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Unreasonable Bosses

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: berenike

LOL, I think your right.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 06:04 PM
My last boss was a real peach. It was a cleaning job (all I could get because of the pain I'm in) and I was working with three other people in a paper factory. Well, one guy gets another job so was only on half days. I ended up doing his job, which was the factory part. Nasty. Before then, I'd been doing the office part. Well, that leaves the other two up in the office. They dicked off all the time and when they were done, would go outside and sit to wait on me to finish. Mind you, I had a whole lot more work than they did. They complained to the boss that it took forever for me to finish. He came down on me hard. Him and his little henchman. I told them both that it was hard enough for me to move in the first place, let alone move fast, and that I had far more to do than the others. My hours got cut and I got put on other buildings.

One was a factory. It was a nasty ass place when we first started cleaning it. A group of us were supposed to get the whole place completely clean and then I'd be there alone. He pulled the others out before it was done. I was stuck there with a nasty place, getting complaints like crazy because it was like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Oh, and they kept running out of stuff and I told him they needed a day porter to come out during the day and stock as well (something the managers at the place suggested as well). He wouldn't hear of it. I ended up getting moved out of there.

Another place I had to clean was a trucking terminal for GM. Drivers were there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was only there a couple hours, a few days a week. Do the math here. How clean do you think it was? Well a hole comes in picking at stuff and I wanted so bad to kick his ass. Hell, the workers there told me I was in a losing battle trying to keep it clean. They had sense. Oh, and I told him over and over I needed product (soap, toilet paper, paper towels, stuff like that) and he kept saying, "They can get it themselves if they need it bad enough". The contract said we were supposed to supply it. We ended up losing the place. Guess who got blamed. Oh, same place, one of the upper managers asked me to have the boss call her. She hadn't received a bill. I don't see how he kept in business.

The guy was also out of touch with reality. I was so sick I could barely breath. He tells me to quit moping around. Stupid. Oh, and he loved to lecture me about saving $20 from every check. I got paid every two weeks. I didn't get paid for gas and drive all over from building to building. With gas prices the way they were, I was lucky to have $5 on pay day. I already couldn't afford food after bills were paid. I was suffering from malnutrition and didn't want to go on food stamps because of being too poor to afford food. Yeah, save $20 a check. Crazy.

I ended up quitting a few years ago. I saw a time coming when I'd be fired because I could hardly move and it was taking too much out of me. I'd already popped my shoulder out of socket once. I knew it would happen again.

ETA: You know you're messed up when you can't even do a cleaning job.
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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 06:55 PM
Oh, cleaning that reminds me. We had a cleaning lady but she spent most of her time cleaning and tidying the house, sorting laundry and such, so she had little time to clean the office.

The boss actually expected me to whip round in there with a 'duster' and I point blank wouldn't.

Why did I put 'duster' in inverted commas? Because her idea of a duster was a pair of her old knickers.

We actually had an argument about it once. I'd pointed out that the duster was, in fact, a pair of knickers and she'd actually denied it. Despite my several protests she insisted that the offending item wasn't knickers at all, it was a duster.

Said it with a straight face, too.

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 07:42 PM
Waiting tables can suck. Got a new waiting job but the last one i had, the boss slash owner always always pointed out the bad. Always. Yet never ever ever thanked us no matter what we did or how bisy it was , etc.

Hate people who just are negative and yell all the time. So many quit due to that treatment.

The other thing I hate about all server jobs is you work even when ill. Seen strep go through restaurant employees over and over, plus flu, runs, you nane it. You work no matter what or you're fired.

Yes your server probably is sick as a dog. We are great actors.
And I hate that. I hate that above all else. It's FOOD. NO. NOT COOL.
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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: berenike

Had an assistant manager some years back who was a real piece of work. He was the type that, if you weren't a brown-noser, he didn't like you. He didn't have much power for a long time, which was good, and could only o things like be a jerk over lunch schedules, and assign people he didn't like the crappier work. Then, when the store manager was leaving, he saw his moment. He decided to misrepresent several things that had happened, that were never a problem, and act as thought hey were, and basically demanded that I agree with him, and admit I'd done things I never did, or I'd have to leave. Well, I wasn't about to confess to things that never happened, so I told him I was leaving. The jerk actually followed me all the way across the store, begging me not to leave. Didn't work; at that point, I'd had enough. Within a month of his taking over, all but one employee had quit. Far and away, the worst boss I have seen.

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