makes you think you're in a 7.2 earthquake) that this happens.

And the weirdest part is that I first read about it a few months after I experienced it. (After searching about it on the net)

It happened mostly during an afternoon nap. My thoughts run like crazy, and when I reach the treshhold of sleep, they just stop and I hear a ringing in my ears. (Sometimes I can hear myself snoring). I still have that last part. Even this morning I had it. But I never reached that last part again since 2000.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 12:52 AM
Text BlackThe Astral Projection Workbook: How To Achieve Out-Of-Body Experiences by James Brennan

A little Ketamine always help too.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 01:12 AM
Hey man, you will know a true OBE when you are seeing what appears to be your self below you.

I practiced this at one time and do not any more for good reason.

You and any others who tell the truth about this, will have seen a cloudy thread(the silver thread..HA) between yourself and would see all below you as clear as you are now looking at you screen.

Beware My Friend.

[Edited on 10-7-2003 by Tyriffic]

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 10:37 AM
Why do you not practice this anymore Tyrrific??

Please share if you don't mind.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 11:04 AM
I can astral project whenever i want. (although choose not to nowadays)

i can put myself in any situation and it seems real, i can run a race a and be sweating after, even though i'm just lying on my bed.

The difference with me is that i have to go into a type of spazm/trance in order to astral project.

I have been doing it since i was 4/5 years old. But as i got older it became a type of addiction, like a drug, i had to do it, it gave me a type of rush, and then sometimes i would get headaches when i stopped. That is why i haven't done it in a couple of years now, i got worried about the dangers.

I pretty much forgot about it, i had never told anybody, literally nobody that i can do this, then yesterday the craziest thing ever happened, it's the reason i'm writing this now.

I was talking to a girl i know through a friend. I don't know her too well, but we get along well. Anywayz we were walking along the street and she knew somehow that i had this ability, she told me she knew i was like her or something (i'm scetchy on the exact language i was so confused), she started talking about how she can sense it in some people, she's stopped people in the street and been correct, so she said she was certain about me just from talking to me.

i was so confused, and so many questions for her, but we were on our way to party and just decided to talk about it again another time.

I've always sort of been drawn to this girl, not in a sexual way though, i can't explain it. I knew as soon as she mentioned it to me that we had something paranormal in common.

She reckons some children are born with special mind abilities and are drawn to each other.

Also, i seem to be slightly telepathic, my girlfriend and i spend all our time together and literally we can often read each others minds, more like the connection between twins than anything i could explain.

My girlfriend is superwoman (not literally) in her dreams, she can fly in the sky, lift up cars, do anything, sounds just like me when i astral project.

What really confuses me is how this girl knew this about me, just from hunch, that is no coincidance, remember i have never told anyone about this.

I just tried to do it again for the first time in years while i paused in my post, and it worked.

I can astral project myself at any time, when i am fully awake, i go into a spazm when i choose to start and can stop at any time, the experiences i have always allow me to pull myself out at will at any time, i also chose the experience, i am not taken on a journey i take myself on a journey to wherever i want, am i alone?

thoughts anyone?

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 11:14 AM
If you want to go the drug-induced route, then i can definitely help you out. Dextromethorphan is a legal drug, that can induce many different types of euphoria and out of body experiences. Dextromethorphan is found in all cough syrups, but you can not use all cough syrups. Many cough syrups do not have solely dextromethorphan. Some will have pain relievers, sinus medication, and other drugs. Ingesting some of these other drugs is VERY BAD!! What you want to do is find a cough syrup that the only 'Active Ingredient' = Dextromethorphan Bmr. I have used Robitussin Max. Cough, and CVS brand. Most bottle will come in 4 or 8 fl oz. 2 ounces is a good starting point. Im not sure if this is enough to achieve an out of body experience, but try testing this to see how your body responds to it. If you are wishing to achieve out of body experience then 4-6 ounces is probably a better size dose. But be careful, do not mix with alcohol!!! this can be bad. keep in mind that everyone can react differently, so experiment a little first. also, cold will kill the high so try and stay warm. if the trip is becoming a little too intense, get somewhere familiar, or get in the cold. this is all the info i have. please be careful.

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 02:45 PM
DXM and just about any other dissociative drug is good for the job. The DM cough syrup is too rough on the stomach for myself and others. It is better to extract the DXM in powder form. For directions check out the DXM vault at However if you live outside the US, you can probably get DXM in pill form over the counter. Those who don't feel like chuggin a whole bottle of that godawful syrup can try taking 8-16 Coricidans.

Ketamine is very good for OBE but is hard to find in many parts of the USA.

Ive even tryed taking 12 Dramamines before the results were extremely frightening. It was the most vivid and realistic open eyed visuals ive ever had and ive done just about everything out there except heroin. I then became extremely sleepy. I began passing in between sleep and consciousness unable to tell the difference between my dreams and reality. I wouldn't reccommend this method unless you are extremely desparate. I personally will never try this method again

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 03:22 PM
I was raised in the Christian religion but I had to change my beliefs because of everything that has happened to me over the years and all the wonders.

I never knew that it was called OBE for a great many years while I was doing same.

Since I work during the day, most of my experiences occur at nightime. I must be a Time Traveler, because I have been to the past and also the future. Trips on other planets and other universes.

I can tell you that everyone is out every night of their sleeping lives, whether they remember it or not. We are much more than we think we are. We contain the Breath of a Creative God within us, so there is no reason to fear anything.

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