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Trump tells British Prime Minister Cameron “I’m not stupid, okay?”

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posted on May, 16 2016 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: Shiloh7

Nice, Oinky - I think Cameron is getting a little nervous in case Trump decide's to leak certain information concerning some internationally illegal action's by Cameron and co back in the 80's when he was just in his 20's, you see Cameron has a vested interest in staying that far up the Saudi's back side's that the king of Saudi would look like he had four leg's if anyone really took notice.

This is what I am talking about, you see Cameron is actually an international criminal and has commited high treason, breach of international non proliferaton treaty and also may be intimitely linked to the assassination of a certain former UN weapon's inspector.

Now you see Donald may be a bit too honest for this bunch of international criminal's but I think he is clever enough to avoid the innevitable assassination plot's etc, if for no other reason than to see Cameron Squirm I want Trump to win and honestly I think he will be good for the US, at least better than anyone for about two decades now.

posted on May, 17 2016 @ 01:30 AM
David Cameron will be a memory soon.

I struggle to think of a more toxic despicable politician in recent memory. Even Hitler was more tactful and diplomatic.

He is a narcissist and a criminal. Guilty of covering up some of the most evil crimes in the history of humanity. Yet benign playful nicknames are invented for him instead of him being hauled off to the Hague.

Donald Trump is a harmless buffoon. He builds golf courses and whines about wind farms. He sues people, for really childish things. he has all these bull# schemes about 'walls' and blocking 'muslim' immigration etc. which in reality congress will never allow.

Next to David Cameron, Trump is a swell guy. A lot more entertaining. Cameron has the likability of an exceptionally sadistic Nazi from any movie set during WW2. He's one facial disfigurement away from being a Bond Villain. Look at Trump then look at Cameron, then, be honest with yourself. Which one's suck hole would you most like to plant your fist in first?

I wonder how Cameron will get on with Hilary Clinton though. That's the question. Can the evil bastard live that long? Way things are going he could be dragged from number Ten and burned any day now.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 02:38 PM
So, the world may think we're stupid?
The world may not like Americans?

What else is new?

Hardly a valid concern when deciding who sits in the Oval Office. Whether we elect a crook or a nutter, the rest of the world's opinion of us really isn't going to be much different.

And who the hell cares? As long as the person sitting at the desk has America's interests at heart...I could care less.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: TechniXcality

I'm pretty sure the mother country has forgiven us for something that happened 240 years ago.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 09:16 AM
a reply to: whatsup86

No. He doesn't and his secret is... it's a secret. But. It's gonna be hugh and it's gonna be great.

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