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How to not get mad

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posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:29 PM
a reply to: Staygaf

Do unto others.

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:32 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

That easy huh?

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:33 PM
a reply to: Quantum12

Well, alright then!

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:42 PM
a reply to: breakingbs
Ouch, you punch hard!

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:50 PM
a reply to: Quantum12


(Mutters and walks off)
edit on 16-5-2016 by breakingbs because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 15 2016 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: breakingbs

Hey now your smart!

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 12:20 AM
Its right to get angry, heck majority of the ppl should be angry already.
To me it has been obvious for quite some time that government does not represent majority of the ppl but rather tries to control and manage majority of the ppl and same time they do great many evil stuff right in our faces and we should just take it... well one of these days ppl will have no other choice than stand up and fight.

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 12:50 AM
I'm having some trouble grasping all the importance of the bathroom issue in America.
I live in Europe, where there is often bathrooms that are not separated by gender, and if they are, no one really pays too much attention to that.

The other day, I walked into a public bathroom that was mixed- huge room, and so many people in there, whole families together, and I watched that and thought- how could any of these weird attacks or whatever happen in such a place??
Americans say- I am concerned about what would happen to my little girl in the bathroom alone.... but here, the little girl would have her dad there with her, if her mom or another female is not present!
Even if a child goes in there alone, since there are so many people around, anyone who wanted to harm her would be met by the reactions of the other families in the room witnessing it!

And what exactly is the problem with a man washing his hands next to a woman, or a child, or vice versa?
Has hand washing gone the way of the breast feeding- it is now considered sexual too????

____Couldn't help voicing my thoughts on that issue, but the OP fascinates me- I want to ask the author- so do you feel that the majority should have the power to over-rule minorities or individuals?

Did I understand you correctly? If so I just find that an interesting indication of cultural movements in opinion that are happening in the USA. If many feel as you do, it indicates a total reversal of the original values the nation was founded on and could eventually be the source of huge changes....

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 01:48 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

Sounds like you're suffering from what used to called "Future Shock".

The ever increasing rapidity of social, cultural, and technological change has left you uncertain of your "place" in the world; psychologically, you feel that you are in "terra incognita", you don't really recognize the world as it is.

Because it keeps changing.

That causes uncertainty.

Uncertainty induces confusion.

Confusion gives way to fear.

And fear gives way to anger.

But really, if you know who and what You are and are about, what does the rest of the world, whatever it my be at any given moment, matter?

I love the old saying: "Not my monkeys. Not my circus".

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 03:33 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

One of the reasons we get angry like that is because we strongly believe that our view of the work is right and others are wrong. We all do that but that's human nature but at the same time we should not let our beliefs consume us, especially our political views. We need to step back.

I have had to do this because I too get angry because I cannot convince the sheeple of some things, but up until 2005-6 I too was one of them myself. I born and bred to hate one political party which i did for many years but when I went out to work, I learned how the world worked a bit more and realsied my education was a bit 'inaccurate."

i then voted for the other mod for the next 20 years but now I dont vote for any of them because they are owned and controlled by the same people.

We need to keep an open mind and be prepared to change our minds if new knowledge we learn tells us we must because if we are not prepared to change our mind whats the point of having one.

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 04:36 AM
The news is designed to wind you up. Instead of getting mad at those being reported on try aiming your anger at those who have manipulated you into feeling helpless and angry - the media.

Try this, in your normal tone of voice say:

Oh, that cat is ginger.

Now try it this way:

OH!! That cat is ginger!!!!!!!

See the difference? Now it sounds as if there is something wrong with being a ginger cat.

Now try:

Oh, some transgender people use a bathroom appropriate to their new identity.


OH!!!! some TRANSGENDER people use a bathroom appropriate to their new identity!! ????????? !!!!!!! (Imply a WTF while you're at it).

Now, every time you hear an item of news that makes you angry apply the above technique. If you're still angry after repeating whatever it is calmly you might have identified something worth being angry about.

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 04:58 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

You do not mean mad. Contrary to popular misconception, the term mad, refers to ones level of sanity, rather than the amount of anger one might feel at any particular thing.

What you mean is that you get angry when you are told what to think. I can understand that. However, the real kicker is that you are not being told what to think. That is not what law is for, nor is it what social mores and cultural norms enforced by popular opinion are for. Law is there to tell you what you may not DO. You can think all manner of things about how a bathroom is used, who uses it and why. What you may not do, is force your opinion on others, enforce your preferred situation despite having no right to do so what so ever, or make people feel bad because they do not meet with your utterly irrelevant standards.

You might get angry about that, you may even dislike the manner in which I have explained this to you. You may be angry that your standards are irrelevant, that you have no right to enforce them to the detriment of others, that your rights end where the rights of others begin, but getting angry is all you can do about that. There is no way to make this into anything more than it is. You are angry because you do not have permission to dictate, and that is all.

I think everyone can say that they have had days like that. I know I have. I am constantly dismayed by my inability to outright ban corporate entities from influencing any political decision. I am always aggrieved that xenophobes are permitted to walk the soil of my nation, which is an insult to my ancestors and their legacy. But I am welcome to my opinion, only for as long as it remains an opinion, only as long as I do not attempt either overtly, or covertly, to enforce my ideals on those who do not share them.

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 05:33 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

I know what you mean. It all started when they let blacks use our restrooms, drink from our water fountains, eat in our restaurants, ect. I mean, we all know that blacks carry different germs from us that will give us diseases. They aren't very clean, so who knows what they are releasing into our bathrooms. They are the minority and we are the majority! If we say they have to sit at the back of the bus, what gives them the right to deny us! Sheesh! The nerve of some people! And after all that, they demand the right to marry our white men and women! Holy crap, do you know what happens when we interbreed with them? We get a bunch of mongoloid children - it's a medical fact. The whole thing is pretty scary. It's gonna be the end of the world, I tell ya.

Oh, wait.. I thought it was the 1950's again. My bad...

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 06:13 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

I think the bathroom/locker room controversy is an unresolvable one...unless you flat out forbid the transgendered from using public toilets or going swimming.

The fact is, there are transgendered people on the planet. A tiny, tiny minority. Maybe that's where your problem lies? Are you okay with this fact?

They aren't all adult males who, on a whim, decide they want to be females. Some male-to-female TGs have been female almost their entire lives (I'm thinking of those born with micropenis who undergo reassignment surgery as young infants at their parents' behest).

If you're mentally okay that these people are out there, you can soon see the problem vis-a-vis which gender they come under at the swimming baths and public toilets. If you insist that they must be bound to the gender with which they were born, the situation is no less delicate than the present one.

Do you really want people who look and act like women (and, save for the absence of a womb, are anatomically female) undressing in the male section of the public baths?

Check your anger with a little self-education.

posted on May, 16 2016 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

You're just giving Your power away. You have the power to NOT watch the news or turn off the t.v./radio/intraweb, yet You continue to get upset.

Doctor: "Hello what can I help You with today?"
Patient: "It hurts when I do this"- pt. moves right arm up and down, demonstrating what the irritant is.
Doctor: "Yeah, don't do that anymore, anything else?"

If You get pissed at something some else says or does, who has the "power", You or the person doing/saying something?

This is also the election cycle where if there is no fighting that would lead to "Unity" and then the majority of folks would see it for what it is, but most get too upset or angry (read familiar?) and then the fighting starts.. And ANY TIME there are 2 people arguing about a politician, there is more likelihood that the 2 arguing have more in common with each other than they do with the politician they're arguing about.

I hope You have a better day.


posted on May, 16 2016 @ 01:08 PM
My husband has a anger problem also. What I believe and tell him to do is think of everything that comes your way as a test. God or the universe is testing you to see how you will react in certain situations. If you pass you will move on to the next level if you do not you will keep getting the same challenge over and over again till you learn. For example if your soul need to learn patience then you will continue to get things thrown your way to test your patience till you learn to control it . So when we think of it as a challenge it makes things easier. At least for me it does.

posted on May, 17 2016 @ 12:44 AM
a reply to: Staygaf

I'm the same way but for me it's worry and depression. So I'm trying to adopt a new theme of sorts. It's simply: "Relax". I've had my cake in life. If I get it again, great, if not no big deal. I've had a good run at things. So I'm not gonna let whatever else still has to happen bother me so much. I'm just gonna try and relax as much as I can. Whatever happens happens. Who really cares. You'll never figure everything out, sort anything out, or make sense of anything. Everything is getting worse and will continue to do so as long as the satanists are running the world. I just don't care anymore. Whatever happens happens from this point on. Life is way to confusing and unpredictable to try and control or make sense of anything anymore. So ya just "relax".

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